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Nowadays, the very first thing users see when downloading an app is the mobile onboarding screen. An onboarding screen is like a walkthrough, intended to introduce what an app does and how it works. So, it is essential to take the time to decide whether onboarding is necessary for your app and to find the best way to implement it.

An onboarding screen needs to be designed in the most simple and user-friendly manner. Some onboarding screens such as empty state pages are constructed to inform and discipline users. But not every app needs an onboarding screen, even though this saves users from having to figure out on their own how the new app works.

In this article, we’ll share with you some resources to help you create amazing mobile onboarding screens and offer the best experience for your app’s users. Let’s take a look at these 40 examples of inspiring onboarding app designs. Let us know, in the comments below, whether or not you like onboarding screens and if you find them useful.

OnBoarding Screen Sembako 

As a web designer, you need to keep on top of a number of trends to stay on the cutting edge of your profession. Some of these trends, like fashion, are stylistic and ephemeral. Others, however, reflect a deep change in technology. Take the onboarding screens trend for example. This has become a crucial part of any good app design. Here’s a great example! These playful screens are created by Syafrizal Wardhana.  Illustrations are connected on both screens in a step-by-step way.

5 OnBoarding Screen Sembako 1

Onboarding Calling App

When designing an onboarding screen you will first need to understand what clients hope to achieve with their app and what data is relevant for these goals.These onboarding screens were created for an experimental international calling app. The green color scheme used for this app resembles WhatsApp.

6 Onboarding

Travel Onboarding Screen

This is a modern and adorable onboarding screen design for a travel app. The water-colored clouds on the background and the colorful dots are very eye-catching.

7 Travel Onboarding screen

App Onboarding Mockup

When designing an onboarding screen you will first need to understand the structure of the info you want to showcase. This will include understanding the source of the data and how much of it is processed through the app. These little illustrations are so much fun! Every screen is highlighted with distinctive colors and a person-centric illustration.

8 App Onboarding Mockup

Zing Play – Onboarding Screen

Based on understanding the app’s goals and the type of data it will manage, you are able to suggest the best onboarding design. These onboarding screens are incredibly bold and colorful.  They show that users can play games and chat within this app.

9 Zing Play - Onboarding Screen

Onboarding screen illustrations – transport app

These onboarding screen illustrations are made for a transport app.  The design shows that this transportation company is available 24/7.

10 Onboarding screen illustrations

User Onboarding Screen

If you want the user to have a good experience using your app, slowly introduce him/her into the app, rather than simply inundating the user with a large volume of data. These are some cute onboarding illustrations for a travel app. The designer of this clean screen is Anggit Yuniar Pradito.

37 User Onboarding Screen

Mobile Onboarding App Concept

This onboarding app concept helps to make the employee onboarding process much easier. The design is completely mobile, of course, and even though the design is not the best, it does what it’s supposed to – guide the user through the app.

38 Mobile Onboarding App Concept

Onboarding Screens for App

These onboarding screens come with a lovely user interface and a UI screen template for mobile or responsive website. The design is in tone with the app’s branding and it’s very easy to understand what the app is all about.

39 Onboarding Screens for App

Onboarding for Space App

This clean onboarding screen design was created by Anton Chandra.  Space was the inspiration for this design. We love the clean icon designs, font choice ad simple welcome messages.

11 Onboarding

Onboarding screens

Although the texts are too small and difficult to read, these illustrations are still a lot of fun.  This design is the perfect example to show why well-done illustrations play a big part in the onboarding experience.

12 Onboarding screens

Onboarding Screen Chat App

This onboarding screen will look amazing as an animation inside any discovery app.  These detailed illustrations are done by Ghani Pradita.

13 Onboarding Screen

Bicycle Event Onboard

This is a neat design by Murat Gursoy. The layout, gradient, illustrations, and color scheme in this design are inspirational. The orange CTA is very well emphasized on the dark blue background.

34 Bicycle Event Onboard

The Planet

These onboarding screens, created by Anton Chandra, were inspired by Star Wars. In these illustrations, the planets get a makeover. We love the design which would be perfect for gaming apps as well and used as a quick tour of the game / tutorial. 

35 The Planet

Onboarding Screen Services

These onboarding screens were created for an app that provides delivery services.  These funny screens show astronauts and hot air balloons doing the deliveries.

