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20+ Best Free Blogger.com Templates for Awesome Blogs

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If you want to start blogging but aren’t sure if you want your own, self-hosted domain yet, choosing a blogging platform such as Blogger, WordPress.org, or WiX might be the best choice.

With Blogger being the oldest blogging platform still actively running on the web, it may be the platform that will appeal to you the most. If you are set on using this platform for your blog, the next step is finding an attractive free Blogger.com template to install.

If you are considering WiX for your blog, we recommend starting with the free trial currently being offered.

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Free Blog Templates From WiX

Before we cover the Blogger.com templates, consider the largest and most reputable website-building platform, WiX the free templates they provide. They have over 200 Million users worldwide and know a thing or two about hosting blogs. Wix has amazing support, a state-of-the-art page builder, and over 500 free templates you can choose from.

For long-term and sustainable blogging, consider the power and performance of the WiX platform before settling on any website template.

Style and Design

There are many free Blogger templates on the web, but we decided to make things easier for you and selected some of the best! These templates are all professional, easy to use, and customizable.

Undoubtedly you are ready to check out our hand-picked selection of the best free Blogger templates. Here they are and please take a moment to leave a comment.

1. Global – Blogger Template


Surely you would want a clean and responsive Blogger template. Therefore, Global may be the one for you since it is suitable for any kind of blog, be it personal, travel, hobby, lifestyle, photography, editorial, article, fashion, or tutorial.

2. Glamour


Certainly, the Glamour Blogger template has an elegant theme and comes with lots of features.  It offers the best solution for OOTD, Fashion, Lifestyle, Personal, or even Diary blogs.

3. Lovely


Lovely is a free Blogger template with 2 columns and a right sidebar. It has a very feminine and cute design, and it is an excellent template for blogs about love or lifestyle.

4. BrandX


Indeed, BrandX is a great-looking, responsive, free premium Blogger template with 2 columns, a right sidebar, a gallery, ads, and footer columns. Additionally, it offers social bookmarking icons, post thumbnails, a drop-down menu, breadcrumbs, and more.

5. Neue


Simplicity comes to mind with this Blogger template. Neue follows the material design trend and has some seamless social sharing buttons and a beautiful comments section, and it is fully responsive as well.

6. Johny Cassia


Johny Cassia is a responsive Blogger theme that’s a good fit for foodies, travelers, and others in similar fields. It comes packed with great features such as automatic thumbnail resizing, search engine optimization, custom error pages, an email newsletter subscription module, and many others.

7. RealMag


Although it’s not as unique as some of the other templates, RealMag is a responsive Blogger template for bloggers who are focused on design and development. The layout is perfect for these kinds of niches.

8. Better Mag


This Blogger magazine template is fit for news sites in any field, be it health, technology, or science. It has a great full-width header logo and can be easily customized.

9. HealthDaily


This free Blogger template comes with 2 columns, a responsive design, a right sidebar, and more! It comes with a slider, social bookmarking icons, post thumbnails, tabs, breadcrumbs, a background pattern, and other great features you can use.

10. Frau


Frau is a free Blogger template with a feminine design, 2 columns, and responsive. Therefore, it is a great template for blogs about fashion, health, and beauty.

11. DietingMadeEasy


Obviously, the name strongly suggests what this them would be great for. This template is a perfect fit for dieting, food, and recipe sites. DietingMadeEasy comes with 3 columns,  left and right sidebars, footer columns, and more. It is excellent for blogs about crafts, food, or health and beauty.

12. SuevaFree


SuevaFree is a free Blogger template with 1 column, responsive design, footer columns, social bookmarking icons, and more. Certainly, it would be a good choice for blogs about photography or travel.

13. Sugar and Spice


So far we have showcased some free blogger templates that include a feminine theme and this selection is just another example. Like many other templates, it comes with 2 columns, a responsive design, and a right sidebar. The titles and headlines include an elegant script font.

Therefore, the Sugar & Spice template is perfect for blogs about flowers, crafts, fashion, health, beauty, or home decoration.

14. Oreki Houtarou


When we think of blog structure, Oreki Houtarou is another example that includes 2 columns, a responsive design, a right sidebar, a drop-down menu, breadcrumbs, and pagination, and it is most suitable for blogs about anime, games, or kids.

15. K44 White


K44 White comes with 1 column, a responsive design, a right sidebar, and social bookmarking icons. Undoubtedly it is ideal for blogs about general topics, or even art, business, entertainment, fashion, and other niches.

16. Fizz


When thinking of what a modern-looking blog would look like, Fizz comes to mind. This free template with 2 columns, a responsive design, a right sidebar, footer columns, a slider, social bookmarking icons, and post thumbnails. It is best used for blogs about business, desktops, education, personal portfolio site, or software.

17. Singl


Another free template for the Blogger platform, Singl includes 1 column, a responsive design, footer columns, social bookmarking icons, post thumbnails, and more. It is most suitable for blogs about art or music.

18. Klarity Personal blog


This is a clear personal blog template that has a responsive design and a single-column blog layout.

19. Sora Article


Sora Article is a minimal template with many great features such as social sharing in each post, galleries, 4 blog layouts, and more.

20. Indonesia 


This theme will fulfill your magazine blogging requirements and comes with a triple-column layout.

21. Perk Misty 


Perk Misty is a responsive and elegant multipurpose Blogger template that comes with a lite version with all the basic requirements to set up a magazine website.


Indeed, the Blogger.com platform is a good option to get started blogging and these free templates can provide the basic framework of your new blog. They were professionally designed and made specifically for the Blogger.com platform so you should have no issue uploading and customizing them.

We hope you have enjoyed this list and please leave a comment below!

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