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The increasing popularity and market trends toward cryptocurrency are not avoidable subjects. Cryptocurrency has involved many factors and people, which is quite remarkable. Since it is digital, platform-based industry designers and developers are bound to participate. To make a solid brand presence and engage people, any business would need a compelling website, ads, posts, banners, and many other graphical images.

That’s why the online market is filled with significant design assets related to cryptocurrency. But it’s a large pool where anyone can get lost without finding anything. Therefore to help professionals, businesses, and brands, we have curated this post of 16 amazing cryptocurrency design assets. We have included various essential assets like images, PSDs, landing pages, website templates, ideas, and infographics. And all the assets are professionally designed and selected by our team of experts, so let’s get into the details.

1. Invest in Cryptocurrency – Landing Page:

Amazing Crypto Currency Design Assets For Designers: Landing Page

If your emails, website, ads, and videos don’t have any specific landing page, then get this one. It’s a great flat vector landing page that allows you to redirect your audience to a specific information page. In addition, you get a beautiful, customizable PSD file that only needs some alteration from your side to develop a professional landing page.

It’s a vector illustration file and comes with smart editable elements so that you can customize it easily and utilize it in your various objectives.

2. Encrypto PowerPoint:

Amazing Crypto Currency Design Assets For Designers: Powerpoint Template

It is a fantastic presentation template for cryptocurrency and related categories. You get a multipurpose PowerPoint template with many unique slides to represent your brand and subject meticulously. It is a powerful, professional, and elegant design that offers impressive customization.

Standard PowerPoint templates might not be ideal for cryptocurrency subjects, but this specially designed template is modern and attractive to support crypto, bitcoin, tech, finance, and many other categories. And a good PowerPoint presentation needs a solid template like this, so more or less, it’s one of the must-have design assets for designers or business owners.

3. Cryptocurrency Background of Virtual Money Free Vector:

Amazing Crypto Currency Design Assets For Designers: Background

This classy background is a free image for cryptocurrency, bitcoin, or any virtual money-related concepts. You get a high-quality vector file that can be used for any dimension and design. The background is minimalist, elegant, and attractive. Moreover, it has wide space and beautiful gradient color to offer a perfect foundation for any design element.

This background can be used for banners, ads, websites, videos, cover pages, and many other branding accessories. It is a modern, versatile, and straightforward image that is good to have in your design asset folder. So try this for free and make some awesome cryptocurrency designs.

4. Crypto Lab Logo Design:

Amazing Crypto Currency Design Assets For Designers: Crypto Logo

This is a free vector design that has an EPS file and a PNG file to offer. It has a simple illustration that represents the lab and bitcoin subject. Undoubtedly this image can help you in an end number of projects as long as it’s about cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and virtual money. You can use this vector file for free, especially for logo designs.

All the brand identities can have a solid and profound impression with the help of this professional and smart illustration. So try this beautiful small illustration whenever you need a suitable explanatory design for your professional service or product design of cryptocurrency and virtual money.

5. 74 Cryptocurrency Modern Icons:

Amazing Crypto Currency Design Assets For Designers: Crypto Modern Icons

If you are working on a crypto app or website, you may need this collection of nifty icon sets. It has 74 professionally designed icons to help design professionals with their UI designs and various website pages.

All the 74 icons are beautifully illustrated, and they all represent different messages. This pack is modern, sound, and packed with high-quality icons. You can utilize this in multiple designs and various different categories. So get this in your design asset folder and experiment with your next design.

6. Cryptocurrency Vector Illustration Free Vector:

Amazing Crypto Currency Design Assets For Designers: Crypto Illustration

It is a fantastic vector illustration to help designers with their presentations, websites, social media posts, ads, and many other exciting ideas. You get this vector image for free and use it in your professional design concepts.

It illustrates cryptocurrency, income, satisfied person, and raised graph with attractive colors and smart design. You can use this for any design that needs to promote the benefit of cryptocurrency exchange and the value that a particular brand provides. Overall It is an engaging and robust vector design that you should have in your design assets for exciting and unique design projects.

7. Lymcoin – Cryptocurrency & ICO WordPress Theme:

Amazing Crypto Currency Design Assets For Designers: Crypto Theme

A website is the point of operation for any brand. It is the identity and functional part of their business. So for passionate business owners, this WordPress theme can be very helpful. It is a professionally designed WordPress theme specially for cryptocurrency exchange, mining and ICO. It is a multipurpose theme with great customization features that do not require any coding knowledge.

It is a fully responsive and completely organized file. You can edit this however you want and build a solid website for your brand. So try this powerful design asset that can save a lot of time and energy in creating a website from scratch.

8. Crypto Typeface:

Amazing Crypto Currency Design Assets For Designers: Crypto Font

Crypto font style is one of the must-have design assets for designers working with cryptocurrency and bitcoin-related projects. However, finding an influential typeface can be a little challenging; therefore, we have added this beautiful typeface to this list.

Crypto typeface has sharp and robust letters with uppercase and lowercase fonts and all the beneficial numerals and symbols. It is confident, fierce, and designed with a keen sans serif theme. Your website, logos, ads, banners, and many graphical designs can look modern, reliable, and attractive with this font style. So get this in your collection and make use of it in your cryptocurrency projects.

