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Whether we’re talking about electronics mockups, smartphone mockups, business cards or other print mockups, these freebies are extremely useful for all designers, as they will help them save time and create beautiful presentations for their clients.

iPhones and generally speaking iOS smartphones and tablets, are really popular among designers as well. They have a sleek design and an app/design will definitely have a plus if presented on such a beautiful device.

To make things easier for you, we looked for the best free iPhone 6 PSD mockups you can use. These free iPhone 6 PSD mockups come in various settings, colors and have different feaures. All of them are high quality and free to download and use. Enjoy!

Perspective iPhone 6 PSD

This is a three-quarter perspective iPhone 6 psd. This angled psd iPhone6 vector mockup comes in three colors space gray, silver and gold and is a scalable vector shape iPhone 6 psd with smart layers to drag and drop your design with ease.

Perspective iPhone 6 PSD Pin

Vector iPhone 6 Mockup

Here are two iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus PSD mockups in black and white colors. They’re ultrarealistic and fully responsive. You’ll get vector Ai file plus PSD file with smart layers.

Vector iPhone 6 Mockup Pin

Photorealistic iPhone 5 mockups

These are some some free high resolution photorealistic iPhone mockups for you. Every screen is a smart object you can easily replace it. You can use the mockups for any purposes.

Photorealistic iPhone 5 mockups Pin

iPhone 6 Plus – Free Psd Flat Mockup

This is a flat design iPhone 6 vector mockup template. Use smart layers to drag and drop your creations.  This is the ideal companion to any flat design project where you need to present mobile screenshots.

iPhone 6 Plus – Free Psd Flat MockupPin

Flat iPhone 6 mockup

This is a PSD mockup of brand new iPhone 6 and it inspired the designer to create flat version of the iPhone6 mockup. Uses smart layers to showcase your design.

Flat iPhone 6 mockup Pin

iPhone 6s / iPhone 6 Plus Flat PSD Template

This is a flat iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus mockup, on both white and black versions. The psd is fully-scalable and this iPhone 6 mockup is ideal to showcase your web or mobile app.

iPhone 6s iPhone 6 Plus Flat PSD Template Pin

Iphone 6 Mockup

This is a minimal styled iPhone 6 mockup with great details and beautiful design. It goes well with your more minimalist projects.

Iphone 6 Mockup Pin

iPhone 6 Sketch Template

Designed to fit your 750 x 1334 mockups. Attached is the sketch file. This is an easy way to show your web or iOS app as an iPhone 6 mockup.

iPhone 6 Sketch Template Pin

Iphone 6 plus Black Free mock-up

This is an exclusive iPhone 6 mock-up for Dribbble. This iphone 6 plus mockup template is a fully-scalable vector shape iphone 6 psd. Free to download and use in your own projects, 

Iphone 6 plus Black Free mock-up Pin

Iphone 6 White Mock-up

Here’s another free Iphone6 Mock-up for you! It uses smart layer to create a great showcase for your flat design projects. Comes only with a white version.

Iphone 6 White Mock-up Pin

Iphone 6 (free mock-up)

This is a free PSD mock-up for iPhone 6 which comes only in the white version. It works with smart layer to display your designs.

Iphone 6 (free mock-up) Pin

Freebie: iPhone 6 Mockup

This is a layered psd mockup of the brand new iphone 6, in original resolution, all the buttons, and gold color combo.

Freebie iPhone 6 Mockup Pin

iPhone 6 Plus

This is a free mockup for  iPhone 6 Plus (screen size 1920x1080px). It’s a great free PSD mockup you can use to showcase your next app or website design.

iPhone 6 Plus Pin

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

Here’s a iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sketch template. This is the flat design iPhone 6 version of these smartphone mockups. Enjoy!

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Pin

Phone 6 Plus mock up free .sketch

THis is a free iPhone 6 Plus, 5.5 -inch .sketch mock up. Use it as you please in your own projects. It’s easy to cutomize and add your own projects to it. 

Phone 6 Plus mock up free .sketch Pin


This is an  Isometric Web App Mockup. Place your design. It will fit perfectly thanks to a good perspective. It is very visual and graphic so your project presentations will look awesome!

Mock-Up IPHONE 6 PSD Pin

 iPhone 6 – Scalable Mockups 4.7

These are some great scalable uPhone 6 mockups. They are free, scalable, ready to use right now with your own screens! Hope you will enjoy to work with those mockups!

iPhone 6 – Scalable Mockups 4.7Pin

iPhone Mockup

This is another great, angled iPhone mockup with a flat design. It comes only with the white version. Use smart layers to drag and drop your creations.

iPhone Mockup Pin

iPhone 6 (Free Mockup)

Here’s a iPhone 6 free PSD Mockup (High Resolution). It is a great, slim, clean design. Feel free to use it anywhere, anytime!

iPhone 6 (Free Mockup) Pin

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