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25 Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers

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With the Christmas season around the corner, designers will be flooded with work related to the festive season. Starting from social media posts to promotional banners to greeting cards and more, designers will be working on various creatives. At the same time, because so much content on Christmas will be generated, designers will have to come up with something fresh and creative so that their content stands out.

The quality of work that designers can produce largely depends on the resources they can get. Every one of them would be searching through the internet in the quest of finding new, lesser-used design assets that they can adopt into their design. To help designers in this search, this blog collates some highly creative free Christmas design assets that designers can use. This includes stock high-resolution photographs, editable vectors, icon sets, backgrounds, and a lot more.

1. Merry Christmas Podium Setup

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Merry Christmas Podium Setup

One of the biggest requirements in terms of design assets will be for good quality social media posts and promotional banners. This free-to-download editable file will be very helpful in that. In addition, the design includes a well-set podium in a red background with a Christmas tree and other decorations around the podium. As a designer, you can quickly adopt this setting by putting your product on the podium and including the details about the offer or sale.

2. Person Holding Brown Gift Box

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Person Holding Brown Gift Box

Gifting is an important aspect of Christmas and the festive season. Keeping that in mind, many brands and businesses keep offering special gift offers, and designers need to come up with good creatives to communicate that. This high-resolution image shows a person holding a brown gift box. There is Christmas decor on the table, which sets the festive mood. This image can be used for social media posts, website banners, or background images.

3. Merry Christmas Festival Banner

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Merry Christmas Festival Banner

Brands get very active on social media during the festive time. Irrespective of their business and audience, they need to put up content related to Christmas. This festive banner can be a huge help in that. The editable file is free to download, and that helps the designers to readjust the design as per need or customize the banner with their own branding. Even without that, the banner looks visually appealing in the violet gradient background and Merry Christmas typography. 

4. Red and Green Mistletoe Decoration

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Red and Green Mistletoe Decoration

A trend that is being observed lately in digital marketing is reducing the use of vectors and using more for real images. This may be because real photographs provide a better connection with the audience. This high-resolution photograph shows Christmas tree decorations of red and green mistletoe. There is a lot of blank space on the left side of the image. Designers can use this space to put their message or add other graphic elements and customize as per need.

5. Merry Christmas Lettering Badge

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Merry Christmas Lettering Badge

Apart from backgrounds, designers are also on the lookout for good typography compositions for Christmas. This free vector file comes with a set of really good six lettering badges. Each one of them has Christmas wishes on them but has a different layout scheme and design. Because you get the editable file, you can quickly pick any one of these and use it in your creatives. Although the colors are of Christmas style, you still have the option of changing the colors or adding/editing the decor elements along with it.

6. Christmas Table Cloth Image

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Christmas Table Cloth Image

The Christmas season also means an important marketing time for the food-related business. Bigger brands and even home bakers want to maximize this opportunity by showcasing festive-related products. This image can be used nicely as the background image to showcase their products. It already has the festive mood set in it using Christmas trees, Santa Claus socks, and other elements. In addition, there is ample empty space in the image, which can let you add your product at ease.

7. Christmas Sticker Collection

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Christmas Sticker Collection

Stickers can be very useful in bringing in the Christmas mood. This collection includes six stickers, each representing different aspects of Christmas, starting from the Santa Claus to penguins, bears, snowman, and elves. Because the editable file is free to download, you can use the stickers as it is individually and send them for printing. Even otherwise, you can play around with the designs of the stickers by altering their colors or adding your own branding to them.   

8. Christmas Board Decor

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Christmas Board Decors

This is yet another good image that has Christmas decorations on the borders and plenty of empty space in the middle. The image showcases a variety of Christmas-related elements lying on a wooden table. Because the photograph has been nicely edited, the image can also be used as a vector background. You can utilize the empty space in the middle. Adding nice typography or a graphic in the middle would be a nice idea to support your Christmas message. 

9. Christmas Icons Vector Set

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Christmas Icons Vector Set

Icons depicting Christmas elements are going to be high in demand. Designers need them to create social media posts or to redecorate their websites. This icon set is free to download and offers 24 high-quality icons related to Christmas. Once you download, you will get the icons in PSD, AI, EPC, and PNG versions. You can use them as per need. With such open files in hand, you can also tweak the icons to match the colors scheme of your design.

10. Christmas Party Invitation Template

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Christmas Party Invitation Template

Are you planning to host a Christmas party and need to send out the invitation? Then we also have a creative Christmas invitation template for you. The open file is available free to download and edit. The design of the invitation is neat and clean. With a strong green colors background, there is Christmas decoration on the edges. There is nice typography of Merry Christmas in the middle, and below that, the party details are shared. You need to just flow your content in this part, and your party invitation will be ready in no time.

11. Miniature Christmas Trees Photo

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Miniature Christmas Trees

It is good to see that there are creative stock photos also available for designers to use. This high-resolution image showcases three Christmas trees put adjacent to each other. There is a snow effect created as well. The background is neat and clean, and expandable. As a designer, you can do a lot with this image. You can add your content and branding in the dead space, or you can use the image as a background image for the website. 

