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About WebdesignDev

WebDesignDev (WDD) was started back in the summer of 2006 as a tutorial website for web designers. In our very first month we had over 200,000 visitors, and were hacked and shut down by our host for having to much traffic. Since then we have changed WDD a lot to keep up with the changes in the web design world. We update WebDesignDev regularly to include all the latest news and tactics in web design.

People At WebdesignDev

We have 2 main people who look after and maintain WebDesignDev. These are Iggy and Andy Johnson. We also have guest authors from time to time who write tutorials.

WebDesignDev.com is brought to you by Iggy, a successful web designer who offers Photoshop tutorials and entrepreneurial posts for web designers. Iggy is the owner of WebDesignDev and is the man to contact for all your inquiries.

Andy is an Internet entrepreneur working on WebDesignDev keeping it up-to-date so that Iggy has the opportunity to work on all of his projects. Andy also has a web gallery called LoadFuel and is also working on a few other projects.

Get In Touch With Us

Have a story, piece of news or anything web savvy you want to share with us? Feel free to contact the WebDesignDev team via this form. You can also tell us what you think of the site, or give us feedback on what you would do to make it better.

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