20 Powerful Digital Marketing Trends of 2022 To Follow

Digital Marketing Trends 2022

Technology and digital mediums are rapidly evolving and therefore, It’s no surprise that the digital marketing trends we saw this year will see some interesting and possibly better, changes for 2022. We have now very well reached the third stage of maturity for digital marketing. The first stage was where it was something new and … Read more

Digital Marketing Tips When Starting a Coaching Business

If you are in the business of coaching entrepreneurs, it’s important that you use the right tools and strategies for boosting your online presence. With a well-thought-out digital marketing campaign, you will be able to generate leads and turn prospects into profitable opportunities. On top of that, you also get to build your influence and … Read more

12 Common Myths About Graphic Designers

Common myths about graphic designers

The profession of graphic design has evolved from being a mere passion-driven work to a highly sophisticated business. The term ‘graphic design’ was coined by the famous illustrator William Dwiggins way back in 1920. He used this term to describe the whole ambit of activities he used to undertake like printed communications, book design, lettering, … Read more

8 Top Blogging Platforms for Bloggers in 2020

Cover Image

Blogs are an essential part of any website these days. Companies hire freelancers or in-house content writers who can create blogs and get them published on their websites. But there are some independent bloggers who prefer to create, publish, and maintain their blogs. For such bloggers, there are so many platforms that offer free access … Read more

12 Fresh Web Design Tools You’ll Find Useful

12 Fresh Web Design Tools You’ll Find Useful

Web design is the most crucial field in today’s age, where websites and internet are virtually everywhere. The use of and access to the internet and browsing websites has increased exponentially in the last few years. Hence, there has been a tremendous development of web design tools that have made daily life easier for web … Read more

12 Color Contrast Accessibility Tools to Enhance Your Website Design

More than 4% of the population is colorblind, and different variations of visual impairments can affect usability and readability of your website. Color accessibility provides sufficient contrast between the foreground and the background and makes sure the navigation and interactive elements are identifiable. Accessibility concerns range from anything to navigation, text properties, audio, feedback, and … Read more

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