7 Fun Flash Games For Inspiration

All of the talk in the video game world either revolves around Skyrim, Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 3, or motion activated technology like the XBOX Kinect. We have become too immersed in massive worlds, online multi-player gaming, and advanced technology to realize that the games we play aren’t as much fun as they are … Read more

Flash Drop Down Menu Tutorial – Adobe Flash

Drop down menus are a very efficient kind of menus. They fit all your buttons beautifully in an application without taking up a lot of your real estate. In this tutorial I will show you how you can make drop down menus in flash. This is a fairly advanced tutorial and you will need to … Read more

Flash XML Tutorial – How to Use XML in Flash

A lot of people who don’t know that much about Flash think that Flash is good only for animation and static web applications. This belief is very false because with Flash you can create applications which are as dynamic as you want them to be.  Please note that you need to know that this is … Read more

Wix Review – Is Wix.com Worth It?

We have been very pleased after reviewing Wix, a free website builder. 37 MILLION people who have created their website with Wix can’t all be wrong 🙂 Most website builders do not deliver, but Wix is much different. With Wix you can create your own website with ease without adding even a single line of … Read more

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