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Resumes are very important because they represent your professional abilities, education, and qualification. A creative Resume / CV is very helpful for getting the recruiters’ attention.  The first impression is always the most important so a great and attractive resume is definitely a plus.

In this post, you’ll find 10 creative free resume templates that are free and in PSD formats and which will surely help you get the job you desire.

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Cascade Resume Template

Most web design pros want to show how great they are with graphics as soon as possible… and jump the shark by opting for a graphics-heavy resume template. But you won’t. Sure, first impressions matter. Go too hard on the design, however, and almost 30% of recruiters will kill your application dead on arrival. Go with the Cascade resume template, the sleek resume layout by Uptowork. It’s modern, it’s professional, and Jakob Nielsen would high-five its usability.


Free Creative Resume Template

Designing your resume can be a little bit tricky sometimes but with the right inspiration, the result could be really creative and present you and your experience in a much more personalized way. This first example is a modern resume template with a bold design and great visual impact. It is provided in a black and white version for printing. This free resume template uses huge typography, shapes that look like comment boxes, and colors in a very creative way. It has boldness in its design and visual impact in the layout.

Creative Resume Template Pin

Self Promotion resume

If you did not find the previous example your type of resume then you might want to have a look at this one. This self-promotion free resume template is a modern and creative template that impresses you as keep on scrolling. It focuses on presenting all of Paolo Pettigiani’s  interests, hobbies, and data in a creative way that also expresses a bit of his personality. Check it this curriculum vitae or get inspired to make the perfect one for yourself!

Self Promotion creative resume templates Pin

Creative resume / CV PSD template

If you’re looking for something different, this creative resume idea could be a great source of inspiration. The free template PSD is provided in 2 color variations, in ready for print formats. The basis of the design is to creatively put forward your resume details in a modern way for both readability and legibility. The resume file comes in fully layered PSD format making it easy for to customise it to best fit your personality. The size of the resume template is 8.5×11 with 0.125 bleed in CMYK for printing purpose.

Creative resume / CV PSD template Pin


Cvio is one of the best templates for creating a classical resume webpage. It has a dark and elegant design that has the potential of capturing everyone’s attention.  It comes with ten color schemes, contact forms and six different portfolio layouts to choose from.

Cvio Portfolio Template Pin

Free Programmer Resume Template

If you’re looking for a neat and clean resume example this one will come to your rescue. This free resume template contains 4 main sections, colored graphical elements, and a profile picture. It’s perfect for programming and web industries. The package contains an original editable Microsoft Word file format and a  .JPEG image for preview

Programmer Resume Template Pin

One Page Resume Template

Check out this one page free resume example. This template has a beautiful bar graph for your skills and an eye-catching pie-chart of work experiences.  These great visuals express skills in a creative way and they can really be a source of inspiration for your resume. And if you liked this example, you’ll be happy to know that you can also download the free vector template. Check it out, play with colors and see what comes out as a result.

One Page Resume Template Pin

Professional One Page Resume

Professional One Page Resume is a free CV / Resume template in PSD file, perfect to advertise your skills, your personality, and your experience. The template is clean and completely editable in photoshop. It also comes with seven color variations, so make sure you choose the perfect one for you.

Professional One Page Resume Pin

 HTML FREE Resume Template

This is a free HTML resume template in 5 color options: blue, brown, green, purple, red all of which are free to use. You only have to make sure you use the color that best suits you and your personality before using it. It has a really nice and minimalist design with a clipboard concept which will leave a good first-impression to anyone, not just your employer.

HTML Resume Template Pin

One Page Free Resume Template

If what you’re looking for is a simple example of a resume template then you might want to have a look at this particular example. This clean free one-page resume template is a free PSD template that is very easy to customize and comes in a package with 6 different colors to choose from. You can use bold colors or a much more paler palette, it all depends on you but make sure it represents you and your personality!

One Page Resume Template Pin

Creative Digital Resume

Last but not least. this is a clean and modern online resume template that might come in handy one day. It is free for both personal and commercial use. If this is the template you’ve been looking for then I have good news: you can download the fully editable PSD files to customise it as you please.

Creative Digital Resume Pin

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  1. The creative / professional one looks really nice! Any recommendations on finding more with the percentage bars / pie charts for skills?

  2. These are some great looking resumes. I must say that whenever i was applying for a job in the past I never even thought to add in this much graphic niceness! Do you find that highly graphical resumes are readily accepted by employers? (i know in the UK, a lot of employment agencies wont even accept them!)

    ‘Unfortunately’ ive just started my own company, so hopefully wont need a resume anytime soon, but i can still see some ideas from these being useful when trying to spruce up any sort of documentation, wether it be a cient proposal or a resume.


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