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20 Free Web Design Resources for Healthcare Designers

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The healthcare sector has been in the trend since the pandemic. People have a more realization of the vital importance of healthcare systems, doctors, nurses, and other support staff. This opens up new digital business avenues, and that is followed by more aggressive marketing.

Quickly finding the right mix of images, icons, vectors, illustrations, infographics, and templates used for web design and marketing professionals could bring a sense of relief, for designers, when gathered in one place. Overall though, having free graphic and web design resources for healthcare industry designers can have its challenges.

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Starting from social distancing, and wearing masks, to getting vaccinated, we are witnessing a lot of content being generated and consumed. In order to meet this spiraling content requirement, the creators have to move quickly to get the right resources for their clients and employers.

As mentioned, it can be a problem finding good quality design assets related to healthcare, and on top of that being free of cost. This blog post collates 20 amazing free design resources that healthcare designers and marketing professionals can use. 

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1. Doctor Stock Image

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Doctor Stock Image

The first asset on the list is something that is highly used – A free high-resolution stock image of a doctor holding stethoscope. The face of the doctor is not visible, and hence this photo can be used for any region by anyone. The doctor is folding his hands and standing in the standard doctor pose, which is exhibiting confidence. This standard image can be easily used for any medical or hospital-related design, be it posters, social media posts, website headers, or even for print-related designs.  

2. Modern Facebook Cover Image Template

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Modern Facebook Cover Image Template

With the rise of digital marketing, even medical professionals cannot help but establish their presence on the various social media handles. Be it a large general hospital or a multi-specialist clinic, or even a dentist, all of them have set up their Facebook pages and keep posting relevant information on them. Therefore, this modern Facebook cover image template can be very useful to them. Though the initial design has used blue and gray colors and has an image holder in it, designers can take this open file and customize it to change content and change the overall composition to make it more creative. 

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Medical Related Icons

Good quality icons are something that is needed irrespective of the sector. However, when it comes to the healthcare sector, most aspects are tangible and can be transformed into creative icons. This icon set has done exactly that. The icons are fully colored and use the color palette of red, blue, and yellow. It includes icons related to routine medical care, COVID19, and has many other types of equipment. Designers should add this to their collection as the icons can be used for digital marketing designs and even for websites.

4. Doctor Using Microscope

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Doctor Using Microsope

This is a well-photographed high-resolution image of a doctor working on a microscope. Because it shows a human being in some action, the photo is more usable. The image can be cropped and customized based on its application. From the use point of view, this image can supplement any medical-related image need. Be it for social media posts or printed brochures, or magazines. One good use of the image would be on websites. Designers always feel the shortage of such good high-resolution stock images when developing websites.

5. Doctor in Action Illustration Set

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Doctor Set

Moving away from stock images, we now have a vector-based doctor illustration set in action. As we can see from the image, the doctor uses his hands and mouth to explain something. This file is free to download from Freepik, and hence you can edit as per need. For example, you can change the doctor’s clothes’ color and add extra design elements and branding on them. The best use of the doctor set can be in designing explanatory posts or series where the doctor talks about a particular ailment or the precautions one should take.

6. Human Heart Posterior View

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Human Heart Posterior View

Human anatomy is a highly complicated subject, and the visual representation of the anatomy is all the more difficult. This image showcases the posterior view of the human heart. Using arrows, it explained all the parts of the heart. The good part is that the image has a transparent background, and hence it can be easily used over any other design or background. The heart image is very well detailed from a design perspective as we can clearly see the various parts. The color combination used is also good and makes the image more realistic.   

7. Corona Virus Image

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Corona Virus Image

The COVID19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. Hardly will there be any person who would not know about this virus. It took researchers a few months to finally figure out how the virus looked like. This image is the visual representation of the virus. The spikes are the protein spikes that help the virus stick to the hosts. This image is high in demand as it can be used on all designs related to COVID19. Because the background is white, designers can easily cut the image or even use the image over other colored designs or backgrounds. 

8. Health-Based Infographic Template

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Health-Based Infographic Template

As a designer, time and again, you will be asked to design a health-based infographic. The use of Infographics is on the rise as it lets you convey a lot of information in a single frame. This editable infographic template can make your life easy. It already contains a lot of medical-based design elements. The open file is free to download and use. The image even has the header content set for boosting the immune system, all you need to do is fill out the subheadings, and your brand style and design will be ready.  

9. Medical Background Template

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Medical Background Template

While complex design templates like infographics and illustration sets are highly useful, a good creative medical background is needed. This image is available for free download and is also editable. The background contains several medical-related elements. It also has a series of pentagons in the backdrop. You can expand your creativity and place medical-related icons on these pentagons. This will not only give the design a better visual appeal but also make it look highly customized. 

