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In today’s time, no designer wants to create typical or ordinary designs. The most significant trend we have seen in the last few years is minimalistic designs. In every sector, when it comes to designing, people are following and appreciating less is more concept with creative design elements.

When we talk about designing elements like icon sets, they deliver the message in lesser words and with greater conviction. That’s why they are gradually becoming an essential part of websites and applications. A beautiful and simplistic icon set can help any designer to make his design more attractive and accessible.

But creating a personalized icon set is a huge task, and in the middle of website or app designing, no designer has enough time and focus on developing a unique icon set from scratch. So to help all the enthusiastic designers and creative people in the industry, we have curated this list of 21 line design icon sets to collect or use in various projects.

1. Ikonate:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Ikonate

Ikonate is the most beautiful and convenient icon set. It allows excellent customization and a complete set of professional line icons. In addition, you can export this icon set for free which is an excellent benefit for any designer. You are allowed to change the size, border, color, cap, and corner inside the website, and then you can download your personalized line icon set for website and graphic designs.

2. Linecons Icons:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Linecon Icons

You get 48 beautiful icons in this download that can help any design. For example, you may need some helpful and easy-to-follow icons with interactive UI designs to make the user experience seamless. And for such requirements, Linecons can be a great set of icons. Every icon is vector based which makes them scalable for any size need. So have them in your database if your creative designs need outline-styled icons in some cases.

3. Mobile UI & UX Line Icons:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Mobile Icons

With these 50 cool mobile UI and UX line icons, you can develop a fantastic interface for any website and app category. You can use it for many other purposes as well if you are a designer working with different design projects. Every icon is professionally built, vector-based, and ready for every platform. So it would be amazing to have these beautiful 50 unique icons that can work with any design.

4. 48 Bubbles Icon Set:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Bubbles Icons

This multipurpose icon set is available to use for free. You can scale it and utilize it in multiple design projects. It has a combination of several categories; that’s why, be it educational, corporate, entertainment, or any other industry, you can easily use these icons and make your design attractive and informative. It’s a good set to have in the collection for creative purposes.

5. Those Icons Line & Glyph Bundle:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Icon Lines

This wholesome bunch of icons can save a lot of time and energy if you are working on a large project. You get icons and glyphs suitable for many business categories. Moreover, it has impressive features to offer, which can help designers to customize these icons if they want to as per their preference. Six thousand unique icons with 71 relevant categories and in vector format is a beautiful deal for any designer. Therefore it is one of the must-have icons set in this list.

6. Birply Icons Vol3:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Birply Icons

Birply Icons Vol3 is a beautiful icon set for multiple purposes. You get professionally designed icons related to science, stationery, and office categories. These 45 icons are minimalistic and very flexible. You can scale them and change colors as well as per your preference. With a bit of editing, you can utilize this icon set for your design with zero investment. That’s why it has no reason to deny.

7. Streamline Freehand:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Streamline

If you want attractive icons with hand-drawn style in your cheerful or unique design, then Streamline’s Freehand is the best choice for you. It has an extensive range of icons with different categories in a lovely hand-drawn style. Moreover, you can get icons as per your requirement and customize them as well. These cute and colorful icons can satisfy the end number of designs, be it for personal or professional projects.

8. Ego:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Ego

Ego collection has 100 unique icons to offer you. In this download, you get solid and clean icons of place, people, animals, and many other objects. The designer has given a unique geometrical shape and angular theme to this icon set. And that’s why we suggest this incredible and unique icon set to every designer who likes to have designing assets and use them to improve their projects.

9. Continuous Line Icons:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Continous Line

This icon set has a very creative design concept of single lines. Every icon is drawn using a single continuous line, which makes this icon set exciting and unique to include in designs. You get 130 icons of 7 different categories. And every icon is scalable and lightweight. Overall a wonderful icon set to collect and use in multiple creative web pages, user interfaces, and graphic designs.

10. Two Styles:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Continous Two Styles

Professionals always love the simple line icon set with different styles and systematic design. Here in this set, you get two styles as circled and non-circled in icons. In both styles, all 130 icons are different and creative. Circled icons can add a twist to your designs, and noncircular ones are also exciting to use in projects. So it can be a nice set collection for you to save and use.

11. Lordicon:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Lordicon

Lordicon has 627 animated icons to offer which can make your website interactive and user-friendly. You can customize these icons and download them as per your preferences. Also, these icons are scalable and contain different categories such as people, messages, and other elements. Lordicon is a fantastic icon set to collect because it allows you to use real animated icons within few steps, which can save a lot of time and effort for any designer.

