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Top 15 Free HTML Landing Page Templates

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Landing pages have still not lost their charm. On the contrary, they have become more relevant as digital marketers are finding multiple uses to enhance brand reach and sales. Initially, landing pages were considered to be quick alternatives to the main website. They were quick and easy to set up.

Generally, HTML landing pages were used for notifying users with messages like “coming soon” surrounding an event or product launch. But this has changed with time, and now many brands are pushing for simple landing pages for their website.

HTML continues to be the most preferred platform for landing pages as it is easy to handle. HTML landing page websites are lightweight and load fast. There are thousands of good free and premium HTML website landing page templates available on the internet, but remember, some of them require Bootstrap coding knowledge.

You can choose one or all of these free landing pages and flow your content into them to get the desired webpage. Your choice of a landing page should depend on the type of functionalities you want along with the branding style.

Okay, let’s get started with our collated list of the best 15 free HTML landing page templates that you can use.

1. April – A Cruip Landing Template For Startups

Best Free HTML Landing Pages for 2022: Startup Landing Page

Setting up landing pages in place of a full-fledged website makes a lot of sense for startups. As their business is still evolving, they may not have the content ready or may not want to invest in websites heavily. This free HTML landing page by Cruip is very suitable for startups. It uses the latest design trends in flowing gradients, minimal icons, and extra use of white space.

In addition, there is an option for fetching users’ email addresses on the header, which you can later use for email marketing. Post that, you have sections to give more information about your product or service and add testimonials. Overall the landing page is very visually appealing and provides the right set of functionalities needed for a startup. 

2. Shade – Landing Page From FinestDevs

Best Free HTML Landing Pages for 2022: Mobile Application Landing Page

According to Statista, over 3.48 Million mobile applications are available on Google Store alone. Imagine the market size for mobile apps. No wonder we have hundreds of mobile apps being released daily. However, the success of these apps depends on their functionality and, more importantly, on their marketing.

This is where this amazing landing page can be useful. It is completely tailor-made for promoting your mobile app and has app mockups in all the sections.

From a design point of view, the landing page uses vibrant gradients spread across white spaces. The first section is a clear call to action. Then there are various sections that you can use to market your mobile application. The landing page is free to download and very easy to set up.

3. DevBook – Landing Page by 3rdWaveMedia

Best Free HTML Landing Pages for 2022: Book Landing Page for Developers

If you are looking for a landing page to promote your latest book, then this landing page by DevBook can be very useful. Although simple in design, it comes loaded with all the right features that you will need to sell your book. White is the dominant color which makes the landing page look classy.

Mockups of books are used to make them visually appealing. A variety of design options are available for other sections. You can set up content like features of the book, selling points, testimonials about the author, newsletter subscriptions, and much more.

In addition, it comes integrated with Gumroad which allows you to set up the online book store on the landing page.

Authors Note:

  • Free To Use If you Include the Footer Attribution Link
  • For The Version With No Attribution, You’ll Have To Pay Around $20 For A Single License – Go Here To See Your Options

4. Atlas – Simple Business Landing Page

Best Free HTML Landing Pages for 2022: Simple Business Landing Page

As the name suggests, Atlas is indeed a neat and simple landing page suitable for businesses that want to very quickly set up their online presence. This landing page is good because it is very well designed. It also contains all the right sections needed to communicate about your business.

The header section comes with a nice hero image followed up by highly creative icons. The content of the demo page is already set up for SaaS companies, and if your brand falls in that category, you are in luck. You can use the template by just flowing your content and going live with the landing page.

5. Simple – A BootStrapDash Landing Page

Best Free HTML Landing Pages for 2022: SEO and Marketing Landing Page

There is a high demand for digital marketing agencies specializing in search engine optimization. Hence such agencies must have the right digital presence. The Simple landing page is highly suitable for this purpose.

It has a minimal and very functional design. The flat illustrations and line icons make the landing page look classy.

