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10 Free HTML5 Responsive Website Templates

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It is very important to have a responsive website. People spend many hours on their tablets and phones to browse the internet more than they use desktops or even their laptops. Thus, you need to make sure you have a website that looks good on all screens and devices so that you never fail to leave a good impression on your visitors. If you don’t factor this in, you might lose them to other competitors, even when you would have better products or services to offer. The presentation matters the most. The UI/UX of your website should not be taken lightly.

Because of that, you should always look for HTML5 Responsive Templates designed in such a way that they look and function well on all screen sizes and devices. This will help you save the hassle of optimizing your content from scratch and attract more visitors irrespective of the device they use. Google also sees this as an advantage, and your SEO score might improve for having a responsive template. For a while now, google uses the “mobile-first” approach where they look at how your website looks and functions in mobile in order to determine its ranking in search engines. In today’s roundup, we’ve collected 10 Free HTML5 Responsive Templates with beautiful designs that you can use to create a perfect website that will be cross-browser and cross-device compatible.

1. Aside:


Aside is an ideal free HTML5 Responsive Template that has a clean and minimal design. It is an ideal template for food bloggers that lays special emphasis on images. The homepage allows the user to add food images with their corresponding links. If a visitor hovers over an image, the image gets a white translucent box overlay where you can put the dish’s name and some short description if you like. It has a fresh website design with a vertical navigation bar on the left.  It also has social media icons for linking your social media handles on the bottom left of the navigation bar.

It has all the necessary inner pages that you would need to set up your food blogging/restaurant or even portfolio website. The about page has space for one big hero image, then some text, and also a slider for the ‘Our Team’ section with images. This makes the page look welcoming and appealing. The ‘Services’ page has amazing icon support for describing different services you might provide to your customers. Lastly, the contact form is also minimal and impressive. Users would not mind filling out such a relaxed form for you, which would increase your customer database. The huge image holders help you to show your food images elegantly in both portrait and landscape orientations. The fonts are fairly easy to read, as well.

2.  Sports News Portal:

Sports News Portal

This is a clean, minimal, and lightweight one-stop responsive free HTML5 magazine template. It is ideal for sports and gaming websites. There are many useful UI elements and packed features that are both useful and easy to customize. The theme is efficiently responsive and keeps the site aesthetic uniformly pleasing on different screen sizes and devices. It has been tested and also coded to work properly on important devices like iPad, iPhone, iMac, windows phone, Macbook, and many other high-res devices.

This template looks stunning and is straightforward. It allows you to present your valuable content attractively across all modern browsers. It has cross-browser compatibility and is specially tested on popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Opera. It is ideal for creating an overall sports magazine website or a specific sport-related website as well. This theme is free to download; however, you need to register for an account on this website to get the download link.

3. Sweep:


Sweep is a visually stunning, colorful, and feature-rich free HTML5 Responsive template. It leverages the latest technology like CSS3, HTML5, and Bootstrap 3 Frontend framework that allows the website to be fuss-free and lightweight. This results in smoother and faster loading times on all devices and screen sizes. Sweep is easily one of the smoothest one-page HTML5 Responsive templates. This template is also optimized for SEO and different browsers. This means when you attempt to index your site content, it makes it easier for search engine bots to access your valuable content easily and bring back high ranks on SERP. It works great on all popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, and more.

This template is ideal for creating websites based on corporate agencies, business portfolios, mechanical workshops, advertising agencies, and much more. It is a super flexible theme that can be used for various fields and aspects. You need not be a webmaster to make use of this beautiful clean minimal, and elegant theme. This template is free to download, provided you leave footer credits in place. If you want to remove footer credits, you can pay a small amount and get rid of it as well.

4. Unship:


Unship is another responsive, mobile-friendly free HTML5 Responsive template that is ideal for your website requirements. It is cross-browser compatible, fast loading, search engine friendly, and mobile-friendly as well. It is built on strong frameworks like CSS3, Google Fonts, Bootstrap 3, HTML5, Font Awesome icons, owl carousel, and many more useful features.

Since it runs on the HTML5 logistics Bootstrap, it creates many opportunities for anyone having a beginner-level experience to webmasters for creating an excellent appealing website with the utmost ease. This all-inclusive theme is ideal for small and medium transportation and any logistics company for national and international trucking, air transport, and marine shipping requirements. This template comes with useful pages like service, blog listing, single blog page, contact page, and about page.  Unship has a fantastic header to add contact details, a multilingual language switcher, social connection buttons, a Twitter feed, and subscription form and many other useful features.

5. Grad School Template:

Grad School

This is an ideal free HTML5 Responsive One-Page Template for educational websites. The homepage has a full-sized video-based banner with three rollover content boxes at the bottom.  You can make use of their dropdown menu if you want and create more HTML subpages. It is a flexible template that can be expanded to be a large dynamic website or even a custom CMS template. It makes use of Bootstrap 4.5.2. This theme has an impressive, bold font selection that leaves an impact on the visitor’s mind. It has a countdown widget that can show a sense of emergency and an impressive compact registration form on the main page of the website itself.

