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With the app design business growing more and more everyday, designers have turned their interest to the mobile design niche. Many designers started creating and sharing with the web community awesome UI Kits in PSD format. These new mobile app UI designs will definitely inspire you to create beautiful projects yourself.

These 20 new mobile app UI designs are also specifically designed with great user experience in mind. Some are just for inspiration while others also have the PSD files available for download.

Flat Mobile App UI Design 

Flaty’s is Flat Mobile App UI Design is a gorgeous set developed to inspire Your next application design and it’s totally based on Flat Design Standards. This UI kit contains 29 highly customizable PSD Files and comes many useful elements. 

Flat Mobile App UI Design (PSD) Pin

Svet iOS app – Wireless lighting

This is a great app design for a wireless lighting app. It’s easy way to control your light in home via your mobile phone. Set alarm including your “special bulbs” to wake up with light and music.

Svet iOS app – Wireless lightingPin

Numbers Flat UI Kit Free PSD

Numbers is a flat UI design kit all about charts, graphs and numbers. It can be very useful for creating modern web or tablet app design. Layered PSD file is included.

Numbers Flat UI Kit Free PSD Pin

Kitovu IOS 8 UI/UX App Design

Kitovu IOS 8 App Design includes several files indispensable for any iOS 8. All items, cells, blocks, buttons, icons are easily customizable and ordered in layers. Also all files are prepared for retina displays. 

Kitovu IOS 8 UI UX App Design Pin

Health Mobile App Concept

These are some initial design concepts for a health + wellness app the designer created earlier this year. This concept plays with transparent interfaces and abstract backgrounds. Check out the attachment for real pixels!

Health Mobile App Concept Pin

MovieBox App Concept

This is a design for  a movie streaming app; much like Netflix or LOVEFiLM. It has a great design and carefully crafted branding. Definitely an inspiration!

MovieBox App Concept Pin

Qibla Compass for Islamic Prayer Time 

This is a design concept for the Qibla Compass for Islamic Prayer Time. It has a sleek and clean design.

Qibla Compass for Islamic Prayer Time (Concept) Pin

VLC Android app RE-Design

This is a new ui design for VLC Android App. This design has a great concept and it’s definitely worth looking at. The presentation is very nice also. 

VLC Android app RE-Design Pin

Shredit App Concept

This is the “badge” page of a project the designer is working on where you can see on what you’ve earned during the month of progress. Generally where you can keep track of calorie intake and how much weight has been lost throughout the month.

Shredit App Concept Pin

Messenger App Concept

This is IOS messenger app concept. Check @2x and attachments. It has a gret design which will surely inspire you to create other beautiful app designs as well.

Messenger App Concept Pin

Blablacar App Concept

Blablacar is a carpooling social Network well established in Europe. This is the designer’s redesign concept for their logotype and iPhone app.

Blablacar App Concept Pin

Events searching application (Concept)

This is the concept design for Eventsmap — an events searching application for mobile devices. Check @2x to full size preview.

Events searching application (Concept) Pin

TNW concept app

The final version of The Next Web concept app design. See the attachment for all the pages. It has a great, vibrant design. Inspiring!

TNW concept app Pin

Business Contacts App

This is an application to digitize, store and exchange business cards. It’s basically an organizer for scheduling meetings.

Business Contacts App Pin

iPhone chat UI

This is just small sneak peek at an iPhone app. Check the @2x or the real pixels version. The design is easy on the eye and friendly.

iPhone chat UI Pin

Log in Screen Concept

This is a new login screen cocnept design. It’s a log in screen with a hexagon style. It has a fresh looking design.

Log in Screen Concept Pin

Eventbrite – Entertainment Mobile App Concept

Eventbrite application updates users about nearby places and events. Along, with the updates it also allows users to book their tickets on the phone and attend the event using e-tickets. 


Travel UI | iOS App Concept

This is a great travel UI iOS app concept design. The black fade style looks great and the design is very inspired. You can check out the whole design in the link above.

Travel UI iOS App Concept Pin

Cupcake order screen concept

This is a concept cupcake app showing how users can order, rate,favorite and also send cupcake gifts to the friends that they link with via the app. Free PSDs included.

Cupcake order screen concept Pin

Fitness/Lifestyle App Concept

This is a concept of a fitness/lifestyle/healthcare app. This app will show the user the number of hours slept, the number of calories burnt so far, the number of KM ran, the number of KM walked, the possibility to add the meals so you can count calories, the workouts, etc.

Fitness Lifestyle App Concept Pin

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