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10 Websites to Download Free HD Backgrounds for Designers

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Every designer requires backgrounds that are in tandem with the theme of their design projects. And in the quest of good pictures, they look all around the web. Sometimes, photographers also take some really good photographs and offer them to designers for commercial use. In return, they either ask for money or ask for credits wherever and whenever they use the images. Previously, the photographs were not available in very high resolution. That lead to poor images with bad resolution or blurred images. Now, with advancement in the technological field, it is possible to create an image from scratch that has a very high resolution. The designers can even recreate an image from an old image that freshens up the image entirely.

Hence, to prevent the designers from looking for images, we  have compiled a list of websites that provide high definition backgrounds that the designers can download for free. They don’t have to pay for anything. Yes, certain websites require account registration, but that is it. Once you have registered successfully and verified the account, you can download the high resolution images. Some websites offer images only in one high resolution format and others offer various resolution selections. Let us take a look:

1. Pexels:


Pexels is a website that has a huge collection of wallpapers that are available in the high resolution formats. It has thousands of high definition images categorized under different categories and differentiation. The photo here signifies an open book on the green grass seemingly that looks like meadows. Above the book, is placed a pair of red colored sunglasses with a frame that has flowers on it. Amongst the blades of the grass, there are tiny white flowers too that make the high definition image appear stunningly beautiful. The images on this website are available for download in various resolutions. For instance, if you select original, then the image resolution is 6016 x 4000 px. There are also large, medium and small selections that offer 1920 x 1276 px, 1280 x 851px, 640 x 425 px respectively. The most important facility here is, you can download the image in your customized size. You can do this by specifying the height and width of the image according to your requirements.

The lens used to capture this image is 130.0 mm f/5.0 ISO 400. At 13.1 MB, the image is quite of a high quality. It was clicked by NIKON D3200 camera and the edits were made in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic 7.1 software. The aspect ratio of the image is 188:125.

2. Unsplash:


Unsplash is another website that stores a large and massive library of wallpapers and high quality pictures of photographers. It also has Photoshop-designed images made by graphic designers that result into vibrant and lively images and designs. The image here is of a winding road that passes through a dense green forest. On a close observation, you can clearly see trees, and their trunks. The trees look succulently green and full of life. Images on this website are available for download for free. You can download the image in various sizes like small size, medium size and original size. For this image, the small size resolution is 640 x 800 px. The medium size of the image is 1920 x 2400 px, whereas the original size of the image is 2356 x 2945 px. There is no requirement of user registration to download the image. Even without creating a user account, you can download the image.

To click this image, photographer used DJI camera and the model was Mavic Air with focal length of 35 mm. The aperture is f/2.8 with shutter speed of 1/160s.

3. Pixabay:


Pixabay houses a huge library of high definition wallpapers that are either best clicks from the photographers or brainchild of a graphic designer. But, here you have to register on the website to download any image that you require. Only after registration, you can download the image. The images are available in different resolutions like 640 x 426 px, 1280 x 853 px, 1920 x 1279 px, 3454 x 2302 px. These resolutions are respectively termed as small, medium high and original resolutions.

The image here is of an orange ceramic cup and saucer filled with coffee beans. In the image, the cup looks like it has fallen sideways, spilling out the coffee beans. The coffee beans are arranged in a winding order that depicts a specific arrangement. With JPEG file format, the original resolution of the image is 3454 x 2302 px and the image comes under Food and drink category.

4. Burst Shopify:

Burst Shopify

Burst Shopify helps a graphic designer find a relevant image for his graphic design projects. You can also take up an image from here to set it as a wallpaper on your laptop, desktop or tablet devices. From this website, you can download high definition images for free without the need to sign up and register yourself. Here, we can see an image of makeup brushes at varying sizes according to their usage. The brushes are placed in an ascending order of their size.

There are two download options in the website. You can download the required image in high resolution or low resolution. There are no other options for resolution like previous websites that we just saw. This image here is placed under the category of makeup, beauty and cosmetics. You can browse various categories and look for the kind of background image you are looking for.

5. Pikwizard:


Pikwizard houses a massive collection of over 1 million high definition stock images and videos that are royalty free. These images are safe to use in a commercial project. There are innumerous categories of pictures and you can browse each category for your image. The image here is of a sunflower in a farm besides a wooden fence. This image highlights the bright yellow shade of the sunflower placed across the green fields. Photographer has cleverly captured the elements of a farm where the sunrays are also clearly visible in the image.

