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22 Smart and Creative Ideas To Inspire Your Designs

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As an artist and designer, you can find inspiration almost anywhere! You should always keep an open mind and look for new creativity sources, so you will always be inspired ad ready to create beautiful works.

Whether you’re reading a book, browsing a magazine or even checking out photography or architecture, inspiration can hit you when you least expect it to. That is why we decided to showcase here in this list, 22 smart and creative ideas you’ll definitely want to bookmark!

What’s so special about these designs? Well, first of all, they have unique concepts, look great and are easy to remember!

You will find here lots of smart and creative ideas such as ads, DIY projects, guerrilla marketing ideas, product design projects, awesome objects, and more!

The ads will inspire you to find new ways of catching people’s attention and the innovative object designs, such as the flexible bike, cute USB sticks, earbud holder and extension cord, will give you some creative ideas on how to showcase your work in order to make it more appealing to a client.

Here they are! Let us know in the comment section below, which one of these 22 smart and creative ideas did you like most, and which ones of these did you bookmark?

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Bike City

Bike Creative Ideas

The bike city ad concept is quite creative and inspiring. It’s not easy to come up with a powerful idea and expressing it in a simple yet creative way, like in this example.

Koleston natural hair ad

Koleston Creative Ideas ad

This ad for natural hair is very clever! It is a banner with a cut-out shape of a woman’s hair through which you can see the sunset.


Seiko Creative Ideas

You would probably wake up instantly if this was your alarm clock!


windex ads Creative Ideas

This ad is for a window cleaning product and it’s quite creative. It can definitely put a smile on one’s face.

How to use old objects to make some interesting stuff

Get creative and use your old objects into DIY projects. See what comes up and post it online so that it inspires other people as well.

Fat Fat Fit – Gold’s Gym

 ads Creative Gym

This ad will definitely make you renew that gym card. This poster is simple yet effective.

WMF Knives

WMF Knives ads Creative

The WMF knives can cut anything and that’s exactly what their ad suggests.

IBM Turns Its Ads Into Useful Urban Furniture

IBM ads Creative

This ad turns into urban furniture. How cool and creative is that? Let’s all open our eyes to creativity and explore different ways of integrating design into our life.

Nothing can replace a tree

Design Journal ads Creative

I think we can all agree that nothing can replace a tree. This is the exact message that this powerful ad is trying to send. A pillar that leaves behind a tree’s shadow sends a powerful message

Fiskars scissors

Fiskars ads Creative

These scissors can also cut through anything, even other scissors! What a cool concept!

Wine hamper

wine ads Creative

This wine hamper looks great and elegant and you’ll definitely want to have it!

Bike that wraps around

bike ads Creative

How would it be if you never had to lock your bike to a fence? Well, apparently this bike can wrap itself!

Make anything into a nice vase

 ads Creative vase

Check out some really nice ideas of how you can turn anything into a pretty vase and start putting what you’ve learned to practice.

Stencil chair

stencil ads Creative

Having a lot of old furniture and you can’t get to sell it? The best thing you can do is change their appearance and this is a really nice way to do so.

Display it like we say it clock

display ads Creative

“Display it like we say so” is actually quite a brilliant idea! This clock uses words instead of numbers and light out the exact ones to tell the time.


DESIGN ads Creative

Do you also have a design fetish? If yes then you probably love how these USBs look like. Go ahead and design your own unique USB drive or find out where to order these!

DIY handmade clay pots

DIY ads Creative

This is yet another cool DIY idea for your plants. Go ahead and get inspired to make your own clay pots for you and your succulents.

Book lamp

book lamp ads Creative

This is a classic DIY project that integrated books and it is lovely. Check it out and give those old books a new purpose!

Built-in Wall Extension Cord

Built in Wall Extension Cord

Who wouldn’t need this in their home? This ad proposes a built-in wall extension cord.

The Comfy Cone

The Comfy Cone ads Creative

We all like our comfy zone but this dog adores it and you will not get it out of the bed anytime soon.

Polaroid Photo Planter

Polaroid Planter

This Polaroid photo planter looks great and it will look even better on your porch.

Wood Earbud Holder

Wood Earbud Holder

This wood earbud holder can come in really handy and you’ll probably stop losing your headphones all the time.

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