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Christmas and the holiday season are often the time of the year where people spend the most amount of money. So if your outgoings overtake your freelance in-comings, then you may need to take a look at re-branding your business for the holiday season. Here is WebdesignDev’s short guide on how freelancers can make a bit of extra money on the side during the holiday season when times are tough on the wallet.

If you have any other ways freelancers / web designers can make money during the holiday season, please feel free to share it with a comment. Thanks!

Offer A Logo Updating Service

Many websites change their logo for a certain period of time to adopt the festive feel on their website. Google do this for every special occasion, but you will find so many websites that will want to update their logo for this season. So get in there and offer your services to them!


Special Rates For The Season

As its that time of year, and everything is on sale, why not offer special prices on your design services? Maybe not as such as buy one design get one free, but maybe buy 2 web designs for $x amount, or buy a web design get 25% of hosting for the year.

Design An eCard For Companies

Many companies will be sending an eCard to their clients, so why not offer your amazing skills to design eCards. eCards are becoming more and more popular around Christmas time as the internet grows. They are a cheap and hassle free way of saying happy Christmas, and companies need a good design for their clients.

Sell Festive Icons / Vectors

You could maybe create a festive icon pack and sell it on many different stock websites such as graphicriver and istockphoto. Think about how many Cards / redesigns / adverts are made around the festive season. You could earn quite a bit of money from selling stock designs.


Design Party Invites

Around Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Years (especially new years) people are going to be having parties. You could offer a service to design and print a set of festive styled party invitations to fit the desired occasion.

Design Festive Related Backgrounds

Freelancers could offer a service to design festive styled website backgrounds to give the website a new look for the festive period. Many websites do this weather its a simple design or totally overboard, many businesses will be needing these services.

Re-brand Signs & Adverts

Many if not all companies will be looking to bring in alot of money around the festive season, so they will be needing to redesign their advertising campaigns. You could maybe offer a service to design new adverts for black Friday, boxing day, January sales etc.


Design Christmas Cards

Millions and Millions of Christmas cards are purchased and sent to friends, family and relatives during the holiday season. There are so many different designs, so why not offer a custom Christmas card design service.

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  1. I like the idea of rebranding – once you do one for Christmas, and assuming its successful, there should be openings for other special days.

  2. These 8 freelancing ways are very useful and in future i will use all of them as well!so thanks for sharing such information with us!

  3. Nice post.
    Many companies have microsites or special landingpages around the festive season. You could offer a service to design/develop those too.


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