On this website, you can download the image as well as edit the image for free. The image is available only in one resolution that is provided by the photographer. You don’t get many options on the resolution. In the image editor that the website provides, there are preset image filters for the people who are a novice in the field of photograph editing.

6. Wallpapers craft:

Wallpapers Craft

Wallpapers Craft is another excellent website to download background images for graphic design projects. It offers a wide array of the categories through which a graphic designer can sift and find the relevant image for his projects. The website has over a total of a million of images that are high resolution and high definition images. Even exploring the images is interesting part of using the website. Images on this website are available in various resolutions that suit full screen viewing, laptop screens and desktops. They also have taken care to provide the image resolutions for mobile phones from various companies like Nokia, Apple, Samsung and HTC.

The image under consideration is of a bird’s silhouette at the end of the day during sunset. It captures nicely the sunset colors, a lantern and the bird sitting atop the lantern. The photographer has worked hard to click the changing colors of the sky when the sun is about to set. With the resolution of 2653 x 3769 px, the image offers a very high quality to the viewers.

7. Freepik:


Freepik, is also one of the websites that provide premium images for use as wallpaper, banner, or background. The website offers an access to a humongous collection of high definition images that a graphic designer can use. All the images are placed under a specific category and you can browse the relevant category to find the required image.

The image here depicts a geometric design that looks like dots are connected in a three dimensional viewing field. With colors blending into each other and the dots appear like blinking lights, the image can be used for backgrounds and other design projects. The images are available for download in JPEG file format. This image has a resolution of 3000 x 2000 px and a size of 918 KB. But to download this image, you need to register yourself on the website with your email address. Once you register your email address, you can use the link to download the required image.

8. Wallpaper Access:

Wallpaper Access

Wallpaper access is one of the websites in the list of websites that store high definition images and give free access to them. You can upload your own images if you think they deserve to be downloaded by multiple users on the same website. They have over a million images and photographs that you can choose from. Moreover, the website has a lot of categories from which you can find the relevant category and the related image. With an access to these many images, you get a lot of options to select the image that fits your requirement as well as your imagination.

The image we take a look at, here, is of a glimpse of a day from autumn. With warm and cool colors combined in the same image, the photographer manages to capture our attention. It has combined the dark depths of the wintery day and warmth of sunlight. The leaves of the tree shine brilliantly in the sunlight and appear reddish pink in color. With a resolution of 1920 x 1200 px, the image offers a very clear and high definition product. The most important feature of the website is, you can download the image without registering yourself on the website. It is a completely hassle free download process that saves the time of busy graphic designers.

9. Wallpapers wide:

Wallpapers wide

When you have an access to a large number of options, you get to select the image that fits your requirement perfectly. Wallpapers wide is one such website that offers a large selection of high resolution images for you to use in various design projects. Images on this website are available in various resolutions that suit your different requirements. You can select an image that fits wide, ultra wide, HD, UHD, standard, tablet screens as well as mobile screens. In these resolutions, you also get other resolutions according to the requirement of the screen size.

The image here is of two mangoes that have been sprinkled with water and one of the two is slashed to reveal the color of its pulp. With a yellow contrasting background that blends well with the color of the mangoes, it becomes a good selection for food domain. A graphic designer that is designing a project that deals with food and beverage industry can use this image where he has to use pictures of mangoes. The image invokes many emotions and manages to capture the attention of the onlooker. Original resolution of the image is 1366 x 768 px which is fairly high. To download the images, you don’t need an account on the internet. You simply have to select the required resolution and the image is downloaded in the same resolution on your device. It is then ready to use.

10. New evolution designs:

New evolution designs

New evolution designs offer a set of seventy five abstract backgrounds that seem perfect for the use in any graphic design project that deals with abstract modern art. All the images in the collection are thought-provoking and full with vibrant colors. They are available for download for free for devices like iPad, iPhone and application like Facebook. With images in JPEG file format, every image has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The images here are all full sized images that can be used as wallpapers.

With a blue background, the image here depicts a very abstract design with white color that consists of curvy strokes and dots all over it. The blue background gradually fades from dark to light with well blended colors. To download the image or images, you don’t have to create the account with the website. You just have to click the image and you can right click on it to save it to your operational device. All the images in the collection are eye-catching with interesting design concepts underneath them.


With this blog, we have compiled a list of websites that can offer a graphic designer an ease to go to sources to look for free images. It saves graphic designer’s time because only few websites require registration. Other websites can let you download images without registration. Moreover, registration is a one-time procedure. Once you have an account with those websites, you can straightaway download the required content. Hence, this is the kind of blog that graphic designers can use.

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