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21 Beautiful And Creative Navigation Menus

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Website Navigation Design all comes within the website interface category. It’s crucial to make it easy to use and find for the client. This doesn’t mean it has to be simple though. I have looked at some amazing websites, that have integrated some creative navigation menus designs into their website. They have been original with their designs and made it easy to use and beautiful at the same time.

clyp – iPhone Sidebar

clyp - iPhone Sidebar by Riccardo Carlet - Dribbble Creative Navigation Menus

This is an iPhone sidebar navigation design concept. This example has a left bar that only appears when sliding your finger to the right side. This example uses a colorful flat design that makes the interface look nice and friendly. This is a work in progress because the designer is still testing different icons. All in all, this example has everything well organized which makes it a great source of inspiration for future projects.

HBK / Creative Agency

HBK Creative Agenc Creative Navigation Menus

This example comes with a really nice user interface design. You can see that the navigation bar is well integrated into it. Everything is colorful and looks really friendly. This designer tried something new through this project, especially after many people have told him that his designs depend on shadows, environments and vintage effects.

UI Kit (Hotel)

Ui Kit (Hotel) by Mike _ Creative Mints - Dribbble

This designer doesn’t usually make designs with cold colors but this one came out really nice. The website uses an abstract gradient background and starts with a really nice menu bar.

Mixpanel Navigation Menu Icons/UI

Mixpanel Navigation Menu Icons_UI by Mason Yarnell - Dribbble

This is a Mixpanel navigation menu design concept. It is only a sneak peek at a project this design team has been working on. They have updated the colors and chose different icons to provide contrast with the main content. The icons have a two-colored state that makes the interface design look modern.

Close side menu

close side menu by Eddie Lobanovskiy - Dribbble

This designer has come up with some navigation screens for CLOSE. This is a sneak peek of the side menu, pixels and some details. Stay close as more details are soon to come!

Interactive Bar App

Interactive Bar App by Gal Shir - Dribbble

Have you ever been working on an interactive interface and you have had trouble designing it? This example can be a great source of inspiration for similar projects. This design is an app with which you can order a beer through an interactive interface and a really nice UX concept design for the bar menu.

Animated sliding tab bar

Animated sliding tab bar by Virgil Pana - Dribbble

This example is a sliding tab bar. This example has a really nice user interface design. It uses flat design to its finest to create a really great source of inspiration.

Calhoun’s pt. V

Calhouns's pt. V by Jay Fletcher - Dribbble

This is also a really nice source of inspiration. This project has a creative design concept and provides a smooth navigation.

Double menu

Double menu Creative Navigation Menus

This is another shot from this designer’s app interface project. This example proposes a double-layered sidebar from which users can easily choose the source they need. The first layer of this app’s interface lets users choose an article based on the time it was posted and popularity, while the second layer contains a list of the user’s favorite sources.

Jazzboard Website shot

Jazzboard Website shot by Mads Ejsing - Dribbble

This is a shot from the designer’s latest layout, which looks great. You can also check out the final version in the description.

Date Selector Menu

Date Selector Menu by Ozzy Urrutia - Dribbble

This designer’s been having fun cleaning up and redesigning their day switcher. The result is really nice and it can be a great source of inspiration, especially thanks to the good-looking user interface design.

Side menu

Side menu by Darina Matvienko - Dribbble

This side menu looks great. It uses earthy colors to make an awesome interface design.

Nav Bar – Blaffin Arenas Mobile

Nav Bar - Blaffin Arenas Mobile by Miguel Oliva Márquez - Dribbble

This navigation bar design concept is a detail for Blaffin Arenas Mobile. This is a really nice example that shows us how to include some navigation buttons in a header that already has some action buttons.

WePassengers, Menu

WePassengers, Menu by Lorenzo Franchini - Dribbble

This designer usually goes for lights and shadows to achieve realistic results but this time he tried something different. This example uses a minimalist and really neat and simple style for the menu bar and its icons.


Dropdown Creative Navigation Menus

This example is a creative drop-down menu that can be a great source of inspiration. The interface looks great and the dark layout drop down menu blends in perfectly. It also uses larger icons for each sub-category.

Options Slider

Options Slider by Chris Bannister - Dribbble

How about a really nice options slider design which you will surely adore. This is the second sneak peek of this app.

Menu drop down

Menu drop down by Bady - Dribbble

This is navigation bar design concept that uses green as its main color. The drop-down state uses a slightly darker shade of green.

Country + Language Menu

Country + Language Menu by Mike Precious - Dribbble

This example is a drop-down menu design sneak peek for a fitness related client project. It has a neat design, uses grey tones and shades.

Read By Category

Read By Category by Janna Hagan - Dribbble

This is yet another cool sneak peek design concept on which the designer is still working on the alignment.

Menu Design

Menu Design by Lauren Bradley - Dribbble

In this project, Lauren Bradley has been playing with concepts for a complex menu with Anon vs logged views and 3 levels. The result is really elegant.

Drop-down menu

Drop-down menu by Jonathan Ogden - Dribbble

This is the first try of a drop-down menu for this designer and it appears it was quite fun to design it.

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34 thoughts on “21 Beautiful And Creative Navigation Menus”

  1. Very creative menus but they all seem to be in a very web 2.0 style or a very personal style. I wouldn’t dream of putting any of the ideas into place on a clients design unless they we targeting the younger audience and taking an untraditional approach to design. In which case, these menus have spiked a lot of thoughts in my mind of how I could implement similar techiques.

  2. They are beautiful but definately not creative. It’s the same layour EVERY theme or website around the world has already. What happened to being creative, using layered alpha channels, not synced buttons or something to make the difference instead of just using a different color palette.

    They are cute, but they are the same as everyone.


  3. I love the ‘Two24Studios’ navigation menu – simplistic and clean whilst remaining quite striking! Loads of inspiration here that will prove really helpful in the future!

  4. Some really worth creative menus good collection… umm actually liked the stylish (Bluemoon Dueling Piano Bar) something unique and the background used is very amazing

  5. Very nice collection, a few sites I haven’t seen yet. I really enjoyed David Hell Mann’s site.

    We are using a simple hand-rolled jQuery/css nav. if anyone is interested in this technique, let me know. We are happy to share.

  6. Nice menu design. I really like them all. My favourite is Two24 Studios. Thanks for sharing.
    Website design is a creative work. Now web designing is important part in companies.

  7. Wow… some really great looking menus here. I really like the new media menu, but all of them are good. Good for some inspiration for my next website. Thanks for sharing all of these.

  8. Maybe it’s just me, but a lot of these look very standard and just part of the overall site design. Hover, jquery or tab navigation trends.


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