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A clever and high-quality logo design is essential for a company that wants to become a popular brand. Maintaining a professional image is paramount to almost any business. While things like corporate policy, public relations and the satisfaction of customers and employees play a huge role in this, there’s another side to a brand image that takes the phrasing a little more literally.

A big part of corporate identity is defined by the visual material which is used to represent the company, most notably colors and logos. Professional logo design is invaluable to achieving and maintaining a brand identity that your customers recognize and of which you can be proud.

With these important logo design rules being mentioned above, start browsing the logo design collection below and look for hidden messages, double meanings, fun word plays, and more! Bookmark these clever logo designs and save their ideas for later. You never know when you’ll need some extra inspiration!

Glass Works

glass works Clever Logo Designs

The first example of a clever logo design is Glass Works’ which uses a flat icon of a worker running with a tile of glass.  It has a minimalist design that uses a light blue color for the glass tile which makes the worker stand out.


arctiq Clever Logo Designs

This example is much more different than the previous one because its main focus is on the company’s name. Arctiq uses an orange bold typography with a penguin illustrated inside de letter “A” to lay out a hidden message inside their logo.

wit-gele kruis

wit-gele kruis Clever Logo Designs

Wit-gele Kruis’ logo represents a cross that symbolises aid with a round cut through it that represents the road home. All in all, this logo has a neat, minimalist and meaningful design.

What makes a good logo design?

A good logo design can have a positive impact on your customers’ commitment to your brand—and not just because it’s a pretty picture or colored well. The perfect logo for your brand allows a company to appropriately communicate their vision, intent and services to current and prospective customers, thereby strengthening familiarity and improving relations. Having a professional image that your customers can recognize at a glance gives your business a stronger overall identity even outside your office, and that keeps customers coming back.

The Bulls Team

bulls Clever Logo Designs

If you were looking for a logo that has a creative touch to its design then you might want to have a look at this example. This logo is for the Bulls team. It uses a flat icon and 2 different fonts to present the team this logo was made for.

Magic Rabbit

maggic rabbit Clever Logo Designs

With a doodle appearance, this logo manages to keep its “magic” thanks to the friendly design that uses many colours and a typography that blends in well with the rest of the design.

Historical Windows

hisorical windows Clever Logo Designs

This example has a much more minimalist touch to its design. Historical Window’s logo contours an impressive window through a neat and eye-catching design.


Bird Clever Logo Designs

This logo has a creative touch to its design. It represents a cutout bird on a pink circle that could represent the moon and the dark blue background might be the sky at night.

What about branding?

Establishing brand recognition is one of the top reasons to have a custom logo, but this is a two-way street. Customers recognize your logo because of your company, while prospective customers may recognize your brand because of your logo.

The best logos, no matter where they come from, offer the opportunity to become a branding singularity. If your brand’s logo is truly and completely yours, you can strip away every word and even most of the color from your image, and still be recognized by consumers the world over. There’s no way to achieve this kind of recognition with an unprofessional logo.


LA Clever Logo Designs

This logo uses a particular typography as a form of presentation and the colour orange. It is yet another example of a logo that focuses on the company name and presents it in a creative and original manner.


London Clever Logo Designs

This logo also uses typography in its design to describe London. The letter “D” is shaped like an umbrella and it represents a hidden message that suggests London’s rainy days.

Burger Beer

burger beer Clever Logo Designs

Who doesn’t like burgers and beer? This logo mixes both in a creative way to present a burger and beer laboratory.  Check it out and get inspired for your next logo project.


Ahuizotl Clever Logo Designs

If you’re up for a unique design, then you’ll love this logo example. This logo uses Aztec and Mayan references in its design and a particular typography that mixes well with the red animal.

Melon Ship

MelonShip Clever Logo Designs

The next example also has a creative touch to its design and presents MelonShip developers in a fun way. Just as the name suggests, this logo uses melon slices into colouring a ship icon.

What is brand consistency and what is its purpose?

One of the biggest benefits of professional logo design is brand consistency. Broader than brand recognition, consistency assures that your corporate image is similar on all fronts, utilizing the same colors, imagery and ambiance no matter what the media or purpose. Brand consistency is key to maintaining accountability and trustworthiness among your clientele.

The only difference between a “brand” and a “company”, after all, is how they’re perceived by their customers. Your company is what you control, from policy to image, and your brand is how customers remember you. f your company image is inconsistent, even if it’s just changing logo colors and selling goods and services that don’t fit with your company vision, your brand image could suffer.


Arctiq Wordmark Clever Logo Designs

Econeer’s logo uses a simple logo of a leaf to present eco-friendly, sustainable, clean, renewable energy companies or organisations. It has a neat and eye-catching design.

Squared Monkey

Squared Monkey Clever Logo Designs

Squared Monkey’s logo, just as the name suggests uses a square icon of a monkey face. It has a minimalist design, it doesn’t use colours and yet it manages to have a friendly look.


Sahib Clever Logo Design

This is yet another example that could serve as good inspiration for your next logo project. Sahib is a logo that uses doodle to present a company a company, for example. It is meant to contour the face of a wise old Muslim.


Cederstrom Clever Logo Design

This logo uses a custom typography to present the name of a chocolate desserts bar. The icon next to the bar’s name has a similar design that looks like an emblem and has the letter “c” inside.

Little Cannon Entertainment

Little Cannon Entertainment Clever Logo Design

Designed by Dušan Roži?, Little Cannon Entertainment uses a simple dark grey flat icon of a cannon to present the company interest for movie making.


Greenphon Clever Logo Design

If you want to see more similar logos then you might also want to have a look at this example. With a similar design as the previous example, made by Dušan Roži?, this logo uses a dark grey flat icon of a pegasus to present a mythical creature.

Logos and the sense of ownership

Possibly the best thing that professional logo design offers is a clear sense of ownership; putting your logo on your and products and attaching it to invoices for services rendered lets everyone know that these things belong to your brand and your company. This can’t be something that you just “throw together” one day on a whim; it needs to be approached by an expert who can turn your vision into shapes and color, and it needs to be given time to bloom. A professional logo is something that your company can stand behind, a banner under which to declare your brand, and that means you need the best you can get.


MAIBIN DESIGN Clever Logo Design

This logo uses 2 colours, gold for the typography and eagle’s crown and green as the main colour for the MAIBIN’s eagle.


Vincotte Clever Logo Design

Last but not least, the Vincotte logo uses a minimalist design with a “v” symbol and typography underneath, both on a different kind of blue background.

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