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12 Futuristic Designs That Will Teleport You to the Future

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Humans have always loved the idea of high tech futuristic gadgets that look cool and have amazing functions. Scientists always keep on inventing and reinventing, and they never fail to amaze us. Their innovations always are looked forward to and they replace the obsolete systems. Similarly, product designers often design certain products that prove to be sustainable and usable. Let us have a look at some of the futuristic product designs that are bound to amaze you.

1. Flyte Levitating Light bulb:

Flyte Levitating Bulb

A company called Flyte has invented the levitating light bulb that floats in the air. They have been the subject of discussion at several homes and workplaces. It has featured in the list of TIME magazine’s “One of the Best Inventions of the Year 2016”. This light bulb has also managed to win the award of LIT Award Lighting Product design of the year 2017.

Flyte floats in the air using the magnetic levitation and is wireless. It draws its power to run from the air. While combining the most straightforward design with magnetism, it looks like it is the best product to have at home and offices. Generally, we have seen the light bulb sitting in a bulb socket, and Flyte is an energy-conserving lamp that has LEDs which light up using the air around it. It provides a soft white glow to its surroundings.

As it suspends in the air with zero amount of friction, its gentle rotations is bound to keep you mesmerized for hours at length. This product is a perfect combination of art and science. The glass of the bulb is shatter-free, and it has a light-up time of up to 50000 hours.

2. Verilux Sanitizing Wand:

Verilux Sanitizing Wand


Verilux Sanitizing wand is a product that sanitizes all the opaque surfaces with UV lights and claims to kill almost 99% of the bacteria. The UV-C technology destroys viruses, odor emitting bacteria, molds and allergens on the surfaces. This wand is travel friendly and is suitable for use at home and during the trip. It offers sanitization that is chemical-free, and you can clean things like cellphones, laptop keyboards, toys, music players and more. Because of its condensed form, it can fit easily in a purse or a briefcase.

It comes with a shut-off feature that is safe to use and offers push buttons for its operation. This device is not suitable for use on pets and people. The device comes with a wrist strap that allows secure handling.

3. Flip Three-sided flip handset:

  Three sided flip phone

We have generally seen a phone with one screen. Also, some time back, Nokia came up with a phone that was called Communicator that featured two screens and opened like a case. But now, we are going to talk about a phone that has three screens, and the phone can work in various modes according to its usage. It is called Flip that is made by designer called Kristian Ulrich Larsen. You can use different apps simultaneously on this device.

As the phone has three screens, the possibilities of using it are virtually endless. A smart user would look forward to a device like this which would add value to the user experience. Using numerous apps simultaneously on one machine makes the experience engaging and exciting for the user. Three screens can make the user use it more frequently than a user uses his laptop.Phone these days is not a phone. We do multiple things using a phone. Hence, this device which is yet to launch is going to change the way we use our phones and laptops combined.

4. Pilot Wireless Translation Headphones:

Pilot Wireless Translation Headphones

Waverly Labs have established one accomplishment, but it’s worth all the hype. It built headphone that breaks all the barriers against languages. Pilot headphones look like standard wireless Bluetooth headphones, but along with a translation, it can also play music from your phone, make or take calls or receive audio messages.

These headphones also translate language between people who speak different languages. You can set your preferred language when you connect your headphones with your mobile phone. And all the translation between various languages is done without the usage of internet. These headphones come in three colors for the color-enthusiasts. It comes with a charging case that is sleek and is easy to carry. Once the charge is complete, the battery lasts the entire day.

You can configure the language requirements in the smartphone app that helps you configure these headphones. Hence, it is a most sought after product in today’s world where people travel a lot.

5. Port Solar Charger by XD Designs:

Port Solar Charger

We all know it is very annoying to have your smartphone battery running low almost all the time or at least for sometime. Whenever we enter a café, we all look for a phone charging point, but sometimes, all the charging points are occupied. XD Designs have come up with a solution to this by inventing a portable solar charger. It can charge your device with the power from the sunlight. You simply have to look for the place where sunlight is available. Find a window and stick the charger to it, and you are ready to charge your device anytime and anywhere.

The most crucial aspect of this device is its compact nature and USB compatibility. The Port solar charger is lightweight and can stick to any window glass and avoids shadows that prevent the sunlight. It comes with a 1000mAh Lithium battery that is rechargeable and harvests power from the sunlight. To indicate the battery level of the Port Solar Charger, they have provided five tiny LEDs. The most significant feature it has is, you can use this while traveling through plane and stick this charger to your window and charge your device.

6. TellSpec Food Scanner:

TellSpec Food Scanner

We often wonder what the ingredients of a particular dish or a food item that we love to devour are. Whenever we visit the cafes or restaurants, we always look at the food and try to determine the contents and calorific values of it. Some are clear, and some ingredients are not very clear. TellSpec is a device for health-conscious people and food connoisseurs. It is helpful for use in smartphones. You can scan the food using the camera of your phone, and it shows you the list of ingredients and its nutritional value.

