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Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season

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The Holiday season is about to start, and this will mark a series of new work for designers. This will range from designing social media posts, banners, posters, promotional posts, and a lot more. Another type of work that designers will have to work on is postcard design.

Sending holiday season postcards is a decreasing trend as people now prefer to wish each other digitally. However, many people still prefer the traditional method of sending their wishes. Many stores provide the options of already printed and ready-to-send postcards. But there are chances that your postcard might look common.

Designing your holiday season postcard makes it look far more exclusive and gives you the option to customize it with your name and message. This is why designers have to put in extra effort to design creative and fresh postcards. To help them in this task, we have compiled some of the more creative postcard templates for the holiday season. While are some are completely free to download and use, some are at a nominal cost. Either way, designers will find ample inspiration and design resources from this.    

1. A Set of Cards with Holiday Greetings

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: A set of cards with holiday greetings

Rather than searching around for a single good design, this set of cards offers six varied options for postcard design. All six are refreshingly different, and the good part is that you can use elements from one card into other and thereby come with many more versions. For example, the cards have the merry Christmas message with different typography settings. There is not much room for designing as the cards already look visually appealing. But still, you can move the elements around and add your customization to the card.


2. Happy Holidays Greetings Card Set

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: Happy Holidays Greetings Card Set

Another well-designed set of holiday postcards, this particular one, moves away from the merry Christmas message. It does have that also, but it is also more focused on the happy holiday’s message. The set has eight card designs in it. The designs are flat and minimal in some and highly creative in others. This way, you get a good variety of designs to choose from, starting from Santa Clause, Christmas trees, fireplace, and much more. Because the design is not very crowded, you will always find space to add your design elements if need be.

3. Christmas Cards Photoshop Bundle

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: Christmas Cards Photoshop Bundle

While sending a well-designed postcard to people for the holidays is a good idea, it is better to customize it to add your photograph. This well-designed Christmas cards photoshop bundle offers you multiple designs to do that. The set has ten different designs that are easy to customize in whichever way you want to. The Photoshop files are layered, and you can play around with them, add your photos, change colors and text styling and create your very own personalized holiday season greeting.

4. Conventional Christmas Postcard

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: Christmas Post Card

Amidst the fancy modern postcard designs, the charm of a conventional postcard template is still not lost. This free template provides you the opportunity to revisit the postcards that people used decades ago. The template comes with season greetings, and its elements are nicely spread over the postcard. It also has invitation content, so you can directly use this template to send out Christmas invitations to people. If not, you can always edit the content and add your content to the postcard.

5. Christmas Card Set in Red

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: Christmas Card Set in Red

The red color is synonymous with the festivity of Christmas, and this card set uses these colors to involve festive feelings. By downloading this set, you get eight different design options for the card; each is distinct and has good Christmas elements. The only thing common is the rich red background. While you can use the cards as they are, you can also mix and match the elements to create a whole new Christmas card that you can print and send out.

6. Vintage Christmas Typography Postcard

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: Vintage Christmas Typography Postcard

Vintage design is an ongoing trend in almost all design streams. The same continued for postcard design as well. This template provides a well-designed vintage postcard with festive greetings incorporated in them. It also has the old Christmas greeting postal stamp. While these postcards are hard to get, you can use this template and add your personalization on it in the form or name, or signature. Then you can print it and own a good collection of vintage Christmas Postcards.  

7. Postcard With Photograph Template

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: Postcard With Photograph Template

The best way to personalize any design is to add your photo. This way, it is validated that the design is original and comes from you. You can do this for postcard design by downloading this template. The template is very simple, neat, and easy to modify from the design perspective. Pastel colors are used, and a floral theme is applied, making the design visually beautiful. All you need to do is download the template, open the Photoshop file, add the photograph in the smart object and export the design.

8. Ready To Print Christmas Card

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: Ready To Print Christmas Card

Not all designs need to be tinkered with. There are some good ones that you can use as it is. This is true for this free-to-download and uses Christmas card. The file that you get is ready to print. Hence if you are in a rush and do not want to edit it, then you can easily send it to the printer, who will set up the print job and give you the postcard printed in no time. The postcards are in the form of inviting Santa to visit your home. There is a place for providing your home address. Interestingly the postal stamp is addressed to the North Pole.

9. Merry Christmas Vintage Retro Style Postcard

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: Merry Christmas Vintage Retro Style Postcard

Getting a good blend of modern and retro design is hard to find, and when you can find it, you should definitely add it to your collection. This is why we recommend this amazing Christmas card which takes vintage retro style as the base design. But by using flat colors and outlines, the designer has also added a modern touch to the design, making it visually appealing. Furthermore, the entire template is editable. Hence, you can play around with colors and elements if you want or even add your design elements and further customize them. Furthermore, it comes in the size of a postcard, so that is one less thing to worry about.