There are many cue cards for different courses. You can add an image that is related to the course and write a summary about it, too, with attractive CTAs.  These cue cards keep shuffling automatically at regular intervals. They can also be moved by dragging and releasing the cards, which gives a rich user experience.  The contact section also has integration for Google Maps, making it super easy for visitors to find your business and get in touch if they’re interested.

6. Marvel Bootstrap 4:


Marvel is a minimalistic and straightforward portfolio/CV template that can create an impressive one-page online portfolio site. The theme’s color can be switched to dark mode and light mode with a simple toggle that adds many user experience points to the template. It uses a dual timeline listing 2-column for the resume section. The project section has an impressive image slider. You can also make use of their simple contact form and google map integration. The banner image uses infographics in the demo, which looks very pleasing. The text has a greeting where the second half of the text keeps changing. This looks very interesting and is a compact way of showcasing all your talents on the website’s upper fold as people land on it. It has support for CTAs, too, where you can allow users to download your resume directly or even get a free quote for their requirements.

This theme is all about showcasing your content in the best light possible to create an impression on the visitor. It makes use of the owl carousel plugin to list all your projects in a slider to highlight them in the best manner possible. Then there is also an aesthetic timeline wrapper to show your career and education journey in the most minimalistic and appealing manner possible.

7. Rapid:


Rapid is an impressive free HTML5 Responsive Template. It has a one-page layout that makes it easily responsive to all screen sizes and devices. When you open the website, the first section has a full-width hero image with a minimalistic title text with a call to action button. The font is bold and evenly spaced out, which directly impacts the viewer and catches their attention. It is an ideal theme for an agency portfolio, business website, or any such requirements.

The template is broken down into important sections such as Introduction, About Us, Services, Why Chose Us, Our Portfolio, Testimonials, Team, Our Clients, Pricing, and FAQs. The template has unique icons that can describe the different services you have to offer. It also has excellent support for counter that helps you showcase how many clients, projects, hours, and employees you have under your brand.  The portfolio section has a quick eye tool that can see one image stand out from the rest and another icon that helps open that portfolio to the out link you want to link it to. You can also add testimonials, team, and client information. For the team, you can add each individual’s social media links on social media icons.

8. The Earth:

The Earth

The Earth is a fresh approach to a free HTML5 Responsive Template. It has a horizontal sliding bootstrap design. The first page has an image slider where you can click on the preview image tabs on the bottom right to see them full size on the website. The About Us page has three different icons for three sections that you can make use of for Mission, Vision, and any other elements or content breakdown you wish to go ahead with.

The gallery page also has an impressive image slider where you can label each picture along with a price attached to it if the photographs, illustrations, or anything else is up for sale. This theme also has a very smart contact us form with minimal fields that is easy to fill and would get your visitors interested.

9. The Card Portfolio:

The Card

The Card Portfolio is a fantastic free HTML5 Responsive Template. It has a simple UI design with full sized images that come with fading transitions. It is an ideal template for creating a simple image gallery or portfolio website. The text blocks are spread evenly and spaced out throughout all the pages to look like cards. The overall feel is very minimalistic and the fonts used are very clean and elegant.

There is a navigation bar on the top right of the template from where you can jump between different inner pages with ease. The gallery page allows you to have minimalistic tiles for individual pictures. When you hover over the images, you can put a short description for the visitors to learn more about it. The contact form is again minimal and quick to fill.

10. Resto:


Resto is an ideal HTML5 Responsive Template for setting up an online restaurant website. Online restaurant sites are gaining popularity these days as people love exploring new food brands on their mobile, including restaurant menus. Resto works best for a responsive HTML5 theme for the food industry, as it is a one-page HTML template. This enables it to be a responsive bootstrap website that enables a clean, minimal, and pleasing user experience. The navigation, events, contact, and reservation options are relatively simple to set up.

You are greeted with a full-size banner image carousel with text in the center. As you keep scrolling down the website, you see a smooth parallax effect that makes the site look more engaging and appealing. The restaurant menu specialty design is like a mosaic collage artwork with an image of the dish and description to the side, with different orientations to keep it interesting. Right below it, proper restaurant menu design is clean and minimal with all uppercase fonts to keep the names legible and impressive.

These are the ten best free HTML5 Responsive Templates that anyone can use for different website requirements without having to spend a dime on website templates. Such websites have many perks like faster loading time, more responsive design, and freedom of designing the site as per your likes, which helps each website stand out from the other one. If you have a website requirement but don’t want to invest in a CMS, these free HTML5 Templates can be your go-to templates for any of your needs.

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