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16 Best New Year & Christmas Landing Pages

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If you’re in need of a great-quality New Year or Christmas landing page, then we have you covered in our list of the best free and premium options.

You’ll also see landing pages that work great for events, conferences, and festivals.

The concept of a landing page has become so prevalent nowadays and having a high-quality template to use just in time for the holidays can be a lifesaver. Many brands create a unique promotional campaign for their products or services on this occasion.

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Additionally, some want to make new announcements or organize certain events. At the same time, some brands just want to wish festive greetings to the users. For all these purposes, a well-designed landing page can be highly effective.

On this list, you’ll see Bootstrap and HTML landing pages as well as those designed to work with various site builders such as WiX, Divi, Squarespace, and Shopify.

Top 6 New Year & Christmas Landing Pages – Editor’s Picks

Here is what we would consider the overall top 5 on our list. They are incredible landing pages with the highest quality and you can download all 5 for free with Envato Elements. All you need to do is take advantage of their free 7-day trial and download as many templates, themes, plugins, and fonts as you want – at no cost to you!

We will briefly highlight these 5 because you really should go over to Envato and see the multiple views to experience each landing page designed for the New Year and Christmas holidays!

Oomph – Christmas HTML Template

Oomph - Christmas HTML Template

Here’s an impressive Christmas Template that provides everything you need including animation backgrounds, Ajax form, timers, and more.

Porky – HTML5 Coming Soon Template

Porky -  HTML5 Coming Soon Template

This responsive and modern theme comes with 10 different backgrounds and runs on HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, and Boostrap Sass.

Fides – Essential Intro

Fides - Essential Intro

Fides is a great match for all festivals that will quickly hold and captivate the user’s attention. It’s a minimal, simple, and short intro teaser.

BigEvent – Conferences & Meetups

BigEvent - Conferences & Meetups

If you’re planning a new year or holiday event then BigEvent is a great option. A Bootstrap Grid with modern and captivating designs.

Invitex – Event, Conference, Meetup

Invitex - Event, Conference, Meetup

Invitex is a powerful one-page, fully responsive template with features such as a pricing table, countdown timer, and more.

Pacifico – Multipurpose Landing Page

Pacifico - Multipurpose Landing Page

Pacifico has it all! This modern and responsive HTML landing page is not only beautifully designed, but it’s SEO friendly too.

Best 9 Landing Pages for Christmas & New Year Celebrations

1. Spirit – Christmas Landing Pages with Page Builder

Spirit – Christmas landing page truly captures the Christmas and festive spirit. It comes loaded with a series of pre-built landing pages designed in a pixel-perfect manner. All pages ensure the Christmas and festive elements, starting from the header image to typography, buttons, and more.

In addition, the pages are optimized for search engines and work well on all devices. Because the templates are so well designed, you need to download them and change your content.

Major Features:

  • Eight creative and unique pre-built page templates
  • 700+ add-ons that provide a lot of design options
  • Works with Blox Page Builder facilitating easy drag-and-drop functionality
  • Provides full control to customize template as per need
  • One-click install lets you get started in no time
  • Get lifetime updates on add-ons and features for a lifetime

2. Wix – Dew Event Landing Page

Creative New Year Landing Page Themes: Wix - Dew Event Landing Page

Wix is one of the most powerful website-building platforms at present. Because it offers so many features that can be easily used, even website enthusiasts who have very little coding knowledge are opting for Wix.

The Dew Event Landing page will not come across as the most ready-to-use new year landing page. But if you observe more carefully, it has all the right sections that you will need if you are looking for a landing page template for a new year event. You just need to figure out a good content flow and edit the template accordingly. 

Major Features:

  • The design follows the latest graphic design trends making it look visually stunning
  • Highly compatible with mobile devices and all browsers
  • Because the webpage is light, it opens quickly and scores better in SEO
  • Allows integration of social media widgets giving you more reach
  • You can also set up a newsletter subscription to increase your email database
  • The robust support system of Wix and its add-on features empower your development

3. Divi – Special Event Landing Page

If you are a WordPress website developer, you would have surely heard about Divi and its strong reputation in this industry. Thanks to its powerful functionalities and designs, the ecosystem that it has built has made it one of the most highly used platforms for creating WordPress websites and landing pages.

For example, Divi offers a special event landing page that can be used to create your new year landing page. This page is very well designed and uses flat illustrations in trend. You can deploy this landing page template and use the Divi tools to convert it into the landing page you need.

Major Features:

  • It contains a lot of exciting design elements that will make your landing page stand out
  • It comes with seven different page options in case you want to add them
  • Has special sections for event scheduling, registration, cost, and even blogs
  • Although fancy in design, the webpage is highly compatible with mobile devices
  • Divi developer tools let you quickly customize the template without any coding
  • The subscription comes with unlimited use of the template, and hence you can keep using it for other purposes as well 

4. Sannta – Event Christmas Landing Page

Creative New Year Landing Page Themes: Sannta - Event Christmas Landing Page

Sannta – Event Christmas Landing Page is an HTML-based template loaded with festive elements. This is a very good option if you are looking for a vibrant, cheerful template for your new year’s event or announcement or greeting landing page.

The template is built on the Bootstrap 5 framework. When you purchase and download the template, you will get all HTML, PHP, CSS, and JS files with it. The web pages are designed to work well on all mobile devices. 

