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20 Beautiful Free Spring Season Backgrounds

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Earth has been gifted the beautiful phenomenon of seasons all around the year, and it is no doubt, a glorious process. We are lucky to benefit from the four distinct seasons. Every country has its cycle, but what remains constant is the transition from one season to another. The feeling of nature returning to its fresh start after winter after a long period of color is just one of the beautiful transitions. Spring comes with tons of warmth, a smile on everyone’s face and an inspiration to every artist’s mind.

It is true that spring is the season of revival. It gives fresh feelings, a health boost as well as an overall content emotion. Everyone loves spring, as it marks the descent of numbness and cold, and rise of love and light, through the wonders of nature.

Numerous elements signify the outbreak of spring. Not only do these elements make us relive the season, but they also attract us with a positive vibe. For all those who love spring, but are always stuck at work and cannot enjoy it, here are a set of few spring season backgrounds for your desktops that can help you relive the season indoor.

This way, you can easily enjoy the season even in front of your computer at work and keep reminding yourself time and again how beautiful our nature can be! Sometimes, things that are right before our eyes go unappreciated. So it was refreshing to value those things and transitions while we can.

Spring season backgrounds are essential as they come with underlying psychology as well. It is an excellent way to relax your mind by looking at nature and taking a slight off from your daily routine. It can surprise you with its healing properties – even if you’re just looking at a picture.

Blossoming flowers are often a refreshing symbol of spring. Every country and state have their own set of spring treats from nature comprising of flowers, birds, lakes, scenic views and a lot more. It is always a pleasure looking at these gorgeous images and escaping the reality for a moment. For all those moments that you wished you were outdoor, enjoying a cup of tea in your garden instead of a strong coffee before your computer, here are some beautiful images which could help you keep calm.

Download these visuals and set them as your desktop wallpapers for a refreshing experience amidst all the work!

1. Colorful Flowers:

Colorful Flowers

This free HD background is super chic and colorful. The water beyond the flowers, along with the beautiful reflection of a calm sky makes the image create a certain mood. You can imagine sitting on a wooden bench beside the flowers and staring into the water until a gorgeous sunset while enjoying the evening breeze.

The tinier yellow flowers at the bottom of the flower bed give that extra pop of color which you would crave for at your desk even at work. Just to make things more springy, try setting up a beautiful vase beside your desktop.

2. Little Bird:

Spring season is also marked by the chirping of birds around the gardens, collecting and drinking nectar off of blooming flowers. It is a gorgeous sight to watch colorful birds hop from a flower to another, looking for the sweet treats hidden within. While this is something you can still witness through a mysterious window beyond your desk, why not set a wallpaper that can easily give you an HD visual of the same!

Here is a cherry blossom twig branch with a lovely contrasting green little bird perched on it. Not only is the visual balanced in terms of colors, but also bring about a wave of freshness. The colors are super springy, and add value to your desktop in terms of mood.

3. 3D Text:

3D Text

A little more towards the literal view of the word spring, here is a 3D rendered textual image that talks about spring in the most direct way. Standing tall against a blue sky, wrapped up in daisies and butterflies, spring is here! The colors are a beautiful amalgam of cold and warm, along with a 3D typographic Spring that gives an illusion of expanding outwards into the frame.

The play of light and shadow denotes that the sun is playing tricks on the text, and finally, after a long dark winter, there is hope for new things again! Isn’t it all very inspirational?

4. Garden:


This is one of the most eloquent sceneries concerning spring. What could be more enticing than a gorgeous green garden filled with flowers and trees, demarcated by a calm stream of water and a bridge over it? You would want to take a stroll around the garden, or wet your feet in the stream; maybe collect some striking flowers and make garlands for a pass-time. Some would imagine reading a book by the lawn, or maybe popping the ‘big question’ right in the centre of this scenic bridge!

While so much is possible through just an image, why wouldn’t you want to set it as your wallpaper? You could let your imagination run wild, just sitting at your office desk and staring into this picture for as long as you wish. The happy notions would prove it to be a good break!

5. Floral Girl and Butterflies:

Floral Girl and Butterlies

For those who love a touch of fantasy to their gadgets, this wallpaper is the best amalgam of graphical spring elements and an underlying fantasy. The flower girl is a beautiful graphic full of flowers and greens. More than the character, it is impressive how each element has been placed thoughtfully into that apparel, hence, creating the character itself. The butterflies flying around are another great use of a spring element, to add up to the drama. The tiny graphical elements flying around pose to be petals which give an illusion that petals are materialising into the flower girl.

