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10 Websites with Inspiring Art & Texture Backgrounds

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Textures in web design are very important and useful. Textures add depth to the website and paired with well-chosen colors will make your website look great and attract more readers. Using textures will increase readability and make the design look more professional.

Background images also create an amazing atmosphere if designed properly. Here is a post containing 10 great websites with inspiring backgrounds to help you create beautiful works of art in web design.

Cafe Frida

Café Frida Websites with Inspiring Backgrounds

The first example is a very classy one and presents a cafe with a 100% vegan menu. Cafe Frida’s website uses a lovely flower pattern made of what seem to be painted white flowers. The background adapts to the content of the page as you continue scrolling leaving only bits of the flowers in the corners. It has a well-thought-sensitive design and can be a great source of inspiration for future projects.


LETTERS, INC. Websites with Inspiring Backgrounds Websites with Inspiring Backgrounds

Much more different than the first example, Letters-inc uses a greyscale background that’s made of line patterns that form different shapes and in some cases, they even get animated as you hover your mouse over them. If you read more about them, you’ll find out that they love web design and that their purpose is producing good work and positive energy.


Garbett Design Websites with Inspiring Backgrounds

Garbett’s website background gives you the impression of a curtain that rises and lets you discover the site’s content. You can even see tiny bits of images through the cut-out circles before scrolling, making you more curious about what’s behind the blue background. This is a good way to keep your site’s readers focused on the content you are presenting them.

Poke London

POKE Websites with Inspiring Backgrounds

With a simple palette made of colors and horizontal bands that change, as you scroll through the website, has everything it needs to offer a great user experience. The way they present their work is unique even though it uses a simple grid gallery with large thumbnails it surely expresses personality and an affinity towards creativity and imagination.  Their website is a good example of mixed colors, animated backgrounds, typography, and good content.

Los Paltos

Fundo Los Paltos Websites with Inspiring Backgrounds

This example differs from the rest through its design layout and way of presenting content to its followers. Los Paltos is a website related to agriculture and the fresh and lush green, and that grungy paper texture background is a perfect choice for this design.  All in all, this website has a simple design with small and regular typography that doesn’t make you feel like it is intruding,  representative pictures of their land, and a wood-textured menu bar.


ECHO Websites with Inspiring Backgrounds

Black and white patterns are a trend nowadays and this website surely uses it in a cool and creative way.  Echo is made of a team of ‘switched-on, smart PR’ experts. They connect their clients with who they want to reach, create culture, amplify brands and so many other activities. Their website’s layout surely shares their bold personality and can be a great source of inspiration for future projects.


Carbure Digital Workshop Websites with Inspiring Backgrounds

This site’s black background uses random floating elements with different colors to give a fun and friendly touch to its interface. You can also have a look at their impressive gallery of projects that use big thumbnails as a manner of presentation. This website has a unique and creative web design that can serve as a good source of inspiration for future projects.


Socialist Websites with Inspiring Backgrounds

Sociali is a website that focuses on promoting their app that helps you ‘organize the things you love. This site uses patterns in a creative way through icons that follow a diagonal path and through a bold red color.  They do a great job in presenting content to their followers through horizontal bands that constantly show images of their app, a different icon for each category, and even the typeface they use blends in perfectly.



“Acorns” is yet another example of a website whose main focus is promoting its business. What gives their website a unique touch is a fact that it uses horizontal bands in a creative way. You can notice some shapes on this background and if you’ll continue scrolling you’ll see a change in its color. It’s a creative way to keep readers focused on the content presented by giving them something new and different with each scroll. Feel free to have a look at this website and see if it serves as a good inspiration for future projects.


Jam3 Websites with Inspiring Backgrounds

Last but not least, Jam3 uses an animated background made of tiny little triangles with different colors that follow your mouse pointer and even distort the typography as you hover your mouse pointer over it. They specialize in advertising and entertainment industries and see themselves as a ‘culture of dreamers’ who are happiest when they are innovating. This example can be a great source of inspiration if you’re looking to give your project a bold and creative touch.

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  1. Great designs. As a graphic designer, you know it can be very difficult at times to start a project from scratch. Having some inspiration really goes a long way in tapping that inner artistic feeling


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