36 Onboarding Screens

Onboarding Screen Eco App

These are some modern onboarding screens with a green-eco theme. Designer Martin Strba placed the buttons at the bottom of the screen for user-friendliness.

14 Onboarding Screens

iOS App Illustrations

These fun little people icons were designed to demonstrate the app’s capabilities and features. All the illustrations look great and makes it very easy for the user to understand what this app is all about.

15 iOS App Illustrations

Debut – Onboarding Screen

The onboarding screen shows you, in just few outline illustrations, how you can use with this travel app. You have two options: you can slide the screens or close them with an X.

16 Debut - Onboarding Screen

ModMom Onboarding Screens

These are some fun, colored screens for the ModMom app. These onboarding screens come with some funny background illustrations. the design is clean, minimal, and delivers the info in a clear and straightforward way.

1 Mod Mom

OnBoarding Screens

This onboarding screen, created by Carlos Ramos, is a good example that occasionally, illustrations can take a secondary role in delivering instructions. The drawings are smaller but still precise.

2 OnBoarding Screens

KptnCook App Tutorial Screens

After downloading the app, these screens show up as a first little tutorial. The onboarding designs are created by Eva Hoefer and are very creatively designed! The user is taught how to use the app in a fun and interactive way!

3 KptnCook App Tutorial Screens

New Weelio App Intro Screens

These outline buttons were created by Wenhui Yu. The designs of these screens are light and clean, despite the general use of vivid colors.

4 New Weelio App Intro Screens

Space onboarding

This space inspired onboarding screen is designed by Sasha Gorosh. This is a lively and playful onboarding screen with simple illustrations.

17 Space onboarding

Onboarding animations

These are some clean illustrations and animated onboarding screens designed by Virgil Pana.  The designer used the following tools for creating these onboarding animations: pencil, paper, Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects.


Onboarding screens for interPhotos App

This is a very handy screen for an app which finds identical photos on your computer and phone and deletes them. These screens are created by Tetiana Zahorska.

19 Onboarding screens for interPhotos app

Sleek Onboarding screens

This is a sleek pack of onboarding/welcome illustrations.  These screens are fun and engaging.

24 Onboarding screens

Finance App Intro Screen

The main color theme for these onboarding designs is gray.  George Gao is the designer of these mobile onboarding screens.

25 Finance APP Intro Screen

Onboarding mobile Travel App

This is an onboarding design that is suitable for a lock screen but which also works for a weather or travel app. This design is created by Xiu Yuan.

26 Onboarding mobile

Onboarding preview

These onboarding screens are perfect for budget-friendly hotel apps. The blue and white background is a safe but still suited color combination for this kind of app.

27 Onboarding preview

Greeting Screen

This is a simple and clean greeting screen designed by Anggit Yuniar Pradito.  This screen shows a successful booking app system.

28 E-commerce onboarding screens

E-commerce onboarding screens

These are some very useful onboarding screen design for e-Commerce. These were created by Katya Dihich to help in the shopping process.

29 Onboarding Screens

Onboarding Screen Red App

These beautiful onboarding screens were designed by Wayne Baryshev. They look minimalistic and user-friendly.

30 Onboarding Screens

Diaryibadah Guide Screen

These illustrations are similar to the orbital stylings of Ghani Pradita but are adopted throughout all onboarding designs. These illustrations are designed by Faiz Al-Qurni.

31 Diaryibadah Guidescreen

Onboarding Screen – Flat

Melvin Johnson created these fun human illustrations. Each illustration comes with a different background color.

20 Onboarding Screens

Modspot Intro Screen

These are some adorable intro screens for a fashion app dedicated to teenagers. For this screen were used photographs instead of illustrations.

21 Modspot Intro Screen

App onboarding screen

This screen is a work in progress of Jinyi Fu. The screen shows how to pair colors and powerful illustrations.

22 app onboarding screen

Tutorial screens

These tutorial screens are drawn and designed by Anandu Sivan. These screens are available with some amusing and creative illustrations.

23 Tutorial screens

World Places

This screen looks like a concept of onboarding for a travel guide app. The illustrations display various places to visit around the world.

32 World Places

Onboarding walkthrough screens

These are some a clear and sleek walkthrough screens. The green highlights on illustrations with grayed out portions look stunning.

33 Onboarding walkthrough screens

Onboarding & Tutorial

This is a handy set of designs for onboarding. This also includes registration and tutorial screens for mobile.

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