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The Best Free Vintage Paper Backgrounds

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Vintage paper backgrounds, at times, are essential whenever it comes to graphic or web design. If you are working on a website background or a graphic design project with a classic old-world theme, vintage paper can make your design come to life.

There are so many ways to introduce vintage backgrounds as far as designing is concerned. Initially, the paper was allowed to season and age over a period of years to make it look vintage. With the advent of technology, the appearance of vintage paper can be achieved by the use of various filters and graphics.

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This blog post focuses on websites that offer access to free vintage paper backgrounds that designers can use in various projects. These projects can be commercial or personal, yet vintage backgrounds that look like paper can provide a unique and memorable style to the project.

The Best Free Vintage Paper Backgrounds

1. Paper Mockup Design Background

Paper Mockup Design Background

This vintage background is of a piece of paper where it appears torn. Here, you can see that the image has text written on the right-hand side of it. That is the point where you can insert the text you need. This vintage background is available for free from the link offered above.

The size of the file is 20.7 MB, and the dimensions are 5000 x 3333 pixels, which makes it a high-resolution background. Freepik offers you a tool through which you can modify the image if the need arises so you don’t need to invest in a graphic design tool just to modify this image. However, as a professional designer, it’s always good to consider Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to give you the greatest design control.

2. Grunge Stained Old Paper Texture

Grunge stained old paper texture

This vintage background consists of a grunge-stained old paper that looks like it has been left to age for decades. It offers the perfect appearance of an aged piece of paper. The image looks like it has a lot of stains, dust, and scratches. Textures4Photoshop offers a tool called texturizer that lets you create a textured background image in the span of moments.

The dimensions of the image are 3000 x 2000 px, and the size of the file is 6.15 MB. To download this background, you have to go to the link provided above, and you can download it without any cost.

3. (50) High-Resolution Old Paper Backgrounds

50 High Resolution old paper backgrounds

In this package, you get 50 different vintage backgrounds, which you can use it in different projects. Moreover, it does not require user authentication to access the photos. You have to click the download button, and then the save file dialog box appears.

The image dimensions are 3000 x 2005 px, and the size of the file is 1.84 MB. Also, the aspect ratio of the image is 600:401, making it ideal for use in any project. The website does not provide an online tool for the modification of the image. Therefore, you can use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or your own graphic design tool to modify the images according to your requirements.

4. Paper Old Texture Parchment

Paper Old Texture Parchment

The vintage background here looks like it has tea or coffee spilled over it. It looks like it has stains left from the beverage. The size of the file is 765 KB, and the dimensions of the file are 1920 x 1374 px.

This website offers four different types of image resolutions to choose from so you can choose the resolution according to your project’s requirements. The dimensions of a small image are 640 x 458 px, while the medium-sized image has 1280 x 916 px.

When it comes to a large image, the dimensions are 1920 x 1374 px. The largest image has dimensions of 6924 x 4956 px. With such selections, you get various selections. And the file format is JPEG, which can be modified in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

5. Coffee And Paper

Coffee and Paper

This paper background depicts aged paper that seems to have crevices out of folding the paper. It dons an old and a look of wear and tears because of the change in color. This kind of plain old paper can be used for website backgrounds, menu cards, posters, flyers, brochures, and more. You can download this background from the link provided above. It is available for free on the given link.

The original dimension of the background is 3000 x 2000 px. But, it is downloadable in three other dimensions as well. The small dimensions are 640 x 426 px, while the medium size dimensions are 1920 x 1280 px. But the large-sized background has dimensions of 2400 x 1600 px.

The file comes in a JPEG file format. With so many selections, it is easy to find the background that suits your project’s requirements. To modify the image, you can use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

6. Textured Grunge Background

Textured Grunge Background

This vintage background here is of a grunge background that is textured to make it look as if it has aged. It has a brownish hue to it, which is ideal for website backgrounds, posters, book covers, and more. You can also create a photo frame where you can use this image as a background.

The file is in the JPG file format, and the size of the file is 248 KB. At 1400 x 980 px dimensions, the image offers high resolution. This image can be used in various projects and works of a graphic designer. You can download this background for free from the link given above. The website does not ask for user authentication, and you can modify the image using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

7. Four Vintage Paper Textures

Four Vintage Paper Textures

This vintage background package here offers a set of four vintage backgrounds. Once you press the download button, you get four different vintage backgrounds. You can put to use all four, or you can choose to use one of them.

