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20 Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates

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Restaurants and the food industry have so many verticals that include various types of small and large businesses. This industry is always on the front line and caters to a vast range of audiences daily. Therefore proper branding strategy and design for a restaurant, cafe, stall, or chain is a crucial part of growing and sustaining in the market. Starting from the logo, you need to focus on multiple details and key points to come up with a perfect brand identity.

However, creative logo design is a critical task that requires lots of research, conceptualization, and redefining. If you don’t want to invest much time and money in your logo design, then you can use the below-suggested templates. We have curated this list of 20 free, highly useful food logo templates for any business professional dealing in the food and beverage industry. So let’s check out the collection and see how you can get your creative logo for free.

1. Detailed Chef Logo Template:

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Chef Logo

This beautiful illustration-based logo template can work for any restaurant, cafe, catering, or food event business. You get a completely customizable vector file that gives you access to different elements through well-structured layers. For example, it has a detailed picture of a chef holding plate with a colorful theme and proper space for a tagline. So overall, it is an excellent logo design to use for free and creates a modern and attractive brand image.

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Cake Logo

If you want your logo to look subtle, professional, and classy, then this one is a perfect choice. It has a warm color pallet and fundamental illustrations to make a nice adaptive logo design. You get a sophisticated multipurpose vector file that allows you to customize it according to your brand requirements. Utensils and equipment are very flexible elements for food categories because they can work for any business and concept. So try this smart logo design for free and give a professional logo icon to your branding accessories.

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Minimalist Food
Your unique brand identity may require some solid, minimal, and confident logo design like this one. It is a customizable and free Canva template that has bold and minimal design to help multiple food and related businesses. It is an orange logo template with small cutlery icons and a bold title for the brand name. You can also add your tagline and modify the design as per your creative needs. So overall, it is a nice, clean, and helpful logo design for various objectives.

4. Steakhouse Logo Vector:

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Steakhouse Logo

This logo design reflects elegant vintage vibes along with a fusion of a modern look. The steakhouse logo design is an editable vector file that includes systematic layers for you to change the colors and shapes however you want. The round plate design with cutlery and heading can be an instrumental concept for restaurants and cafes. You can use it for any of your food businesses if you have a certain concept and creative idea in mind.

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Restaurant Logo

It is a fancy label design which is also a very common and widely loved logotype. You get a plain black and white design with an elegant and modern label giving a perfect space for your brand name. You can use this vector template for your restaurant, cafe, bar, stall, or other business. Overall it is an elegant, modern, minimal, and functional logo template for beginners and professional designers.

6. Coffee Vintage Logo Design:

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Coffee Vintage Logo

For a classic and vintage look, you can use this coffee logo template. It is a beautiful logo design that holds badge style look and old-age vibes. You can have a simple, reliable, and professional-looking logo from this template. Moreover, you can edit this file with the help of layers and design it as per your requirement. For retro theme cafes, restaurants, events, and other businesses can surely use this unique and attractive logo design.

7. Coffee Life Logo Template:

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Coffee Brown Logo

It is another simple and minimal logo template that can be utilized in multiple designs. You can use this as a logo design or icon for your application, website, and other crucial platforms. In addition, this design is an editable vector template that allows you to complete your creative tasks effortlessly. For example, this icon can be used in so many designs related to coffee, beverages, and snacks in restaurant branding designs.

8. Cocktail Lounge Logo Template:

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Cocktail Lounge

A stylish and modern logo for your luxurious place is an ideal choice to get a perfect brand look. And with this cocktail lounge logo, you can have a uniquely elegant look for your restaurant, café, or bar for free. You just need to download this vector file and edit the design as per your creative idea. Anyone with basic design knowledge can use this logo template and create a sophisticated and attractive logo design for a food and beverage company.

9. Fire Food Logo Template:

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Fire Food

This one is a beautiful and exciting logo template. It has a barbeque illustration with a bold and clean typeface to make this design look professional, modern, and impactful. You can edit this vector design as per your needs with its organized layer structure. Fire food logo template has a solid and impressive personality for a modern, youthful and entertaining food place. However, you can definitely use this template for any of your suitable businesses and projects. So get this attractive logo design for free and make a creative brand identity.

10. Milkshake Logo Badge:

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Milk Shake

If you are looking for a more colorful, playful, and connecting logotype, then this Milkshake badge design is a great option. It has multiple colors in a fun theme to make a perfect and adaptive design for multiple purposes. This milkshake badge logo can be a fantastic choice for any brand looking for a decent logo design to attract its audience. So try this excellent, colorful, engaging design for some cool, interesting, lively, and enjoyable place or product.