Amazing Crypto Currency Design Assets For Designers: Crypto Modern Logo

Online logo makers might not provide extraordinary logo designs as per your specifications. Still, they can surely make some market-ready logos to use until you don’t have your required logo. This beautiful logo template is available for free, and it is perfect for any cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchange portal.

It has an attractive color, a nice geometric shape, and a place where you can add your company name. This can also become an inspiration for the designer; they can create some solid logo designs with such modern and inspiring logo templates. So try this for any purpose and have a nice logo identity for your brand.

10. Cryptocurrency Poster:

Amazing Crypto Currency Design Assets For Designers: Crypto Poster

A nice cryptocurrency poster can be very helpful for print advertisements and flyers to increase engagement with the help of the physical embodiment of the design. This excellent poster design has everything you need to showcase your brand, services, products, contact details, and other information.

It has a fully customizable PSD file with 18*24 dimensions and 300 DPI resolution. You can easily edit this poster template and add elements as per your requirement. It is an effortless, attractive, high-quality, and fantastic template design to have in your collection.

11. Cryptocurrency Exchange – Landing Page:

Amazing Crypto Currency Design Assets For Designers: Crypto Exchange Landing Page

This stylish and minimalistic landing page can help you with your emails, ads, and videos. Redirecting links needs a relevant landing page that can provide required information and guide your audience. With this fully customizable landing page, you can help your audience with exchange rates, timers, recent updates, newly added services, or any other business activity.

You get completely editable PSD, AI, EPS, and XD file that holds free fonts and customizable layers. It is a versatile, strong, and effective landing page template. So grab this for your upcoming ads or banners.

12. Bitcoin On Top Of Laptop Flat Lay:

Amazing Crypto Currency Design Assets For Designers: Good Image

It is a high-quality background that can work amazingly for banners, presentations, cover pages, and other creative designs. This background has a realistic look and balanced spacing to make the design natural and seamless.

You can use this in your creative designs where you need a professional setup of a laptop and bitcoins for any cryptocurrency or virtual money-related concepts. Moreover, you can have this versatile background for free in your collection. So get this design asset and complete your innovative projects.

13. CryptoCurrency Icons Set | Concept:

Amazing Crypto Currency Design Assets For Designers: Icon Set

This icon set has meticulously designed icons for cryptocurrency and bitcoin. It has minimalistic and informative icons that can replace many wordy and complicated sentences.

Your UI designs, websites, presentations, and other experiments can look professional, and you can provide a better user experience as well with the help of this icon set. Overall it’s a significant investment to make if you are a professional working with multiple esteemed projects. With this cryptocurrency icon set, you can save lots of time and energy and make the design more engaging and modern.

14. Cryptocurrency With Mock-up Free PSD:

Amazing Crypto Currency Design Assets For Designers: Mockup

If you can get a fantastic background in a mockup form, your creative horizon naturally expands. This is a realistic mockup that holds various coins on a black surface. In addition, you get a fully customizable PSD file that can help you mold this background in any form as per your design requirement.

You can place your design in the middle and change the overall look as well. It is undoubtedly a very flexible and versatile background image. You can use this in any cryptocurrency project, and with a minimum effort, you can deliver outstanding quality, realistic-looking design. So have this brilliant mockup for free and save it in your design assets folder to get its maximum benefits.

15. Blockchain – Cryptocurrency Typeface:

Amazing Crypto Currency Design Assets For Designers: Blockchain Typeface

This bold font style is a great option for professional and motivational designs. Blockchain is a dedicated typeface for cryptocurrency, blockchain, and any other related financial design. Moreover, you get strong letters with soft curves and edges. This rounded font style can help your content to have a silent but impactful impression.

It has robust fonts and numerals, which can be used in multiple projects. This excellent font style can save a lot of time when you want to have the perfect crypto font style for your cryptocurrency project.

16. Blockchain Presentation:

Amazing Crypto Currency Design Assets For Designers: Blockchain Presentation

It is a professional PowerPoint template that can help you with quick presentation design. It has ten free creative slides with easy drag and drop placeholders. You get this presentation template for free and customize this as per your subject. In addition, it has high-quality vector images that can be transformed into any size and dimension.

When you can’t find a suitable template from your Microsoft PowerPoint defaults or any other software collection, this can come in handy. You can make an impressive presentation representing your subject and work effectively with simple editing and modifications in this template. So keep this in your design asset folder if making presentations and giving a presentation is part of your routine.

Cryptocurrency is a modern subject that requires smart designs and innovative concepts. Any finance, tech, and digital investment theme can do the work but wouldn’t it be great to get some tremendous, meticulously designed cryptocurrency assets. We have tried to make this collection packed with helpful and adaptive assets.

You can find anything practical or inspirational for your esteemed project and use it in your subsequent designs. Some assets are available for free, and some are paid assets in this collection. So you have to go through the details to find what the design is, how it is helpful, and how you can download it.

Whatever your cryptocurrency project is, whether it’s a website, video, post, graphical image, typography, or anything else, this collection can surely come in handy when you want some unique design assets. So check out some modern and valuable design assets mentioned here to make your design better and brighter.

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