6. Spring Day:

Spring Day

When you’re stuck indoors, the most important thing for your imagination becomes the outside world. This image completely embodies the beautiful scenic nature that is out there, and you cannot enjoy due to your work or any other reason. So why not sit at home and take pleasure in imagining a place as serene and heavenly as this!

The perfect combination of blue skies with cotton clouds sprung around, along with lush green mountains and a small town at the foot of the hill just near the river. You could almost jump into the image and want to live a life where springs last forever!

7. Sunny Spring:

Spring Day

This visual is just a reminder of the times when you felt ice-cold and desperately missed the sun. This image can instantly make you feel warmth, just by looking at it for a while. The colors are perfectly blended to project a sunny spring season – with the lush green lawn, clear blue skies and scorching sun overhead. Take a hint from the simple three-element picture – less is always more! And in this case, less can make you feel a lot more too!

8. Life:


‘Life – It goes on’, is a beautiful conceptual wallpaper which denotes spring in a very indirect connotation. While you can see that the alphabets that consist LIFE are filled with spring elements- like green grass, flowers and also cotton. The image is smartly balanced with a neutral water-like blue background which balances the colors and makes the subject of the frame stand out.

9. I Bring Spring:

I bring spring

Once again, this is a fantasy-oriented wallpaper. Suitable for little girls who believe in fairies, this image is a beautiful combination of colors and concept. You can find that spring is dripping off the painting that the fairy is holding, justifying the name of the image, and hence, a beautiful concept too.

10. Spring Wallpaper:

Spring Wallpaper

Just as any soul would love to run wild into the fields on a beautiful spring morning, this image tries to capture that feeling in a nutshell. The fences are a strong element that holds the fields, and the wild yellow flowers only break out the arrival of springs. Once again, we see a super dramatic sky that would help you clear out your thoughts and make you feel calm.

11. Spring Celebration:

Spring Celebrations

A slightly different approach than the other wallpapers so far, Spring Meadow is a beautiful concept. The celebration of spring is quite evident in the beautiful shot capturing spring dusk. The colors as well as elements of the frame, calm the nerves and give a serene feeling – the one you get from hearing a classic piano tune!

12. Spring Flowers:

spring flower

Another gorgeous wallpaper with flowers as the main subject, this particular image has every bit of spring filled in it! Focusing on a small bunch of flowers in the middle of a field, the lavender and yellow just makes it pop up and catches your breath!

13. Spring Wolf:


This gorgeous illustration is a definite wallpaper for those who love illustrations. Beautifully drawn in a spring palette, along with a flat lay kind of angle, this wallpaper would look stunning on gadgets such as iPads as well as mobile phones. The tiny flowers and butterflies in the wolf’s mane add the perfect amount of spring element, along with the lovely colors that it has been painted in.

14. Bright Spring:

Bright Spring

The main subject of this wallpaper is the little ladybug in the foreground of the image. A direct portrayal of spring and summer, this visual has a perfect balance in the colors – the blues, greens, yellows and the right accent – a red and black ladybug.

15. Mountain Green Wallpaper:

Mountain Green

Though there might not be anything too springy about this image, the mere concept of lush green mountains with clear skies is enticing enough to hold your attention. Imagine taking a nice vacation to these mountains of Machu Picchu, Peru!

16. Nice Spring:

Nice Spring

This animated background is a gorgeous portrayal of spring in a tiny little village along the water body. The gazebo instantly makes you feel like taking some time off work and enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee along the waters!

17. Spring Text:

Spring Text

Though this wallpaper may come off as a little overcrowded, it gives the perfect amount of ‘Spring’ that is needed! Presented in a simple collage format, every element of spring makes up for this wallpaper, and you can use it across all the horizontal display gadgets like desktops and iPads/Tablets.

18. Spring Journey:

Spring Journey

This image is an acrylic on canvas painting. Inspired from the Impressionist period, it has close resemblances to Monet’s painting style. What is stunning about this image as wallpaper is the journey that the little boat and it’s owner are embarking upon. It is a soothing image, and the color schemes unquestionably depict the breakthrough of a spring season.

19. Spring Sonata:

Spring Sonata

Another one of the fantasy/digital art wallpaper, the Spring Sonata creates a serene mood. With the girl playing a beautiful floral harp and at the same time, looking into the meadows further away, this visual is more dreamy, yet realistic. You can almost hear the strings of the harp play themselves, and an overall calm spread through your body.

20. Spring Garden:

Spring Garden

Last but not least, this image is the most romantic spring garden. While many people associate love with spring as well, this visual is only befitting for those who are in love. With gorgeous flowers spread across the garden and the beautiful stone laid staircase, it is almost like a memory from a dream!

So these were a few of the most beautiful Spring Season Backgrounds that we loved! Relive the season indoors, and do not forget to feel blessed!

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