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Client feedback that requires modifications that your current coding skills cannot handle. Small changes that take hours to make. Low quality demos that makes your website look like dozens of others. These situations are discouraging and a source of frustrations.

To reduce the number of difficult situations you might encounter in the future, you should use a WordPress theme specifically designed with the creative web designer in mind.


You need the mindset and skills, plus an extremely flexible WordPress theme, to create cool portfolios like this one. Get inspired by this showcase of websites for creatives.

What must a WordPress theme offer to boost your creative freedom?

To make the most of your creative web design skills you need tools that do not limit your creativity.

No matter how creative you are, you can’t use Paint to design and build a landing page. What you can, and should use, is a WP theme that supports the idea that, if you can think of it, you can build it.  And that WP theme is Uncode.


Visit Uncode’s impressive showcase of websites.  And discover for yourself, that, if you can think of it, this theme will help you build it.

With a super-flexible theme to help and guide you, you can turn out any number of websites. Each of which is in its own way unique. Uncode’s concepts serve as sources of inspiration and each is fully customizable.

You can build a limitless number of unique websites from any one of them. And no one will have a clue that they all came from the same source.

Now, that’s flexibility – and Mecan agrees:

The theme itself is extremely flexible – there isn’t anything you can’t do with it. Seems you are only limited by your imagination.” Mecan, ThemeForest user

Uncode was designed to meet the most demanding of creative minds. This is how it does so:

  • an innovative Advanced Grid System feature that gives you cutting-edge layout options;
  • 30+ ready-to-go, fully customizable Homepage Concepts. They provide the inspiration to kick start your web-building projects;
  • an Adaptive Images feature.  It automatically creates and delivers re-scaled versions of your pages to different screen sizes. No more concerns about responsiveness;


How a cool concept, like this one for a creative studio, can give your project a kick start.

“I have purchased the Uncode theme a couple of weeks ago, and I’m amazed at how detail-oriented and responsive the guys who created this theme are. They clearly value customizability, flexibility and high quality design. Thumbs up!” OlivierBerton, ThemeForest user.

  • an enhanced version of Visual Composer. Tailored to include extra advanced functionalities to support your creative ideas and website-building goals;
  • Uncode’s enhanced Media Library. Where you can store any type of media you intend to add to your WordPress;
  • the hierarchical options system. At the heart of this theme’s tremendous flexibility;
  • multiple menus layouts;
  • 100 options in the posts modules.

Implementing creative ideas requires a flexible tool. Take a closer look at two key Uncode features.

An adaptive image system you won’t find in any other theme.

Most WP themes on the market today, and all the premium themes, are responsive. Yet to different degrees, and they are not necessarily optimized. Your pages will be displayed more or less as planned on a tablet or mobile device, but in most cases only up to a point.

Uncode features a new way of displaying images on different screen sizes – any screen size to be precise. You’ll find this helpful in situations where you want to be creative, but you’ve had to hold back in the past. The themes you were using just weren’t up to the task.


With Uncode, a device sends an http request of each image on a page when it needs to open that page. Instead of increasing the response time of these serial requests, the creative Undsgn folks applied asynchronous responses to these requests. It enabled the browser to download multiple images simultaneously.

The result? The page fits, and the images display as they should.

A grid system that offers a comfortable blend of flexibility and precision.

Uncode’s adaptive grid system is responsive and fluid. It allows you to customize up to 12 columns either a full-width or boxed format:

–       Vertical alignment

–       Full-width row

–       Equal heights

–       Horizontal and vertical gap settings

The ultimate feature: If you can think of it, you can build it.

Creativity can have the appearance of being magical, but it really isn’t. For creative web designers to work their “spell”, they need to use tools designed to support the creative mind.

To transform your cool, fresh, and innovative ideas into reality, you need a tool, like Uncode, that allows you to make that happen. Imagine having the ability to design any type of website for any client, with each one being unique and an award winner.


Using a design-oriented theme to build a website for an eCommerce agency.

This video shows you how Uncode’s flexibility helps web designers like you. This WordPress theme make integrating fresh and innovative ideas and divergent viewpoints a snap. Through a process of modifying and tweaking design elements.

It demonstrates the many ways in which Uncode can help you raise your flexible thinking and web-designs creativity to new levels. So, take it and run with it. You’ll be glad you did.

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