12. Christmas Tree Card

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers:. Christmas Tree Card

While most designers would be using the standard Christmas tree vectors and figures, you can get creative by using this abstract version of a Christmas tree. Starting with a star on the top, a ribbon is run down, supported by various sizes. The resulting image looks like a highly creative abstract version of the Christmas tree. You can use this image as it is or extract out the tree design, alter its color and implement that in your design.

13. Christmas Black Board

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Christmas Black Board

Continuing with the trend of using stock photos for designs, we have included this amazing high-resolution photo in the list. There is a shiny blackboard right in the middle of the image that can be used to convey your message. This message can be a simple festive greeting or about the promotional offer your brand is giving. The rest of the image is filled with Christmas-related decoration items.

14. Christmas Greeting Cards

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Christmas Greeting Cards

Apart from digital media, designers will also need to work on print-related work such as greeting cards. This is where this set of greeting cards can be helpful. The open files are free to download, and you will get a collection of six beautiful greeting cards. The cards are built through the typography of the festive greeting and are supported by the elements. The font and color scheme make the greeting cards look playful and cool.

15. Santa Claus Illustration Set

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Santa Claus Illustration Set

Christmas would be incomplete without Santa Claus, and the same is the case with Christmas designs. Time and again, designers would feel the need to add the Santa to their design in some form or the other. This free-to-use illustration set has a playful Santa performing various actions. Because you can edit the elements, you can easily alter the actions of the Santa, mix it with other design elements and come up with a whole new design. 

16. Family Decorating Christmas Tree

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Family Decorating Christmas Tree

This image is one of the most beautiful Christmas-related stock images you will encounter on the internet. It has all the elements of Christmas in it. There is a Christmas tree, which a nice family is decorating. A small kid is setting up the start on the tree, and gifts are lying around near the tree. For designers, this is a must-have image as they can use this image in multiple ways.

17. Christmas Simple Pattern Backgrounds

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Christmas Simple Pattern Backgrounds

Christmas is synonymous with gifting. But gifts that are not properly gift-wrapped do not look good. In order to add to the festive element of the gifting, this image provides a variety of gift paper designs. Presently it gives three options in green, red, and cream. There are Christmas-related elements sprinkled on them. Because designers will have access to the open files, they can tweak the design as per their needs.

18. Multiple Gifts Photograph

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Multiple Gifts Photograph

Giveaways and sales are common at Christmas. Designers will be flooded with requests to create graphics for this purpose. This high-resolution image can prove to be a boon at that time. The image showcases different sizes and types of boxes in the foreground. The background is made of red cloth, and the entire image is well lit from the side. You can easily use the vast empty space at the top to add content and branding related to your design.

19. 3D Christmas Icons Set

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: 3D Christmas Icons Set

3D illustrations, one more trend that is prevalent in graphic designing is 3D icons. This set has an amazing collection of 3D icons related to Christmas. This includes the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Socks, cap, postcards, and a lot more. You can get the editable file of this for free. Hence you can use these icons to accentuate the visual feel of your design. 

20. Hand Drawn Christmas Pattern Backgrounds

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Hand Drawn Christmas Pattern Backgrounds

Either for gift-wrapping or for using a background image in designs, these Christmas patterns can be of huge help. The good part is that they are hand-drawn, and this makes them unique. Presently, you get three designs coming in green, blue, and lime which have a variety of Christmas-related elements set up in them. As you get the editable file, you can work on changing the base colors or mix and match the elements to create your own pattern.

21. Christmas Decorations at Home

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Christmas Decorations at Home

This image is a perfect setting of what Christmas celebrations at a routine home would look like. It has the standard size Christmas tree along with a well-decorated fireplace. We can see the socks hanging with gifts inside them and various figures like Santa Claus on the top. This high-resolution image is free to download, and designers can use them as a background image for websites or social media posts.

22. Merry Christmas Card Template

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Merry Christmas Card Template

Even though sending physical greeting cards during Christmas has gone out of fashion, some continue this practice. This well-designed Christmas card can serve well for them. The card has a Christmas tree made out of various festive elements. The base color is a gradient of blue. But because you get the editable file, you can change the colors to fit your liking. 

23. Santa With Laptop

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Santa With Laptop

A modern Santa! This Santa is sitting with his laptop and figuring out the gifting list. A fun and cool stock image, this one can be used in a variety of mediums. There are gifts besides Santa, who looks a bit confused and old. Designers can very well use this image for their social media posts wherein they integrate the concept of brands delivering gifts to people.

24. Boy with Santa Claus

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Boy with Santa Claus

Not all Santa’s look confused. This Santa Claus is having a jolly good time interacting with kids. We can see him in a very standard Santa attire in a mall or a public place and talking with a kid who has just presented his list for gifts to him. A nice warm image can be used for websites or events and promotional posts related to Christmas.

25. Christmas Element Vector Set

Best Free Christmas Design Assets for Designers: Christmas Element Vector Set

The final one on the list is the most exhaustive one. This is a collection of all possible Christmas elements in one file. You can get the editable version of this file for free and hence can extract each of the elements and use them as per need. The elements include Santa Claus, Christmas Tree, gifts, snowmen, socks, and almost everything related to the festive mood of Christmas.

Finding the right set of design assets is always a problem for designers. Hence it is best that bookmark such resource-rich blogs. All of the above design assets are free to download and use and hence can help make the life of designers very easy. 

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