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9 Free Menu Mockups and Templates PSDs

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Designing a menu is an essential task when you have to create it from scratch or sometimes when you have to redesign an existing menu. A menu decides whether the customer is going to dine in or is there to see what the restaurant has to offer. Hence, designing a menu becomes a responsibility; indirectly, the right design will invoke hunger in the customer’s mind and facilitate the order process; else he or she may leave without ordering. Therefore, you should create a design that makes everything stand out. To do this, you don’t need to build every menu design element from scratch. There are mockups and templates that you can use to create some gorgeous menu designs.

This blog focuses on allowing you to explore the menu mockups and templates that you can use for free from various sources on the internet. Additionally, you can use these designs or draw inspiration from them and design your menu. Let us take a look at each of the mockups and templates.

1. Restaurant Advertisement Street Board:

Restaurant Advertisement Street Board

Whenever we visit a foreign country while traveling, we have often noticed that they have a menu spread out of their restaurant. They also offer outdoor sitting arrangement along with indoor sitting availability. A street board menu offers onlookers and passersby to look at it. This would let them understand if they would like to eat something from the menu list.

Here, we have provided a restaurant menu mockup in the form of an advertisement board placed on the street. It is equipped with close detailing, and all the mockups are in high resolution. The package, when downloaded, provides 4 PSD files with high-resolution mockups that offer a realistic appearance. You can download the package for free without any user registration on the website. The dimensions of the image are 4000 x 3200 px. You can modify the mockups in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

2. Restaurant Brochure Template:

Restaurant Brochure

This restaurant brochure is an exciting tri-fold brochure with a black background. Since you can have up to three folds in the menu card, you can have umpteen amount of room to design and include food and beverage items in it. You can plan for including design and menu items on different pages or divide the space on the page for design and menu items.

Such a menu can be designed using the mockup that we have provided here. These are high-quality mockups that you can take up to design menu cards for restaurants, cafes, hotels, canteens, food trucks, and more. With a lot of space on the menu card, it’s all about your creativity and how you get creative with it. All the PSD files are available in high resolutions, and you get high definition mockups. This mockup is provided by the website called Behance, and you can download the mockup for free. With applications like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, you can modify the designs and customize the designs according to your requirements.

3. Day Menu Mockup:

Day Menu Mockup

There are some premium restaurants and cafes that have different menu cards for their daytime and nighttime offerings. And hotels make sure that the design remains similar more or less, but the color scheme changes. Some hotels make the daytime menu in cream, beige or light colors. But the nighttime menus are designed in dark colors like maroon, brown, or even black. This makes the customer understand the difference between the menus. Moreover, the menu items change with the change in the timing of the day. This explains the need for separate menus.

Day Menu Mockup is one such mockup that lets you design a daytime menu for the restaurant. It is a black and white layout where there is an illustration of a massive burger with a black background on one poster. On the other poster, you get a white background where you can fit the menu items in black fonts. These are available in PSD formats; hence you can choose to modify the design as per the need. This package is available for download from the website called Freepik, and the website lets you edit the files in its editor if you don’t have the right tools. The image dimensions are 4740 x 3080 px, and the size of the file is 3.58 MB.

4. Black and white menu mockup:

Black and white menu mockup

We all require a high-quality menu when we are into the restaurant or café business. And sometimes, designing everything from scratch takes a lot of toll on the outcome of our investment. Moreover, it isn’t easy to come up with creative designs for menus every single time. Hence, we have provided mockups and templates that you can use or can create a new design out of it.

This menu mockup is of a black and white menu that offers a luxurious feel to it. Designed with smart layers and objects, this menu mockup is made in Adobe Photoshop with the latest techniques. The size of the file is 43 MB, and the resolution of the file is 4000 x 3200 px. Since the files in the package are in the PSD file format, you can choose to customize the design using Adobe Photoshop. You can download this package for free from the website called DailyMockup. It does not ask for any user registration or authentication.

5. Black colored menu:

Black Colored Menu

Initially, no one created a restaurant menu in black colors. But with the evolution of the design industry and hotel business, people realized the importance of colors. They have started understanding the psychology used behind a specific color. For instance, orange provides warmth, but red communicates power and urgency. With this concept, black is associated with all things premium and luxury. Hence, this color is associated with restaurants that are very high-end. In other words, black color is used to communicate that the restaurant is luxurious in terms of food and ambiance.

This mockup of a menu is made entirely in black. It is a vertical menu mockup to design vertical menus. The men’s fonts are in white that offers a lot of readability to the customers that peruse the menu. Since this mockup is made with smart objects, the menu can be customized in moments as per your needs. With the PSD file format, the menu mockup design can be modified in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. The file’s resolution is 300 dpi, and the dimensions of the file are 5400 x 3800 px. When you download the package, it includes the help file that can help you understand how you can use the PSD file. This mockup is available on the website called Graphicpear, and you can download the package for free without any requirement for user authentication.