11. Free Food Track Logo Templates:

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Free Food Truck Logos

This extensive collection of icons is a beautiful deal for any professional or beginner designer. You get nine beautiful icons in a PSD, AI, and EPS files to customize any designs as per your needs. It is a highly versatile and helpful collection of logo designs that holds beautiful vintage and modern looks. For any brand operating in service, product, place, or event, this collection can come in handy for various purposes. So, in other words, it’s a highly recommended logo design collection that every designer should collect and utilize.

12. Icecream Logo Template:

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: IceCream Logo

A simple, creative and useful logo design is what you get from this template. You can download this vector file for free and experiment with your design however you like. This creative and flexible ice cream cone icon can be used in various designs and projects. For example, you can use it as an icon and combine it with some other elements to build a unique and solid logo design for your ice cream and dessert brand.

13. Organics Logo Vector Design:

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Organics Logo

It is a beautiful illustration for any organic and natural product-based brand. You get a nice, clean, and adaptive design of fruits and greenery to use it for your special business. This vector file is available for free download, and it allows you to experiment with your creativity to build a clever and eye-catching logo. It can be an excellent choice for your other branding accessories as well, so overall a great helpful design to save.

14. Bakery Business Logo Vector:

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Bakery Business

For baking-related places, services and products, this logo icon can be very useful. This flat vector design is multipurpose for designers and professionals to utilize this effectively. Your modern and delicious bakery projects can definitely use this logo design to create a stunning impression. The colors and simplicity of this design are the beautiful essences of this design, and that can help your bakery, café, and website a lot in getting a polished identity.

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Noodle Logo

If you want a vintage and substantial logo design for your homemade Chinese food, or an authentic Chinese restaurant, then this is a brilliant design. In addition, the minimal and creative badge design has an ideal color range for the food industry, including red and yellow, which makes it even perfect. So try this customizable vector file and create an enticing and engaging logo design for your noodle shop or any Asian cuisine-related project.

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Pizza

Not only the logo, but you also get a nice business card design from this creative set. You get a basic, modern, and fun pizza logo design created explicitly for pizza restaurants and businesses. Your pizza place, manufacturing unit, website, or any unique project can use this design set to get a nice logo and business card. It is a practical, fun, and easy-to-use design for creative professionals who want to save effort and time in multiple busy projects.

17. Candy Shop Logos Collection:

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Candy Shop Logo

This cute, attractive, and useful candy shoo logo collection can be a wonderful design asset for designers. You get six creative logo icons carrying unique candies and a playful theme for various exciting candy shops and stalls. This collection can help you with your brand identity, website, ads, and many other professional designs seamlessly and effectively. In addition, you can edit the design and make your brand stand out without any challenging creative process. So overall, it’s one of the most beneficial designs for candies and other related food projects.

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Chinese Food Neon

If you want a more glamorous, eccentric, and impactful look for your logo, then this neon sign logo template would be a great choice. It has a Chinese food theme that can be used for any Asian food category. So if you have multi-cuisine food items in your business, then this can be a good help. You can edit the design as you want and use it for your logo and branding requirements. So try this unique and glowing logo template for free and make your brand name creative and eye-catching.

19. Catering Logo Template Collection:

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Catering Logo

This professionally designed logo template collection offers multiple vector designs to help your various creative objectives. If you are into a catering business, online delivery, restaurant, or classes, then this collection can be an incredible support for your business logo. It is available for free, and you can customize it as well. So overall, it’s a valuable collection with four unique and strong logo designs that have basic essence to fit into any food servicing business.

20. Vector Chef:

Free Highly Useful Food Logo Templates: Vector Chef

You get a detailed illustration of the chef from this download. The flat illustration of the chef, kitchen, and other accessories is a beautiful creation that can work as a solid logo for your restaurant, food chain, cooking book, or online platform. In addition, you get a fully customizable vector file with a unique retro and modern fusion design that has a perfect balance of colors and texts. So try using this vector logo template and design something creative and fun for your project.

With the above-listed templates, you get a variety of designs and choices to pick for your particular business and brand. These templates and files are highly effective and flexible for you to customize them as per your preferences. This can be a helpful collection for business owners and designers who don’t want to invest lots of energy into designing from scratch.

Moreover, you can experiment and create something unique and attractive as well by combining some of the valuable elements and your pinch of creativity. You can have a beautiful, modern, and professional-looking logo design for free with listed templates. We have described each logo design with essential information so that anyone can understand and make the right choice. So turn your business name into a brand with the help of the logo templates as mentioned above and create a strong brand identity.

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