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15 Best Infographics Examples: Cool, Creative & Killer Infographics

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What are inforgraphics? The definition of infographics is they are images that combine both info and graphics. Infographics are the talk of the town these days as far as internet marketers and designers are concerned. Every day hundreds of new infographics are being designed and promoted on the internet.

Not only do infographics attract more traffic and viewership, because of their eye-catching designs, but also present the actual data, that is often complex, in a very user-friendly and easy to remember style.

However, there are certain best practices for creating killer infographics that expert designers and marketers have identified over a period of time.

You need to follow these practices to ensure that your infographics go viral and attract lots of visitors. Read these infographics tips below.

Here’s a showcase of 15 beautiful examples of infographics for your inspiration.  What infographic do you like the best? Plus, if you have found any other infographics that you want to share with the WebDesignDev community, feel free to let us know by dropping in a comment.

Mapping The Rise Of Mobile Technology For Social Good

Mapping The Rise Of Mobile Technology For Social Good Infographics

This is a good example of data graphic representation that is focusing on mapping the rise of mobile technology for social good. This example is very detailed and really eye-catching. It is an example worth following.

17 Signs Our World Is Already Changing for the Better

17 Signs Our World Is Already Changing for the Better Infographics

If you did not think the world is changing for the better, then this infographic might change your mind. This infographic presents 17 goals set by the U.N. such as eradicating poverty and stopping climate change. These are only a few of the goals they have set. Take a closer look at the way this infographic is designed as it can be a great source of inspiration for future data representation projects.

INFOGRAPHIC TIPS | Use the Right Tool

The most critical step in actually creating an engaging infographic, that attracts the attention of your audience, is selecting the right tool. The ideal tool should not only make it easier for you to create complex infographics without much effort but also give you a flexible range of options and designs to help save your time.

Pacific Garbage Patch

Pacific Garbage Patch Infographics

This interesting infographic will show you everything you need to know about the great Pacific garbage patch.  It focuses on raising awareness of the problems the Pacific is facing nowadays, mostly caused by plastic waste.

Green Report

Green Report Infographics

This cool infographic shows you how many people are using bicycles as public transportation.  This infographic is well designed and presents information in a very creative way.

INFOGRAPHIC TIPS | Create Vertical Infographics

Infographics are either designed horizontally or vertically. However, a quick look at some of the most compelling and viral infographics shows that vertical infographics usually perform much better than the horizontal ones.

It is also recommended to design infographics vertically because of the natural flow of an internet user, which is from top to bottom, while browsing. The vertical infographics are also easier to view on most browsers and mobile devices, and tend to get much more social media shares as compared to the horizontal infographics.

Show Do Milhao

Show Do Milhao Infographics

Find out all about corn with this awesome infographic with cool graphics.  This is yet another example that can be a great source of inspiration as it presents everything you need to know in a creative and effective way.

Wealth Of World Leaders

richest world leaders infographics

What are the richest world leaders? Find out what their estimated wealth is in this useful infographic map and get your inspiration from this amazing data representation.


Infographics are very different from the standard text articles. The aim of infographics is to instantly attract user attention either through attractive visuals or interesting facts and numbers.

That is why the best infographics use font sizes that are much larger than the standard text articles. Try using a combination of font sizes for different areas of your infographic and highlight the key areas through increased font size and unique colors.

Piggy Trouble

Piggy Trouble Infographic designs

Want to learn more about swine flu? This awesome infographic will teach you everything. It has a black background on which the white typography and visuals stand out. This is a great manner of representing data in a creative way.

INFOGRAPHIC TIPS | Create Responsive Infographics

Designs that automatically adjust their size and dimensions according to the device they’re being viewed on are called responsive designs.

Since a major portion of online traffic now comes from mobile devices, you must make sure that you create responsive infographics to cater to that traffic.

Responsive designs are a little more expensive to create but their need is increasing with every passing day since more users are moving to mobile devices as compared to desktop platforms.


F1 GP Infographic designs

This is a Formula 1 infographic for those of you who are passionate about racing and cars. It has a nice design that will definitely catch your eye. This type of infographic can come in really handy if you are looking to create a data representation for a smaller area such as this one.

