3dcart eCommerce Platform – REVIEW

Today, we will be looking at 3dcart, one of the longest-running eCommerce platforms in the industry. Since its launch in 2000, businesses of all sizes have powered their online stores with this software. It now comes bundled with dozens of essential or otherwise invaluable tools for building and optimizing a shopping site. Let’s look over … Read more

UserWay Review: Does This Free Plugin Really Gets the Job Done?

The Userway accessibility plugin is a free web accessibility solution designed to make the interaction of people with disabilities easier on websites. This plugin is actually “software” installed on browsers and interact directly on client’s devices. Userway can be implemented quickly on any website and necessary adjustments can be made without incurring expenses. However as … Read more

accessiBe Review: Web Accessibility Tool to Help Websites Get WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 Compliant

Web Accessibility is a huge deal nowadays, especially for people in the USA. People with disabilities can’t access the internet like normal people can. Depending on the They need special monitors, mouse, speakers, website elements, special contrast and many more things. For these reasons and more, the Department of Justice has created two important acts, … Read more

15 Brand-tastic Book Cover Designs

blackish city

Design is everywhere. It’s in your room, your house, the streets, billboards, stores, even your car. It’s no surprise that a gargantuan amount of the design industry is all over book stores. Book cover designs can range from illustrations, to digitally created designs, all of which are important for the author or publishing agency’s brand. When any author releases a series of books, it’s imperative that the design on the book cover is interesting, unique, and will get picked up and bought when the beautiful design on the cover and the ideas and stories in the pages of the book work together to ultimately sell as many books as possible. Today, we will discover 15 brand-tastic book cover designs, and realize why they work and are successful.

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