When you place TellSpec scanner over the food, it projects a low powered laser beam on the menu. Some of the photons are absorbed, while they raise the energy of the molecules in the food. All these photons classify according to their wavelengths that define the quality and nutritional values of the food.

7. Yanko Portable copy and paste device:

Yanko Portable copy and paste tool

This device is ideally a futuristic gadget developed by Yanko Design. You can scan something from a surface and paste it on another cover with just a push of a button. You don’t need a photocopy machine or a substantial, bulky printer to accomplish the task. With this device, it would be easy to transfer text and images from one place to another.

A button on the bottom side of the device activates the scan function, and the button above the machine does the pasting that is, printing the chosen material. This device can directly print in the notebook hence removing the need for additional paper.

8. Phree Electronic Sensor Pen by OTM Technologies:

Phree Electronic Sensor Pen

It is an electronic pen with which you can write anywhere, virtually. It was developed by OTM technologies. It is best when people don’t have a pen to jot down their ideas or thoughts. You can write on any surface, and it would convert it into digital data that would reflect the write up on your phone. It has the caption “Make the World, your paper.”

Phree, the electronic pen, can be used to write and sketch virtually anywhere, including your hand, palm, coffee table, wall, etc. It works exactly like your normal ballpoint pen and hence enhances your digital interaction. Phree features a 3D optical sensing technology that accurately measures the strokes of the point and sends the digital ink to any Bluetooth enabled device. Whatever you sketch or scratch is bound to appear instantly on your Bluetooth device screen. It comes with a pen cap that doubles up as a stylus for touch screen devices.

9. The sustainable kettle by Miito:

The sustainable kettle by Miito

Miito is an amazingly fantastic device that can heat liquid in any vessel, thereby saving time and energy. We all love a good cup of hot tea or coffee, but let’s think about it. We end up adding more water for heating, and that takes up a lot of time and energy to heat up. In addition to this, you have to wait for a long time to allow the water to heat up.

Hence, Miito enters the market. It heats cups, bowls, glass or any other non-ferrous material, that is filled with water, milk, soup and more. You simply have to fill the desired vessel with the liquid of your choice. You have to place the vessel on the induction plate base and immerse the heating rod in the liquid and allow it to reach the boiling point. It is safe to use around children as the induction plate always stays cold. With the ease of cleaning and maintaining, the device is fit to be in the category of futuristic products.

10. Portable Wireless Toaster:

Portable Wireless Toaster

A Korean engineer named Kim Bin has invented a device called portable toaster. It looks like a cake knife and its sole purpose is to fry bread under any conditions.With the ability to toast the bread virtually anywhere, the portability factor of this device is the most significant feature. This device uses nanotechnology, and it generates power using tiny carbon particles.

A person of any age can use this device because of its ease of use. To use it, you have to press a button and place it on the surface of the bread until it fries according to your requirements. A clearer picture appears on food that fries a little more. This device takes only 2-3 minutes, ideally to toast or fry the bread according to your preferences. The only drawback is, it takes the device 2-3 minutes to cook the bread only on one side. So, you have to spend another 2-3 minutes to fry the other side of the bread.

But this device can prove to be useful to the travelers and tourists who don’t have the time to wait and need their breakfast on the go. Also, people who take breakfasts in their office can put this device to good use. This device is also helpful for people who go on camping frequently and have no access to electricity.

11. Samsung Ballie:

Samsung Ballie

A device that follows you like a robot yet functions as a smart device is what Samsung Ballie is all about. This device is in the shape of a ball, equipped with sensors and cameras to scan its surroundings. While you are away from home, you this smart assistant can send you updates about your home by taking photos. It also functions as a health/fitness assistant. You can control and configure the device with the smartphone app that comes with the device.

It can switch on your TV, can communicate with smart curtains and also allows the owner to see his pets and get updates about it. To roam about the rooms, it rolls over the floor. As it has artificial intelligence capabilities, it has more room for development. Hence, it is still in its developmental stage, and the designers of this product are looking at the possibilities the device can offer in the future.

12. Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor:

Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor

In past few years, there has been a tremendous growth in the number of gamers and the gadgets they use to enhance their gaming experience. Hence, Samsung has dropped a curved monitor that is compatible with computer gaming. It is a massive screen with a 49-inch screen size.  The QLED monitor has a resolution of 1440p and a response time of 1 millisecond. It offers a refresh rate that extends up to 240Hz. As it is developed purely for the unmatched gaming experience, it also supports AMD’s FreeSync 2 and NVIDIA’s G-sync for smoother play and decreased loss of framerate.


These are the gadgets that represent the smart future and ease of use. Just a glance at these gadgets and anyone would want to own them without analyzing their actual requirements. The designs and the functions of the devices that we talked about today are heart-winning. Because some of the gadgets have yet to launch commercially, we just have to wait until someone decides to make them available in the market.

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