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Need some great typography inspiration? Don’t worry, this post will give you a huge dose of design inspiration and will help you get new ideas for your future designs! We selected 20 extremely creative typography projects, made by some very talented designers. These projects are not only mastering the art of typography, but they are also a huge inspiration for graphic designers worldwide.

Which one of these great, creative typography projects do you like most and why?

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This Indian Summer

This belongs to a fashion clothing brand created by Francesca Ferger. The typography used for her logo and overall brand is really nice.

This Indian Summer


This is a very creative 3D typography project with a funny message!


The harder I work, the luckier I get

This is a personal project created by the designer who was experimenting with different 3D lettering techniques. It features the quote from Sam Goldwyn: “the harder i work the luckier i get”.

the harder I work, the luckier I get

Handwritten Fonts

This is a collection of favorite free handwritten fonts. Perfect for sending a “You’re amazing”, “Thank you”, or “I love you” note anytime. It’s actually free to download too!

Handwritten Fonts

If you stretch a font somewhere a designer cries

This is a great personal project created by a very talented designer which includes some funny designer situations translated into text and typography posters.

Hey man! Did you know that every time you stretch a font somewhere a designer cries

I’m from the 90’s

This is a 90’s tribute created by this designer as a personal project. The graphics and color choice is very interesting. Also the concept is really nice.

I'm from the 90's


This is an awesome street sign idea for a vintage/retro business. The typography is also very well chosen.

hand book


This is a pretty amazing Washington Post cover created by a group of very talented designers. Both typography and graphic effects are amazing!


A pint of beer a day

A pint of beer a day. Keeps the doctor away. – This poster design can be actually bought. It has a very nice quality and the way it is created is really inspirational for graphic and print designers.

A pint of beer a day

Nice ‘n’ spicy

Check out these oil can packaging designs for Italian restaurant chain Zizzi. The patterns used are pretty amazing too and the typography has a retro/vintage effect.

nice 'n' spicy

Like coffee and donuts

This lovely poster has a nice message too. Both typography and graphic elements are very well chosen and crafted.

like coffee and donuts

Angry letters

This handmade font and overall gradient effect is pretty amazing. Hope it will inspire you to create your own awesome fonts!

Angry letters

Hindi Typography

Hindi is written in Devanagari alphabet and draws vocabulary from Sanskrit. This is a Hindi typographic composition used by Indian Printer & Publisher magazine.

Hindi Typography

London Typography

Here you’ll find some pretty awesome book cover designs. Check them all out! They will surely inspire you to create beautiful book covers for either you or your future clients. London Typography

 Typography, photography, graphic design, creative, color

Create a portrait using typography! This is a great typography project which hopefully will inspire you to create your own version of it.

Typography, photography, graphic design, creative, color


Play with fonts and graphics, this is exactly what this cool project does. This is very inspirational for all graphic designers out there.


This season’s must have holiday gifts: food and water

This website gives you some amazing inspiration sources for creatives. This page in particular will show you the best and most beautiful lettering projects in the world!

this season's must have holiday gifts food and water

 Cake typography

Do you have to design a cookbook? Then you will definitely need to take a look at this beautiful project.

cake typography

 Find Your Anchor

This is a personal typographic exploration created by David McLeod. The details in this project are amazing! Check them out!

Find Your Anchor

 Gold Digger

This designer has decided to do his own rendition of “Gold Digger” by Kanye West in collaboration with Jamie Fox as lettering exercise to work on an image with an aspect of solid metal.

Gold Digger

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