10 Common Website Navigation Mistakes To Avoid In 2022

Mistakes Not to Make in Website Navigation

Website navigation best practices are one of the most overlooked aspects of website development. All developers get so occupied with ensuring fancy functionalities and pixel-perfect stock images that they forget about website navigation. Yet, website navigation is one of the most critical (UX) user experience components. As the term suggests, it helps the user easily … Read more

20 Free Web Design Resources for Healthcare Designers

Free Design Assets for Healthcare Designers

The healthcare sector has been in the trend since the pandemic. People have a more realization of the vital importance of healthcare systems, doctors, nurses, and other support staff. This opens up new digital business avenues, and that is followed by more aggressive marketing. Quickly finding the right mix of images, icons, vectors, illustrations, infographics, … Read more

Web Design on Online Gambling Sites

Gambling has never been more popular with online sites where you can spend and win money at an all-time high. With so much competition and so many different bonuses, offers, and various games, it’s not an easy market to break in. So with that, what are the core web design differences that different casino sites … Read more

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