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23 Clever Social Network Designs To Inspire You

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Have you ever thought about creating social network designs? Maybe you’ll have a great, unique idea and start the next Facebook or Twitter! Or, you simply want to get some inspiration for your current project by looking at awesome designs for well-known social networks.

The Internet is constantly changing and people want new stuff every day. Take advantage of the situation, brainstorm, and come up with an awesome social network design!

To make things easier for you and to give you a nice dose of design inspiration, we decided to share with you 23 awesome social network designs created by some very talented designers.

These social network designs showcased in this list are either redesigns of popular social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Youtube, actual designs of these world-known networks (Ex. Soundcloud, Behance, etc.) created as layered Photoshop files, or just innovations, new and creative social media network ideas.

Here they are! Which one of these cool designs do you like most? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share.

Mondo Concept UI Experiment

Mondo Concept UI Experiment Social Network Designs

This is a UI experiment that might inspire you in your next project. It has a clean and minimalist design. This UI concept can grab people’s attention through the modern and functional interface design, and most especially, through that cute illustration.

Amazon.com Redesign

Amazon Social Network Designs

This is an Amazon redesign concept that proposes a whole different way of shopping on Amazon. Looks quite interesting and you’ll surely get inspired by it. Whether this is better than the actual design or not, we’ll let you decide.

Linkedin Redesign Concept on Behance

LinkedIn Redesign Social Network Designs

This redesign concept proposes a clean Home Page. The first thing you’ll notice is the flat design in the header that also contains huge typography. Is it better than the original LinkedIn design? Let us know in the comments below.

Gran Turismo 6 Live Build

Gran Turismo Social Network Designs

This Gran Turismo 6 Live Build is bold and uses a dark design layout. The background image is a great touch.

Soundcloud 2

Soundcloud Social Network Designs

This is a SoundCloud concept that proposes an elegant design. This example keeps it simple and focuses on the music. It uses a simple abstract purple background and neatly designed elements.

Krow – Concept

Krow Social Network Designs

The Krow design concept is also inspiring. It has a modern and functional design and it is an example worth following in future projects.

21 Degrees

21 Degrees Social Network Designs

21 Degrees is colorful and focuses on a modular grid layout. This example mixes colors, illustrations, and typography in a clean and creative way.

Behance Flat

Behance Flat Social Network Designs

This Behance design focuses on a flat design and a modular grid layout. This example is elegant and focuses on the small details such as the background illustration behind the first horizontal band or the light blue highlights. What do you think about this redesign concept for Behance?

Social network

Social network by Eduard - Dribbble

This Social Network design is neat and clean and mixes a simple white background with bright blue graphics and huge images. This example can be a great source of inspiration.

Facebook – Redesign of UI details

Facebook Social Network Designs

This is a really cool Facebook UI design. This example looks modern and functional. The Homepage proposes a different way of posting and seeing what other people have posted.

Instagram Concept

Instagram Concept Social Network Designs

This Instagram Concept is very elegant and presents the iconic photo format on 2 equal rows. The user’s image is round, the background is gray and the menu bar has a dark layout with blue details.

Social Network App

Social Network App by Ramotion - Dribbble

This example proposes a Social Network App design concept. It has a modern and eye-catching design. Some of the details this social network has are bright blue and they look great on that white background. The thumbnail photos’ proportion is well chosen and blends in perfectly.

Interface design

interface design Social Network Designs

This is a really cool interface design. This example proposes a unique and creative design for a dashboard’s interface. The background is simple and light grey which makes the graphs and charts stand out.

Material Facebook Bro

Material Facebook Bro is yet another cool design concept for Facebook. This one proposes an elegant solution that presents the user’s profile nicely. The options bar is partly positioned over the cover image and the user’s profile photo is round. The name and nickname are written with white typography directly on the cover photo.

Spotify – list

Spotify Social Network Designs

This example proposes a design concept for Spotify. It keeps it simple and clean and uses a light gray background on which the designer placed content. Some of the details and buttons in this design are green.

Dribbble Redesign Full

Dribbble Redesign Full

This designer was bold and proposed a redesign concept for  Dribbble and the user profile page. In this example, you will see an elegant way of viewing the user’s creations.

Facebook Re-Design

Facebook Re Design

If you’re up for more Facebook redesign concept here’s another cool one. This one has a darker layout but keeps the blue menu bar and details.

Social Network

Social Network by Renat Muratshin - Dribbble

This design concept is a Social Network app. It has a clean and minimalist design. This example plays with creativity and the way the user’s information and content are presented to the public. On the profile page, users can add their own photo that looks more like a cover on which the name is overlayed. It is followed by a short horizontal band of information and a grid gallery.


Profile Social Network Designs

This is yet another modern and functional design concept for a profile page.

Dating platform

Dating platform

This example is a dating platform. It looks great and it even has a world map that pinpoints your match’s location!

League Home

League Home Social Network Designs

League Home is perfect for a profile page. It has a minimalist design and it will definitely inspire you in your next project.

VK Redesign

VK Redesign by Pavel Knyazev - Dribbble

This redesign concept is also nice. It keeps the blue menu bar and changes it into the designer’s unique view of it. The profile page looks like it’s divided in half and uses 2 different backgrounds.

My Followers

My Followers Social Network Designs

Last but not least, My Followers is a really cool social network design concept. It is elegant and functional and it can definitely grab people’s attention.


Now that you had a chance to browse through some amazing social media design concepts, do you feel like you’ve been inspired to start your own design? We hope so and please let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are and what your next steps will be. Happy Designing!

Iggy is an entrepreneur, blogger, and designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design fonts, themes, plugins, inspiration, and more. You can follow him on Twitter

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  1. Fabulous collection of social network website concepts, i like all the web site concepts and redesigns of popular social networks. Especially the Facebook redesign. Its awesome, tons of thanks for collecting these conceptual designs. Keep going.


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