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20 Crazy But Creative Website Splash Page Examples

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Website splash pages are not often used for your average website. Sometimes a splash page can appear once to welcome you to the website, and then not appear again, where as others can be a permanent splash page. Here is a showcase that I have compiled of very crazy and creative splash pages for your inspiration. All of these made the list for being very creative and unique.

There is a mixture of splash pages that are bright, dark, appear once, are permanent and overall, they are all creative and very unique. Drop us a comment to let us know what splash page you like the best, or if you have found any other creative splash pages whistle browsing the internet.


ACDC Website Splash Page

ACDC’s splash page has an awesome design, ideal for a rock band. There are lots of cool, 3D elements which create a realistic atmosphere. 

Taller de Ideas Atutiplen

Taller de Ideas Atutiplen Website Splash Page

This is a welcome splash page. From this page you can choose to visit the English version of the website, or the Spanish one. 

Sony Ericsson MTV EMA 2007

Sony Ericsson MTV EMA 2007 Website Splash Page

Sony Ericsson created a special splash page for MTV EMA’s in 2007. It’s bright colored and appealing. 

13 Buho Street

13 Buho Street Website Splash Page

This is a very simple splash page, with a dark and a bit creepy design. The vector illustration look nice. 


Skunky Website Splash Page

This guy has a custom made splash page, personalized especially for him. It’s a combination of drawings, vectors and cut-out photographs. It looks urban and grungy in the same time. 

Gloria Quiroga

Gloria Quiroga Website Splash Page

This is a beautiful splash page created for an online portfolio. The portfolio belongs to a web/graphic designer. From this splash page you can choose the language for the website. 

Hailey Winstone Illustration

Hailey Winstone Illustration Website Splash Page

This is an online portfolio for a very talented illustrator. The splash page looks very nice and has some of the designer’s illustrations in the back. 


Zarovka Splash Page

This is a simple welcome page from where you can choose the language. 

Not Your Average Joe

Not Your Average Joe Splash Page

I really like website designs that use 3D elements. This is one great example. It creates a very realistic atmosphere. 


Kutztown Splash Page

This splash page has a very beautiful, drawing illustration as the main element. 


PayPlay Splash Page

Glowing vector graphics are very common on music related websites. This splash page makes no exception. 


Mitxel Splash Page

This is another awesome 3D website design with some super realistic graphics. The menu looks amazing. This website has a very cool concept. 

Dave Werner

Dave Werner Splash Page

Dave’s splash page is full of black and white photos. It looks interesting. 


On!Production Splash Page

3D elements look great on websites. This splash page uses some cool elements to catch the visitors’ attention. 

Pierre Marie

Pierre Marie Splash Page

The texture on the background hurts my eyes…but still the concept is interesting. 

Peace River

Peace River Splash Page

3D graphics are very common on splash pages. This is a cool welcome type of splash page with some old, vintage graphic elements. 

Jose Luis Elizalde

Jose Luis Elizalde Splash Page

This is a super simple welcome splash page from where you can choose to enter on the HTML version of the website or the FLASH one. 


Danviv Splash Page

This simple splash page design is all about typography and text. It is monochrome and looks great. The whole website has a minimalist design.

Sim City DS

Sim City DS Splash Page

Sim City’s splash page lets you choose your country before you enter on the website. 

Toyota IQ Virtual Test Drive

Toyota IQ Virtual Test Drive Splash Page

Toyota’s IQ Virtual Test Drive splash page is dark themed and has some very cool graphics.

By the way…

If you feel frustrated with designing, or just want an easy way out, you can always create a free website with Wix. They’ll give you all the tools you need to make a crazy and creative splash page too : )

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23 thoughts on “20 Crazy But Creative Website Splash Page Examples”

  1. well i think the 3rd one which is mtv splash page is really feels good to me.
    Still i appreciate remaining splash examples as well.


  2. yo man these are some extremely cool and exciting web layouts I’ve seen yet!!!
    I love the different mind sets thatdifferent people have, and I also like the creativity people can express in ways such as webdesign layouts.

  3. We have this splash page: http://finessecuisine.com, and it is flash, (the only flash on the site) how much does it limit our SEO? Can I create a workaround. We have a redirect for the Iphone, the splash page looks the same, but you double click the icons to enter the site.
    Thanks for any help!

  4. Splash intros scream 1999. Poor SEO and for a business website, poor marketing practice as Amy says. We have done them at a client’s insistence but only after discussing pros and cons. Many of these are well artistically but wouldn’t work with business clients trying to communicate products and services. Some are just way too out there to be practical. Usability has to be considered.

  5. I think splash pages are bad not because of SEO, but because they put another barrier in between users and whatever they’re after. With very few exceptions, splash pages detract more than they add.

  6. Excellent though some of them are, splash pages aren’t good for SEO. For most pages, I’d stay away, unless there was a very good reason otherwise.

  7. Great collection, I agree @Carson Shold it is very difficult to convert to the next page, and at the same time keep the landing page trendy and sexy. These are great examples.

  8. Great compilation.

    It’s hard to come up with a good splash page that will not only direct the user, but be visually appealing.


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