A good amount of animation and transitions are also used, and all of the effects combined to give the landing page a corporate feel, and the viewers would take the content seriously. It also has the option of creating more pages if you want to expand in the future to add more content or display portfolios or services in a detailed manner.

6. Snap – Bootstrap 4 Template For Startups & Agencies

Best Free HTML Landing Pages for 2022: Gaming Landing Page

Game developers do not need heavy-duty websites. Their online presence mainly communicates about the game and markets it further. Hence creating nice landing pages will work well for such game developers. This landing page is a modern and highly functional webpage.

The designer has kept white as the base color and added vibrancy through images icons and buttons. Depending on your game genre, you can tweak the background and the other design elements.

There are plenty of design options to set up the game-related content, be it in gameplay, awards, top features pricing, testimonials, or FAQs. The demo page has the content nicely set up, making it easy and quick for developers to deploy this landing page.

7. Quick – Free Bootstrap 4 Theme

Best Free HTML Landing Pages for 2022: Minimal Business Theme

It is interesting to see that many landing pages created a few years back are more relevant now, given they were ahead of their time in terms of their design. This landing page by Themehunt is one such example of an HTML landing page that is minimal and very neat in design.

It also uses bright flat colors, which gives the theme its much-needed vibrancy. The sections are well-partitioned, and there are various design options for developers to choose from.

You can mix and match these design elements to ensure that your brand’s content is covered on the web page. The theme is very quick to launch and set up, and its clean codes let you customize without too much effort. 

8. Yebo – Multipurpose Bootstrap Template

Best Free HTML Landing Pages for 2022: Automobile Landing Page

The Yebo multipurpose landing page is an ideal one-pager website that small business firms can use. The overall design is kept simple by using block structures. Each of these blocks contains different types of content. A slider at the top would have been better, but you can always add extra plugins to accommodate that.

The font style and composition match the theme and give the landing page a sophisticated look. The masonry grid layout, which alternates between images and text content, is hard to get and provides you an opportunity to showcase your products in a better way.

Although the demo page is for bicycles, you can use this theme for many other product-based websites. To use this template you must have Bootstrap coding knowledge.

9. Bootstrap Login Landing Page At BootStrapDash

Best Free HTML Landing Pages for 2022: Trending Login Landing Page

Having a separate landing page for login was a trend that was widely used initially when the API world was still evolving. However, many brands still prefer a screening page that allows the user to log in.

This landing page comes in two variants, and both are good. The first one is a classic full-page split-screen design. You can set up a good image or graphic with typography on the right and have the login function on the left along with other company details.

The other option is more like a popup screen and can be used to keep the design minimal and more functional. The landing pages are very easy to set up and customize to add your own branding. 

10. CleanLanding – Bootstrap Landing Page Template

Best Free HTML Landing Pages for 2022: Trending Login Landing PageMobile Application Clean Landing Page

The majority of these free HTML landing pages seen in this list have a minimal and neat look. This landing page by TemplateMag deviates slightly from this. The designers have a deliberate attempt to add extra colors to this landing page.

The base is kept simple, but with the use of bright images, big-size icons, and buttons, the webpage is made to look cool and quirky. You can always alter the icon’s size and styling as per need.

It comes loaded with the standard functions of other landing pages. The good part is that it is highly compatible with all mobile devices and browsers. You can check how it will look on different devices before choosing this theme.

11. Butterfly – Multipurpose Bootstrap Landing Page

Best Free HTML Landing Pages for 2022: Multipurpose Bootstrap Landing Page

If you are looking for a landing page loaded with content, this is a good option. The Butterfly landing page can serve as an alternative for a full fledge company website. It provides content design options for hero image setup, about the brand, services offered, team, gallery, and even testimonials.

You can get on this landing page whatever you may need for a company website. There are many extra features included in this theme, like number counters, logos, and galleries, which can further help in making the website more functional.

