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A few months ago, I wrote a post titled 30 Creative Adverts For Your Inspiration. This time I have taken it to the next level, and compiled a showcase of creative text used in advertising. Some adverts here must have had a lot of thought put into creating them. Which ones do you like best?

If you know of any other adverts that use creative text in them, then please feel free to drop in a comment so us and the readers of WebDesignDev can see.

SignCafe Magazine Cover Design

SignCafe Magazine Cover Design Creative Text Used In AdvertisingPin

This is a magazine cover design for SignCafe. The fluffy, extra-rounded text effect looks great. By the way, it says “creative director”, it took me a few seconds to figure that out. 

Brighton Language School

Brighton Language School Creative Text Used In AdvertisingPin

I love text effects like this one. This is a super creative text effect, made in Photoshop, of course. The concept is amazing and it was created for Brighton Language School. 


bmw Creative Text Used In AdvertisingPin

This is a cool advert for BMW. The road text actually looks like a road. Clever! 

Emmi caffélatte : Drink different

Emmi caffélatte : Drink different Creative Text Used In AdvertisingPin

This whole ad design has some really cool elements. The vector graphics blend beautifully with the ice cubes in the corners. 

My Lotto

My Lotto Creative Text Used In AdvertisingPin

This ad is all about typography. The different shapes and sizes of the fonts chosen may look a bit hard to read, but considering this ad is for instant noodles, it’s pretty clever! Think about how instant noodles look. Got it?!


HSBC Creative Text Used In AdvertisingPin

A car made of cool typography! You can’t go wrong with a cool concept like this one. 

Cobalt Ice 5

Cobalt Ice 5 Creative Text Used In AdvertisingPin

Five chewing gum ads are always amazing, whether we are talking about the TV ones or the print ads. This one gives you the chills! 

Ojus Digestive Tablets

Ojus Digestive Tablets Creative Text Used In AdvertisingPin

This is a fun advert for Ojus Digestive Tablets. Fun and simple! 


Into1 Creative Text AdvertisingPin

This is an amazing advert for Into1. The one word is made out of different metallic objetcs. Looks great!

The Prevention Plan

The Prevention Plan Creative Text AdvertisingPin

Shark made out of cool typography! As in the example before, with the car, you can never go wrong with a concept like this one. It looks great and catches attention!


Vodafone Creative Text AdvertisingPin

Vodafone’s ads are always clever. This is one of them. 

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal Creative Text AdvertisingPin

This is a very smart ad concept for Wall Street Journal. It looks amazing, a face made out of Wall Street Journals. 


Sensodyne Creative Text AdvertisingPin

This is a super fun and clever Sensodyne toothpaste ad. Fun advertising concepts are the best!

Save The Planet

Save The Planet Creative Text AdvertisingPin

This is a simple and colorful advert for Save the Planet. It uses nice typography too. 


Peugeot Creative Text AdvertisingPin

This is acool Peugeot car advertisement with the fun factor! It has a grungy look because of all those splatters and a cool, vintage 3D effect added to the text. 


Tiger Creative Text AdvertisingPin

Colorful vector illustrations are frequently used in beverages commercials. This particular one looks great and it was created for Tiger beer. 


Panasonic Creative Text AdvertisingPin

This ad uses large text with a very nice font and elegant elements like swirls, flowers and curvy graphics. 


Skittles Creative Text AdvertisingPin

This is a cool Skittles ad with large typography, very colorful of course! The letters look like they exploded leaving behind a trail of rainbow colors. 

Les Jardins de Colette

Les Jardins de Colette Creative Text AdvertisingPin

This is a simple and minimalist ad with very elegant details. It combines both monochrome elements with colorful ones. 


Honda Creative Text AdvertisingPin

Honda uses colorful graphics and bold text for this ad. Looks nice!

15 thoughts on “20 Beautiful Examples Of Creative Text Used In Advertising”

  1. Great collection that stimulate hundreds of new ideas. I specially liked HSBC and Brighton Language School adds.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi there,

    This is the first time i’ve come across your blog. I really like this article, there’s some cool stuff to be found.

    I’ll be sure to check back soon!

  3. I love the Brighton Language School type example it has a very nice transition from bare tree to full greenery.

  4. Really really happy to see the Tiger brand (beer) being featured here! Because im from Singapore too!

    And our company designed a limited edition version of their anniversary a few years back!


    And if im not wrong, Tiger Beer is marketed as a high end drink in the West while it’s a mass consumer drink here. 🙂

  5. Nice showcase, I like the last one though. Only because it’s sometime I thought I’d never get to in a weird way. Like where the gradient behind the text is expanded, I always felt it was a stupid idea somehow, but since they’ve used it with creativity I feel overwhelmed now :D. Thanks.

  6. The measurement tools used in the study were based on the existing literature. Advertising creative factors such ad sound, color, text..

  7. Great find of typography usage in Advertisements. Sometimes Advertising doesn’t have the best typography sometimes because they lean more towards imagery and copy but it is a breath of fresh air when type is used to their advantage.


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