6. Sophisticated menu:

Sophisticated menu

When you have to execute a branding project that is all about a restaurant, you can use this mockup. All the luxury restaurants use a menu design like the one we have here. These menus offer a sophisticated appearance to the menu and, in turn, put out an indirect message that the restaurant is also luxurious. Specific menus are designed in such a way that they automatically communicate power.

Here, we have one such menu mockup that is created in red color with a grey colored background. It also features cutlery placed beside the menu. It is a mockup of a vertical menu. The cutlery placement and the napkin give you an understanding of the menu color and the design’s actual appearance. With the package, you receive PSD files and smart objects that make the mockup easily adjustable and customizable. The size of the file is 123.07 MB, and the resolution of the file is 300 DPI. With the image dimensions being 3500 x 2300 px, you get a very high-resolution file. It has layered objects, and the files are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and higher versions. You can download the package from the website called ZippyPixels for free, without any user profile.

7. Café Menu:

Cafe Menu

Years back, café were very rare and were hardly seen in the city. But these days, cafes have mushroomed all over the places. Moreover, these cafes are fancier than luxury hotels and restaurants. When it comes to ambiance, lighting, and dining arrangements, cafes excel at everything. With beautiful interiors comes a beautiful menu design. Some cafes keep the menu design minimalistic, yet beautiful, while others prefer it decorated and over-the-top design.

Café Menu mockup here is an example of a menu card with a minimalistic design concept. This menu offers a greenish background and chef’s hat in its logo design. It is a simple design with white fonts and the surface of a wooden table as its background. This kind of mockup comes with a PSD file format that you can modify using software applications like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The size of the file is 179 KB, and the dimensions of the image are 1000 x 629 px. You can download this mockup from the website called Gumroad, which offers this mockup for free. To download this, you don’t need to have any kind of user authentication.

8. Chalkboard Menu:

Chalkboard menu

These days, a chalkboard menu is in vogue. Because of its easy to maintain ways, you can easily change the menu written with chalk by simply rubbing it off. Moreover, it offers a lot of portability; hence, you can move the board menu anywhere and put it at any point you like. Initially, restaurants with low budgets used to have such a menu display. But these days, it is a cost-effective option and also communicates a contemporary theme of the restaurant or café.

Chalkboard Menu is a mockup for such a menu, which is entirely customizable. With little changes, you can completely customize or modify the mockup design to suit your requirements. The downloaded package includes smart objects which can let you display the text of your condition. To change the PSD files, you need Adobe CS4 or a higher version of it. The package size is 42.3 MB, and the dimensions of the image are 3500 x 2600 px. You can download this mockup from the website called Graphicburger for free. The website does not ask for user authentication when you download the mockup.

9. Pizzeria menu:

Pizzeria menu

Pizza has been the favorite food of youngsters for a lot of years, but now adults are also spotted relishing a piece of pizza. Looking at this, lately, there have been so many pizza places opening up. With this, they pay attention to the interior, lighting, ambiance, sitting arrangement, accompaniments, and menu. As we have previously seen, the menu used to be simple without any striking design. But now, with upgraded ambiance and decorations, the menu designs have also changed radically. Pizzerias have incorporated various design concepts that people have rarely seen. Some restaurants offer menu cards in the form of a pan, in which pan pizzas are cooked.

Here, we have one such mockup, which happens to be a perfect menu mockup design for a pizzeria. Pizzeria menu is a mockup that displays a man serving a pizza with a broad smile on his face. On the front of the menu mockup, you can see the caricature of a chef serving a pizza. On the other side of the menu, you can include the menu items. The mockup is surrounded by raw pasta, noodles, sourdough bread, and other things like a spoon, ladle, and pestle & mortar. This mockup is available on the website called Freepik for free. You can download the mockup on the given link above and edit the PSD files in Adobe Photoshop. The dimensions of the image are 4000 x 4000 px, and the size of the file is 4.35 MB. If you don’t have Adobe Photoshop, you can edit the editor’s file provided by the website.


Initially, menu cards had bland designs and had no concept of being attractive. And they were simply printed on the piece of paper and laminated. Such menu cards would have a list of food and beverage offerings, and on the other side, they would put the logo. But now, the menu designs have evolved. Restaurateurs invest heavily while designing their menu cards. They make designers put a lot of effort into designing the menu card that would make a lasting first impression on the customer. Hence, menu design also offers a lot of challenge to the designers in some way. This is because no two menu cards should be similar in any way as menu cards represent a part of a restaurant. So, this blog lets you gain access to the menu card templates and mockups. These designs would allow you to create good menu cards that stand out and are unique in all the ways.

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