Major Features:

  • The template comes loaded with a lot of design elements like carousels, tables, buttons, accordions, and more
  • The entire website code is W3C valid, well commented, and search engine friendly
  • It comes with cool CSS3 animations, which make the webpage look visually appealing
  • It has the option of a stick-to-top menu, which can prove to be very handy
  • The download files also include the Sass and Pug files
  • It also has a Booking Form feature in case you want to make the landing page dynamic

5. WYCOFF – Event Landing Page

Creative New Year Landing Page Themes: WYCOFF - Event Landing Page

If you plan a fancy new year party and want to create a landing page for the same, then the WYCOFF – Even landing page is a very good option. This landing page is powered by Squarespace – one of the most powerful digital presence boosters in the market right now.

Squarespace is known for adding online sales, but its powerful tools can also be used to expand the reach of your new year landing page and get more people for your party or event.

Major Features:

  • The template is visually very appealing as it relies more on images and follows the latest graphic design trends
  • There is very little need for text content, and this makes it easy for developers to make the website live
  • With the template, you get access to the digital marketing tools of Squarespace, which are very powerful
  • The online development tool is quick and responsive, making it easy to customize the template
  • You can integrate email marketing with a landing page to shoot out emails or enhance your database
  • The webpage is very friendly for search engines and highly compatible with mobile devices

6. Christmas Season – Landing Page

Creative New Year Landing Page Themes: Christmas Season - Landing Page

This is another good landing page being offered by Wix. If you are looking to create a landing page for your Christmas or New Year get-together in a very quick and hassle-free manner, then this is a perfect choice. It is very simple in terms of design, and its to-the-point approach makes it very effective. Also, it comes with the Wix builder that will let you develop and deploy this new year landing page in a matter of hours. You can also customize the template as per need. 

Major Features:

  • Minimal and neat design that helps in faster deployment
  • A lot of festive seasons elements are already loaded on the webpage
  • The special content section provided to add details about the event
  • The RSVP function makes the website dynamic and allows you to gather details about attendees
  • The powerful development tools of Wix can help you add more sections if needed
  • Because of its simple code and design, the webpage is super quick to open and very SEO friendly

7. imEvent – Conference Landing Page HTML Template

Creative New Year Landing Page Themes: imEvent - Conference Landing Page HTML Template

New Year landing pages may just not be about festive greetings and informal get-togethers. Sometimes you may have to create a full-fledged landing page about a corporate event planned for the new year. This new year landing page can come in very handy at that time. It contains all the elements and sections that you will need to create an event landing page.

The webpage is designed very carefully and therefore comes out very visually appealing. It also includes templates for New Year, Christmas, and other seasons, making work easy for you. 

Major Features:

  • The template comes with a variety of options like a light/dark theme and full-width or boxed layout 
  • In the slider, you can set up images, graphics, event countdown, and also videos
  • Comes integrated with the Paypal payment gateway
  • The template has additional features like donate page, blog pages, 404 page, Google map integration, and more
  • You also get access to the PSD files of the template
  • The template comes with a unique background MP3 track with three variants which save your $150

8. Duda – Corporate Event Landing Page

Creative New Year Landing Page Themes: Duda - Corporate Event Landing Page

Just like Wix, Duda is another powerful online website-building platform. Its website claims that every 17 seconds, a new website is created on Duda. This can give you an idea of its usage.

In addition, Duda offers a very powerful website design and customization tool that gives you complete control over the look and feel of the website. This landing page is about a conference or an event and can be used if you plan to have a formal event during the new year.

Major Features:

  • Very well designed template using white spaces and vivid colors
  • It contains all the essential sections and features needed for setting up your new year landing page
  • Allows integration with client management tools of Duda if needed
  • Allows you to control all design parts of the website, thereby allowing complete customization
  • Duda’s robust customer support system can help you wherever you are stuck
  • The website code is SEO friendly, and the site is mobile compatible 

9. Christmas and New Year Greetings – Responsive Newsletter Template

Christmas and New Year Greetings – Responsive Template

Sometimes HTML templates can serve the dual purpose of being a landing page and a newsletter. For example, new Year is a good occasion for you to send out a newsletter that can include festive greetings, yearly updates, and more details about your brand. This newsletter template can also be used to create a nice landing page. The template includes both greetings for Christmas and New Year both. When you download the template, you get various design options, and you can customize your new year landing page using them.

Major Features:

  • Simple in design and easy to customize multiple content sections
  • The template has four different types of layouts for the promotion of your offers or yearly updates
  • The custom UI kit and editable vectors make it easy for you to further edit the template
  • The template is editable in Figma as well, which can make it easy for people who know that tool
  • Because of the simple code, the template opens very quickly and is SEO friendly
  • The structured column structure makes the webpage open well across devices

10. New Year Party Shop Shopify Theme

Creative New Year Landing Page Themes: New Year Party Shop Website Theme

For many small and medium-scale businesses, the new year time presents a good opportunity to enhance their business. If you plan to set up an online shop selling goods related to the new year’s party, then this website theme is perfect for you. Created on HTML, the template comes loaded with all the requisite integrations you need to boost your sales. The good part is that the design is well set up to showcase the new year’s festive feel. Furthermore, the website navigation is kept simple to ensure a good user experience.

Major Features:

  • This template is based on Paira Shopify Framework, which makes it an easy and powerful way to set up online shopping
  • Apart from being SEO friendly, the template also includes Google’s Rich Product Snippet feature, which further helps in brand visibility
  • The template also includes Ajax Shopping Card with a nice success message in them
  • Provides a variety of options to display your products and their features
  • The theme is compatible with all modern browsers and runs smoothly on all devices
  • The source code is well documented, making it easy for developers to modify it as per need


As a developer, you need to understand that the new year landing page template you would be looking for will essentially be an event page template. The majority of the pre-built themes use such a template as a base and load it with design elements related to the new year. Therefore, most of the themes mentioned above already have the new year element in them. For the rest, all you need to do is make some design changes, and you will have your creative new year landing page theme ready to use.

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