10. Injured Brown Bear

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Injured Brown Bear

Images have the ability to convey a lot of things without the use of words. For children, images can serve the role of an effective medium to communicate things. This is exactly what this image can do nicely. The image is a high-resolution photograph of a very cute brown bear who is injured. There are bandages on its head, leg, and chest. The overall visual feel of the bear looks as if it is sad and in pain. This image can be used for children’s design assets to convince them that if they do not heed the instructions, they can end up like this bear – bruised and sad.    

11. Medical Pills

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Medical Pills

Medicines are synonymous with healthcare. This image of many medicines lying on top of each other is a fine example of how to convey the importance of the medical field. The pills used for the image are colorful, and this makes this image more vibrant. The photograph has done an excellent job of capturing the image nicely. This versatile image can be used in multiple forms, be it social media posts, website headers, or as a background image to support other designs or text.   

12. Instagram Posts Template

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Instagram Posts Template

Just like Facebook, medical professionals are now working hard to establish a good brand positioning, even on Instagram. This includes posting regular information and educational content on their handle. This Instagram posts template is a highly useful resource for designers. It already contains a lot of medical-related elements like the illustration of a doctor, logo, icons, and background. All you have to do is add your branding, tweak the design and flow your content, and your Instagram posts will be ready in no time.

13. Thank You, Doctors and Nurses

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Thank You Doctors and Nurses

Throughout the pandemic, healthcare workers have been doing a tremendous job of helping people. It would be hard to imagine what would happen to the world without their effort that saved millions of lives. Even without the pandemic, they have been performing an excellent service, helping the sick. This high-resolution image pays homage to them and thanks them for their services. The image is a flat photograph containing a stethoscope, a human hand, heart cutouts, and a mask. You can customize the message by tweaking the text in the image.  

14. Medical Heart Logo Templates

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Medical Heart Logo Templates

Medical-based logos are simple to make and generally have a heart-shaped association with them. This free-to-download editable file contains multiple logo templates that designers can use to create a nice logo for medical professionals. The template contains ready-to-use nine logos which have hearts in them and are designed in a nice gradient of blue and green. Of course, you can always mix and match the design elements to create your unique logo or alter the color to make the logo more visually appealing.

15. Women Getting Vaccinated

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Women Getting Vaccinated

Another visual aspect of the COVID19 pandemic that is highly on demand is the vaccination part. Educational and awareness-based content related to vaccination is at an all-time high and is also highly effective in keeping up the momentum of the vaccine program. This high-resolution image is a very warm photograph of a cloured woman getting her vaccine. This photo can be easily used in all vaccine-related promotional design content.

16. Annual Report Template for Hospital

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Annual Report Template for Hospital

Even medical institutions need to create annual reports. Though their forte is not in the numbers, this is a mandate. This is where this editable template can be very useful. It contains the medical elements set in a nice modern design that uses blue and green color gradients. The free-to-download template contains the cover image, but this page’s elements can be easily used to create the inner pages. Overall it is an easy-to-use template that can help you create a visually appealing annual report.

17. Human Body Parts Numbered

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Human Body Parts Numbered

Designers many times come across projects that are more education-based healthcare projects and need to design content accordingly. This image can serve as a boon for designers working on such projects. The image shows the body of a man and a woman with all the major body parts numbered. The good part is that the image has a transparent background, and hence you can use it without hassle on any type of background.  

18. Medical Website Header

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Medical Website Header

Over the last few years, more and more medical professionals have set up a robust digital presence. And one requirement of this presence is a quality, user-friendly website. This editable template showcases one such website header. The yellow gradient used is very pleasing to the eye and also catchy. In addition, professional medical illustrations are used to convey the message. As a designer, you can use this template to develop the entire medical website using the elements and brand style. 

19. Operation Theatre Setup

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Operation Theatre Setup

Operation theatres can be scary, but this high-resolution image displays a standard setup and make us more comfortable with it. The image has nicely captured almost all the elements of a routine operation environment, including the specialized bed, lights, monitors, medical equipment, and more. You can easily use this image for the website to showcase infrastructure. Or it can be used as a stock image for digital or print use. 

20. Instagram Stories Template

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers: Instagram Stories Template

Apart from Instagram stories, medical professionals are also posting Instagram stories. These stories carry content that is educational, informative, and contains passive branding. To help designers create such stories, we have included an Instagram stories template in the list. The design is editable and free to download. It contains several medical-related elements. The font style is highly professional, and the composition is also ready to post. All you need to do is personalize it with your branding.


The above-listed items carry a wide range of free healthcare design assets, and hence it will be useful for all designers to bookmark this blog. When you need a quick reference you’ll know where to go. You can also share it with your fellow designers as they too might find these resources highly useful. 

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