10. Winter Watercolour Christmas Set

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: Winter Watercolour Christmas Set

We now have a beautiful winter set designed in watercolors, moving away from retro designs. The use of pastel shades in the form of watercolors is highly trending, and it would be a good idea for you to ride on that and use this template. You get a transparent set of Png for watercolor elements, floral decors, and other elements by purchasing the template. Good designers will find a way to tweak them in Photoshop to alter the color and shapes if needed. 

11. Santa Clause Christmas Postcard

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: Santa Clause Christmas Post Card

Christmas and the holiday season would be incomplete without using Santa Claus design. This is why we have included this beautifully designed Christmas card in our list. The card uses baby pink as the background color. On top of that, it has well-detailed illustrations of various Santa Clauses and also snowmen. The layout and composition are very warm, and you will love it at first sight. You can download this template and edit it to add your name or design elements.  

12. Merry Christmas Invitation Postcard

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: Merry Christmas Invitation Postcard

It is not just individuals who would want to send out Christmas postcards to people. Small and medium-scale shops like to send out promotional postal mails to people for the holiday season. This template can be of good help to them. It has a simple Christmas tree design but has ample space to place the marketing message. This could be about the holiday season sale or for a particular product or just passive marketing wishes through which they can attract customers to their shops.  

13. Premium Looking Christmas Postcard

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: Premium Looking Christmas Post Card

The first impression you get of this Christmas Postcard is that it is of premium quality. It uses the standard green color of Christmas as the base. On one side, it has set up a collage of designs constructed through basic shapes like squares and circles. These elements include gifts, Christmas Tree, and much more. On the other side, there is a simple Merry Christmas message and a text container for you to add your wishes. Once you purchase and download the template, you can edit it the way you want to. 

14. Winter Christmas Postcard Set

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: Winter Christmas Postcard Set

The holiday season and winters bring with them their own set of design elements. This beautiful set of winter postcards incorporates these elements into a postcard design. The set contains eight different designs, which are in portrait mode. Each card contains a series of design elements, including a Christmas tree, snowmen, reindeer, gifts, wine, socks, and many more. Because you get the open files, you always have the option of mixing up these elements and coming up with a brand new design. If you do not want to spend much time, you can send these cards for post directly. 

15. Christmas Greeting Cards With Animals Set

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: Christmas Greeting Cards With Animals Set

If you love animals, you will love this card set! This Christmas greeting card has very cute illustrations of animals that wish you the season greetings. The animals include a penguin, a bear, and a reindeer. The illustrations are well detailed, and the animals are also provided with the usual holiday season elements to make the cards look more festive. Of course, you can download the template and edit them further if you wish to. But we recommend you do not alter much with the design and just add your personalization.

16. Happy Holidays Postcard

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: Happy Holidays Post Card

This template is perfect for designers looking for a design resource that can help them come up with a postcard design. It is free to download and comes with an editable Illustrator file. Thereby the designer can edit them and customize them as per need. The base design contains the Happy Holidays message and various design elements like gifts, balloons, stars, snowflakes, and more. This design is also good, and if you are in a hurry, you can just add the name and send it for print. 

17. Line Art Postcards

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: Line Art Postcards

We keep seeing postcards with the standard red and green design containing the various elements throughout the holiday season. If you want your design to look very different and creative, you can use this template. This postcard also has the standard Christmas and new year elements but in line art. This makes it look visually appealing and highly creative. One good use of this postcard in the digital form can also be animating the line art and forming a nice greetings video out of it.

18. Merry Christmas Postcard for Pet Lovers

Creative Postcard Templates for the Holiday Season: Merry Christmas Post Card for Pet Lovers

This is a special Christmas Postcard for lovers. This lovely design is free to download and use. The design comes with a classic pet act. A dog and a cat are playing around the Christmas tree and have brought it to the ground. This is something all pet owners will be able to relate to. The design is very clean and visually beautiful. The illustrations are also refreshingly good. Overall the design is kept neat and minimal. There is ample space for you to add your personalization if needed.

Finding high-quality postcard templates on the internet is a challenging task. Hence we have taken the pain of collating some of the best ones for you here. You can bookmark this amazing resource or blog and even share it amongst other designers. Using these templates, you will come up with creative and fresh postcard designs that will please one and all.

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