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25 Examples Of Rebranding Logos From Old To New

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A logo redesign can give a company a new face. We have put together a nice collection of 25 rebranding logos of famous companies. The old logos are on the left, and the new ones on the right.

If you want to add any more logos to our collection, or even the next collection, drop a comment linking to the old logo and the new logo and we will be sure to add it.

citroen rebranding logo

The changes include replacing the 3D metallic variation of the double chevron logo accompanied by a new font for the Citroën name and the new slogan “Créative Technologie” with a flat version of it, in just grey.

starbucks rebranding logo

Starbucks logo was changed, removing the Starbucks wordmark around the siren, enlarging the siren image, and making it green.

airfrance rebranding logo

Air France officially changed its logo to a red stripe.

fanta rebranding logo

Fanta is the second-oldest brand of The Coca-Cola Company and our second most popular brand outside of the United States. This is its latest logo.

sprite rebranding logo

The “double-lemon” symbol was added over the I in the mid-80s. Sprite changes the logo to a flat, simpler version.

6 rebranding logo bt

The new logo is designed to embody BT’s five corporate values: trustworthy, helpful, inspiring, straightforward, heart. The logo was pretty much the same, but the “piper” was replaced by a “connected world”, and the color was made slightly darker.

7 rebranding logo apple

The rainbow logo was designed by Rob Janoff. Apple Computer Inc. was renamed Apple Inc. in January 2007 with the announcement of two non-computer products, the Apple TV and the iPhone. That is the same time when they decided to rebrand their company by changing the logo into a more modern one.

8 rebranding logo best buy

In 1992, The “Best Buy” type was placed on a yellow price tag and the “Superstores” line was eliminated. The second logo is the alternate logo used only at a Best Buy location in the Mall of America.

9 rebranding logos champion's league

AFC Champions League is a football tournament that features the best soccer clubs in each country competing for Asian supremacy.

10 rebranding logo sandisk

The new SanDisk logo was rebranded in 2007. It was simplified, removing the graphic element and leaving just the text.

pyramid rebranding logo

Personally, I like the newer, simple pyramid-centric logo above.

12 rebranding logo capital one

This logo received very negative reception from the public, mostly because of the addition of a “swoosh”. It was listed one of the worst logos of 2008.


13 rebranding logo bp

The updated shield logo was introduced in 1989 as part of a new corporate image. It features a lighter shade of green and the new image had more focus on the color green than the predecessor. The rebrand took place in 2000.

14 rebranding logo intel

A new corporate logo incorporating elements from the well known Intel Inside campaign was first used in December 2005.

compaq rebranding logo

Compaq was first introduced in 1982. Until then the logo went through 4 distinct rebranding processes.

16 rebranding logo kfc

In 2006 Colonel Sanders was given a facelift, removing the wrinkles and replacing his trademark suit with an apron. The logo now has thick, bold lines which help the logo to stand out more.

17 rebranding logo barclaycard

The logo was very much simplified and rebranded into a more modern, futuristic logo.

bnz rebranding logo

The Bank of New Zealand went through 4 rebranding processes. It now has a very minimalist logo.

19 rebranding logo walmart

In 1992, Walmart changed logo color to blue and replaced the dash with a star.  A new logo with a new font was first used on June 30, 2008.

20 rebranding logo ducati

The Ducati logo went through multiple changes in time. The most recent logo is in 3D and has a nice glossy/metallic effect.

21 rebranding logo at&t

In 1983, the text remained but the bell was changed into a globe. This still appears on some products. On November 21, 2005, an overhauled AT&T logo was introduced as a result of SBC’s acquisition of AT&T Corp.

22 rebranding logo firefox

Mozilla Firefox’s logo was changed a lot. The last 3 logo variations maintain the same idea of a fox with fire tail, embracing the whole Earth.

dubai rebranding logo

This is one of my favorite rebranded logos in this list. Dubai’s International rebranded logo looks amazing. The colors are vibrant and the font is very well chosen.

cisco rebranding logo

Cisco System’s logo was changed 5 times. Now it has a more simple look.

cnet rebranding logo

In 1994, CNET Networks was re-launched as CNET, after the acquisition by the corporation. Recently, this logo was given a gradient look.