INFOGRAPHIC TIPS | Use Complimenting Colors

There are two ways of using colors in infographics. You can choose a single color theme and apply different complimenting shades throughout the infographic, or you can choose random color sets for each section of your infographic.

However, infographics with different shades of a central color theme tend to perform much better than random colors. They get shared much more on social media websites and engage the audience much more effectively.

Healthcare Costs By State

Healthcare Costs By State Infographic designs

Ever wondered what are the health care costs in the US? This infographic will show you the statistics in a very cool way. The data is well represented and all in all, this infographic looks great and presents content straight to the point and in a very effective way.

INFOGRAPHIC TIPS | Create Compelling Headlines

As much as infographics are about eye-catching visual and attractive graphics, the need for high-quality text content will always be there.

Visuals alone are not enough to grab the attention of your audience. You need to create compelling headlines to immediately create interest.

Just like text articles, your headline should not only be a clear reflection of the basic idea behind your infographic but should also be crafted in a way that generates interest and hungering your audience for knowing more.

If you get the headline wrong, your visitors might go away and not even get to the visuals.

Kill Bill

Kill Bill Infographic designs

Making fan made infographics can be a great way to learn how to represent data. Loved the Kill Bill movie? Learn more about it with this fan made infographic.

INFOGRAPHIC TIPS | Keep Your Design Simple

While creating infographics, there’s always a tendency in designers to go for complex designs that carry abstract messages. However, complex designs don’t usually perform well when it comes to infographics.

The reason for that is simple. Infographics are targeted towards the masses, and their aim is to communicate complex data sets and dry facts in an attractive manner.

Complex designs kill that purpose and make it difficult for the viewer to understand the data presented in the infographic.

That is why it is very important that you keep the design of your infographic simple and easy to understand for your target audience.

El Historico Viaje De Lindbergh

El Historico Viaje De Lindbergh Infographic designs

This one is a very interesting infographic about Lindbergh’s life. If you are passionate about history then you might want to check out this infographic. This is yet another good example that is worth following.

Transparency: Where Are All the Fish?

Where Are All The Fish Infographic designs

The fish population in the sea is currently decreasing. Find out why with this cool, chart infographic. The way de data is represented in this example is very colourful yet simple and straight to the point.

INFOGRAPHIC TIPS | Encourage Sharing

Infographics are meant to be shared and go viral. That is one of the core reasons for their existence.

However, successful infographics always carry an element of encouragement for social media sharing. There are several ways you can do that as well.

Make sure that sharing buttons are a part of your infographic design. You should also make it easy for your audience to embed the infographics on their own pages. You can create a simple embed code for your infographic by using this online embed code generator.

Embedding will not only make it easier for your audience to share your infographic, but also give you lots of valuable backlinks.

Seeking Refuge

Seeking Refuge Infographic designs

This infographic gives you a glance at refugees statistics worldwide. It can be a very helpful example that can be a great source of inspiration. It can also be used to raise awareness on this topic.

The Largest Bankruptcies In History

The Largest Bankruptcies In History Infographic designs

This is yet another cool infographic that is worth following. Want to know what were the largest bankruptcies in the world? This infographic will tell you! The data was represented in a creative way making this infographic worthy of being in this list.

INFOGRAPHIC TIPS | Cite Data Sources

Infographics are primarily based on data sets and information collected from different sources. Every top infographic clearly cites all the sources of its data collection.

This is very important for the credibility of your infographic and failure to comply with it may result in increased bounce rates and a reduced number of social media shares.

The best way to cite your data sources is either by making them a part of your design, or by mentioning them separately at the end of your infographic.

Transparency: A History of Gay Marriage Bans

Knot Tied Infographic designs

Last but not least, this infographic is about the history of gay marriage bans. It shows how and what laws changed via legislatures, courts, or voters. This data representation has a very eye-catching design and is an example worth following.  It uses a dominant monochrome design showing voting percents and a colourful visual. This example, along with the previous ones are worth following and can be a great source of inspiration.

INFOGRAPHIC TIPS | Promote Your Infographic

A highly engaging and beautifully crafted infographic with an awesome design and mind blowing facts is no good if your audience doesn’t know about it.

That is why aggressively promoting your infographic is one the most important steps in getting them viral.

You can start promoting your infographics by submitting them to popular infographic directories.

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