The size of each file is around 2.9 MB, and the dimensions of the file are 2500 x 1667 px. You download the file without any charges and don’t even need any kind of user authentication to go through the download process. To modify the image, you can use your favorite graphic design software.

8. Old Grunge Vintage Texture

Old Grunge Vintage Texture

The vintage background here has a bluish tint and has scratches and stains on it. These imperfections represent the image as a retro image. It offers the appearance of a piece of blue paper that has aged over time. You can download the image from the link given above.

The dimensions of the image are 3472 x 2480 px, and the size of the file is 17 MB. To download this background, you don’t need any user profiles to be generated on the website.

9. Crumpled Paper Texture

Crumpled Paper Texture

This background is of an old paper that is crumpled. And it offers an appearance like that of a piece of paper that is way too old. This background can be used in various places for various purposes and projects. The projects can be commercial, professional, or personal; this background is perfectly usable.

With S and M selections, the dimensions are 639 x 482 px and 1279 x 964 px respectively. The L and XL selections offer 1599 x 1205 px and 1919 x 1446 px dimensions respectively. But the full-size image offers the dimensions of 2389 x 1800 px. These images can be modified through software applications like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

10. Stained Paper Texture Design

Stained Paper Texture Design

This vintage background looks like it is an old paper where the stains of the coffee are found. It shows the rim of the coffee cups placed on the paper, and it makes it look like it is an old piece of paper.

This image can be downloaded in TIFF and JPEG file formats. The website of the image is 1200 x 800 px, and the large size of the image is 3500 x 2333 px. If you select the original size of the image, the dimensions are 5548 x 3698 px. All the images are available in the JPEG file format for the above-given dimensions.

11. Old Papyrus

Old Papyrus

This image is of an old papyrus, and it looks like the paper is decades old. You can download this image from the link provided above. The file format of the image is JPEG, and the dimensions of the image are 1458 x 957 px.

Along with the image size of 350 KB, you get a high-resolution image. This image can be modified using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to generate a user profile to access the resources. All the resources are available for free. You don’t even need to subscribe to the website to access the graphic resources.

The link that we have provided above offers access to 48 different vintage images. And you can download one or all of the 48 images to use them in different projects for various purposes.

12. Aged Paper Background

Aged Paper Background

This aged paper background seems to have damp edges that give it a retro feel. The image looks like either it has darkened the paper because of spillage or dampness in the paper. When you use this as a background, you can make the project look like it has aged from the passage of time.

The original file dimensions are 4332 x 5868 px. But you can download it in three various dimensions. With the small and medium resolutions, the dimensions are 640 x 866 px and 1920 x 2600 px respectively. And the large dimension comes at 2400 x 3250 px. This image was captured using SONY ILCE-7RM3 camera with a focal length of 35 mm, an aperture of f/1.4, a shutter speed of 1/1000, and ISO of 100.

You can download this file from the link provided above. If you need, you can modify the image using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

13. Vintage Paper Retro Antique

vintage paper retro antique

This image is of a paper that has greened with the passage of time. It looks like the paper has grown some kind of green fungus or mold over it. Such green papers can be used as a background for invites, flyers, visiting cards, and more. Graphic designers can use this background for websites, or to design posters, menu cards, or anything that needs a vintage appearance.

You can download the background from the link provided above. The source lets you download the file in four different resolutions. With small and medium resolution, the dimensions are 640 x 426 px and 1280 x 853 px respectively. The large and the highest resolutions are 1920 x 1280 px and 5184 x 3456 px respectively. To edit the background, you can use tools like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

The Best FREE Vintage Paper Backgrounds Summary

As you’ve seen, all the resources here are freely available on the given websites. These vintage paper backgrounds offer a lot of possibilities when it comes to using them in projects. Since these are perfectly designed vintage backgrounds, you can use them in a variety of projects.

All the images are available in high definition, and therefore, you can use them as per your requirements. You can always refer to this blog when you require some free, high-quality backgrounds with a vintage paper design style.

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