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22 Examples of Modern UI Mobile Charts

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Do you need to design a mobile app with a more technical interface? Will you need to add charts, diagrams and so on? If yes, these awesome examples of modern UI charts will surely inspire you!

We selected 22 modern UI mobile charts designs, each of them with different details and approaches for the designs but all of them user-friendly and beautiful.

Create beautiful charts and dashboards in your mobile app designs with ease! Get all the inspiration you need from here! Enjoy!

Mobile & Web Dashboard Views

Mobile Web Dashboard

Explore this mobile and web dashboard concept if you need some app design inspiration. It has an interesting menu, great user interface elements and a modern, dark color palette.

iOS Data Exploration for Handsome

iOS UI Mobile Charts

This iOS Data Exploration looks really nice. The dark blue background color makes all the graphic elements stand out. The design is minimalist and eye-catching.


Graph Modern UI Mobile Charts

This mobile graph design concept has a dark UI design and an overall clean layout. It’s very easy to read and navigate through.

Soft Analytics

Soft Analytics Modern UI Mobile Charts

This is a UI experiment that uses flat design in a creative way. The user interface looks nice and friendly and uses a bright, neon orange color as an accent.

Cast Screens

Cast Screens UI Mobile Charts

Let’s dig further into the Cast app and check out all the fine details this sneak peek is presenting. The design layout is great and uses a dark blue color palette.


Statistics UI Mobile Charts

Check out this statistics app concept. It has a really nice and minimalist graph followed by charts, tables, and news elements. The UI is cleverly designed for a perfect user experience.

RTP Live Infographics by Rafael Matos da Silva

RTP Infographics UI Mobile Charts

This infographic can be a great source of inspiration. It has a unique and creative design and the way it is presented is effective and easy to read.

VPS iPhone app (flat version)

VPS iPhone app UI Mobile Charts

This iPhone app is yet another cool example of how you can integrate flat design into your projects.  This example uses a simple light gray background and only small colored details.

Fitness Tracking (iOS 7)

Fitness UI Mobile Charts

This sneak peek presents a few fitness tracking interactions. This example also uses flat design and combines it with a bright blue color.

OnPoint – iPhone & Android App

OnPoint UI Mobile Charts

OnPoint is an iPhone and Android App with a very nice and smooth interface design. Everything looks very well organized on that light grey background.

Data Visualization by Virgil Pana

Data Visualization UI Mobile Charts

This data visualization design project is Virgil Pana’s arm colors experiment. This is a small time tracking app that looks great. The purple color palette is a nice detail.

iBillionaire – Discarded Proposal

iBillionaire UI Mobile Charts

This design agency had to go through a test against other agencies. They won the project which required a redesign concept for a couple of screens. After a few days of work, this really nice and clean interface design started to get a shape. In this link, we’ll see a sneak peek from the app.

Site Analytics Burt

Site UI Mobile Charts

This is the third try of Site Analytics and the app is starting to look really nice.  This app uses flat design which is quite trendy nowadays. The blue details in the chart are a nice touch.

Statistics UI

Statistics UI UI Mobile Charts

This is a statistics app user interface design. Although this app uses a dark design layout, the charts and icons are colorful and they make the UI look friendly.

Accounting App 2 Screens

Accounting UI Mobile Charts

These two screens are for an accounting app. This app uses a modular grid layout with a few green details and backgrounds.  The all-caps typography blends in perfectly and the charts look great.

Bikester #2 wip by Michael Sambora

Bikester UI Mobile Charts

The Bikester app tells you the speed statistics of your latest trip with your bike. This app uses red and green for charts and graphs and also uses some really nice typography and icons.

App Remix: Lose It!

App UI Mobile Charts

This app calculates how many calories you’ve just eaten. The interface design looks modern and functional and uses realistic textures masterfully. This skeuomorphic design is surely one to remember.

Tiny green app

Tiny UI Mobile Charts

This tiny green app was designed for a Russian financial Company. The interface design looks really friendly, the light blue and green color tones are a great detail and they look lovely on that light gray background.

Snug – Mobile

Snug UI Mobile Charts

This is a sneak peek of this designer’s current project. In this preview, you’ll see a couple of screen designs. The designer kept things simple, used a white background on which he placed content.

Stats iOS 7 styles [free Fireworks png]

Stat UI Mobile Charts

This statistics app is quite nice and it is definitely an example worth following in future projects. The color palette is vibrant and it is used only for the background and charts. This app contains a world map in its header followed by statistics.


SHADOW UI Mobile Charts

Shadow’s interface design uses flat design in a creative way. The way this app is presented is also nice. The background is dark and makes the colorful details stand out.

Energy Monitor UI

Energy UI Mobile Charts

Last but not least, this app monitors energy. The interface design looks great. It has a neat and clean design which will definitely inspire you in future projects.

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