Because the landing page is so versatile, you can use it for almost any type of business.

12. Pilates & Yoga HTML5 Landing Page

Best Free HTML Landing Pages for 2022: Pilates & Yoga Landing Page

People have now become more aware of their health, especially due to the pandemic. With this, the importance of health centers like Pilates or Yoga studios has increased. These studios should make the most of the business opportunities by setting up a good online presence.

This landing page by Nicepage is very useful for fitness-related brands. The landing page is made with a lot of effort and looks visually very appealing. There are a variety of design options available for flowing the content, including blocks, images within the circle, icons, and a lot more.

Because the landing page is well-designed, it will give the website an exclusive feel. The template already has fitness-related images. You can also add to the images while changing the content.

13. Hiro Agency Landing Page

Best Free HTML Landing Pages for 2022: Hiring Agency Landing Page

Given the rising competition in the digital marketing space, agencies need to come up with really good self-branding so as to stand out from the rest. The Hiro Agency landing page can be a good enabler to help you achieve this.

One look at the landing page, and you will feel that the brand is something different. The theme does not try to do too many fancy things. Rather it offers the same features and functionality but designs them differently.

There is a slider option in the header section which you can use to display your products or your services. The section for listing down your services is also very creatively done.

Finally, there is an option to showcase your work and the agency team. This landing page is for those brands who want to keep their web presence minimal, stylish, and effective. 

14. Boxer: Software Landing Page Template

Best Free HTML Landing Pages for 2022: Software Landing Page

Having a fancy landing page for your brand is always a ‘good to have thing. But there may be times when you need to have an online presence in a few days and do not want to spend too much time building the landing page.

The Boxer landing page template can be very resourceful. It does not look visually as good as others in this list, but it is highly functional and to that point.

The demo page has content set up for a Software firm. But because of its simplicity, the landing page is versatile and can be used for almost all business forms. It includes content design for showcasing product features, pricing, and buying options.

If you are a developer, you may want to store this landing page as it is a good stop-gap arrangement for digital presence.

15. Consultancy Lite Landing Page

Best Free HTML Landing Pages for 2022: Consultancy Landing Page

This free HTML landing page will work well for all those who like flat illustrations and it’s tailormade to meet the requirements of consultants.

It has very nicely tried to deploy all the latest graphic design trends like illustrations, gradients, white backgrounds, minimal line icons, vibrant colors, and more. This is why this landing page will be very relevant today.

But the visual design is also very well supported by functionalities as the landing page comes loaded with the standard features to showcase your work, services, pricing, clients, and a lot more.

The demo page is very well set in terms of icons and images, and you can go live by just adding your branding and changing the text.


Landing pages are highly useful and still applicable today if you have a minimal but effective web presence. Because they are light on content, they can load quickly and open well on most mobile devices. This helps with scoring better in SEO. However, finding the right HTML landing page is not easy

We hope you found this list of the 15 best free HTML landing pages helpful for use in a variety of industries. For some additional freebies, 3rd Wave Media has put together a bunch of useful templates for web designers:

Recap of the best free HTML landing page templates:

  1. April – A Cruip Landing Template For Startups
  2. Shade – Landing Page From FinestDevs
  3. DevBook – Landing Page by 3rdWaveMedia
  4. Atlas – Simple Business Landing Page
  5. Simple – A BootStrapDash Landing Page
  6. Snap – Bootstrap 4 Template For Startups & Agencies
  7. Quick – Free Bootstrap 4 Theme
  8. Yebo – Multipurpose Bootstrap Template
  9. Bootstrap Login Page At BootStrapDash
  10. CleanLanding – Bootstrap Landing Page Template
  11. Butterfly – Multipurpose Bootstrap Landing Page
  12. Pilates & Yoga Landing Page
  13. Hiro Agency Landing Page
  14. Boxer: Software Landing Page
  15. Consultancy Landing Page
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