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70 thoughts on “25 Examples Of Rebranding Logos From Old To New”

  1. Very cool! Love how some of them were so subtle, and yet others are very different. I saw the old Apple logo a few days ago, and did a double take on it. I guess it’s been awhile since it’s changed!

  2. i THINK im in a state of FIFA FIFA FIFA FIFA


    starbucks aint a logo its a SAYING

    like yano ‘hey guys im so starbucks this evening’


  3. Coca-Cola don’t change his logo since this was created.

    Old Logos was much better than news in:
    – Sprite
    – Piramid (the new logo is bad bad bad)

  4. Almost all of them are probably gonna get remade again in a few years. I personally prefer the old Citroen one, such a shame they changed that. The Sprite logo is ridiculous, looks like it has some kind of a cheap ps warp on it…

  5. Quite surprised you’ve got Bank of New Zealand in there. Glad to see people keep an eye out on what’s coming out from Aotearoa!

  6. When will they help Sherwin Williams?! Grotesque logo of the earth being smothered in paint with the slogan “Cover the Earth”…

  7. Nice post. Very interesting to see how a company can change its logo a lil bit and make such a difference.

  8. Agreed, the new Sprite logo is lame.

    I love those globes in AT&T, BT and Dubai.

    On behalf of my country New Zealand, thank you for taking an interest in our only banks new logo.

  9. The new Sprite logo is kind of a downgrade. BP’s new logo has been around for a while, and I think it’s definitely a big improvement on the old one. Thanks for the great examples!

  10. Most of the logos look better now that they have been updated but I prefer the old logos for Pyramid Breweries and Compaq.

    Another company that has recently changed its logo is Woolworths Supermarkets in Australia. Dramatic improvement 🙂

  11. It’s interesting to see how companies change their branding over time. Some have definitely got better over time.

    My favourites are Apple and Dubai International Airport logos

  12. Capitol One has shown yet another example of the poor decision making of the banking industry. A swoosh? – Reeeeallly?!

  13. The Starbuck’s logo changed years ago…why is everyone acting like it’s no longer the green logo? That’s the current one. They went through a temporary re-branding a couple years ago where they brought back their original logo (on the left), in a back-to-the-basics marketing campaign to make a push on their plain coffee.

    Clueless, all of you.

  14. To all of the people commenting on the starbucks logo, they did NOT get a new logo, the one on the left is the old logo.
    The nudity was there before Starbucks was as mainstream.

  15. The Starbucks logo shown on the right is a special “nostalgia” logo that they brought back to coincide with the release of their Pike Place Blend coffee; it was also used briefly to commemorate their 35th anniversary in 2006. It will have limited use and does not replace their current green logo.

  16. Great Example. Never seen that new Best Buy logo yet.
    I checked both the US and Canada’s Best buy website. They don’t seem to have the new version.

  17. I love seeing these kinds of lists.

    The Starbucks logo, however, should be switched around. The naked mermaid is the original, and the green is the new one. They just brought back the old b/w version for a 25th anniversary campaign they did.

    Thanks much!

  18. Nice list – interesting that Starbucks has chosen to include nudity in their logo…

    I think the best transformations are Apple, Best Buy and Dubai.

  19. I love the progression through trends over time. You can see how different logos are revised to fit the current trends and how others are pushing into new styles that will lead the trends of the design community! cool.


  20. Great examples. It’s funny how a trend of more solid, simpler logos is visible ina a whole array of different areas

  21. Actually, the Starbucks logo on the right is there original version and used to be only be available at their original store in Seattle. It was refined, covering up the mermaid’s chest, as they began their national expansion.

    They have begun using it on products all over recently.

  22. Very interesting how they develop. I did not realise starbucks got a new logo.. been there twice in the last week and I am sure it is still green!!


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