12. Ink Style Icons:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Ink Style

This stunning icon set is designed by Eleonor Wang. It has a unique ink style theme in every icon, which makes it one of a kind type of icon set. You get 100 beautiful icons related to weather, nature, symbols, and other elements. And the simple ink theme gives you an exquisite and realistic feeling with these icons. So grab it and make your creative designs more innovative by offering unique icons.

13. Flat Line Icons Design – E-commerce:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Ecommerce

Ecommerce websites face maximum traffic fluctuation on a daily basis. And that’s why their user interface has to be user-friendly and lightweight. With a flat line icon set, you can make your eCommerce platform interactive and helpful to users. It has 20 professionally designed line icons for eCommerce designs. And they all can explain various eCommerce features on websites simply and smartly.

14. Nucleus Icon Set:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Nucleus Set

Nucleus has an extraordinary icon set with creatively designed icons. It offers various categories in a single set like tech products, finance, space, astronomy, and media. And all 400 icons have an innovative design structure which makes them utterly gorgeous and minimalistic. The nucleus is a special icon set that can be perfect for some innovative design ideas, so grab it and let it shine with your creativity.

15. Full Vector Line Icon Pack:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Full Size

This pack is an excellent choice by holding 280 vector line icons if you want to get maximum varieties from a single download. The line icons are smartly designed with beautiful detailing. That’s why you get evenly focused icons from this pack, be it space, food, vehicles, tools, beverage, weather, or UI category. It is best for creative professionals and their unique designs to make their work easier and better.

16. Free Lined Icons:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Free Lined

These fifteen simple icon set is an excellent solution for apps and small web pages. It has essential line icons to make a modern and interactive user interface design. The designer has used the shadow effect beautifully to add some depth to this icon set. And the overall icon design presents a great example of a minimalistic icon set. That’s why we have included this one in the list.

17. Bicolored Icon Collection:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Bicoloured

In this collection, you get 60 amazing icons to support your designs. This bicolored icon set has simple linear icons in a combination of two different colors. It looks appealing, unique, and best to choose for professional websites and applications. But, of course, you can always use this for various personal designs as well. Have this in your collection to build solid creative assets and make your designs modern and communicating.

18. Curved Script-Style Single Line Icons:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Curved Style

It is one of the charming and comfortable icon sets in this list. With a single-line concept, this pack of 40 icon sets has unique script-style icons to offer. In addition, it has forty different general use icons that can be used in websites, apps, online platforms, and in any design where you need to explain something without words. It looks friendly, modern, and casual icon set. Definitely worth collecting and using.

19. iPhone Icons Collection:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Iphone Icons

This icon set is a special category of a set. It has 50 minimalistic icons based on iPhone design. With this, you get line icons of phones and related objects, and it could be an excellent choice for the UI design of applications or any design related to mobiles. This unique set of icons is specially designed by keeping the iPhone concept in mind, and surely it is great to collect for various mobile and related design projects.

20. Eva Icons:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Eva Icons

It has more than 480 beautiful icons specially designed for general use. There is no complicated design element in this pack. You only get super clean and minimalistic icons in a cute small size, which can be perfect for commercial websites and graphic projects. It includes all the essential icons related to professional interface and corporate designs. Eva Icons can help a large number of designs, and that’s why it would be best to collect.

21. Minima:

Line Design Icon sets for Your Collection: Minima

This fantastic transparent animated icon set is totally worth collecting. High-quality icons with different styles can help your presentations, interface designs, webpages, and many more. You get 25 amazing minimalistic icons with fine line designing and exciting animation. It can intrigue your audience and help them to interact with your design better than ordinary designs. And that’s why Minima is a highly recommended icon set.

Line design icon sets are becoming quite popular after Apple used them in applications. They are the best creation for minimalistic designs. Designers have included icons for many years, but the line icon concept is fresh and unique and works well with every design. It is very amusing that how simple lines can communicate the whole message and purpose in the user interface and save a lot of space and effort. It is an effective, feasible, and exciting solution for users as well.

That’s why it is never late to introduce icons in your design if you haven’t considered it yet. With the help of the above-listed collection, you can pick anyone and collect it for future projects or your personal inspiration as well. You can find a variety of icons for different purposes. So check them out with ease and grab them to fulfill your creative needs.

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