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Every graphic designer requires high-resolution backgrounds. Recently textured backgrounds have caught every graphic designer’s attention. And these backgrounds are based on specific patterns. The patterns are visible everywhere. Patterns don’t make an appearance only in mathematics. If you take a look minutely, you can see patterns all around yourself. Even nature has a lot of patterns like patterns in the petals of a flower, vegetables, prints on the animal skins, and more. You just have to observe and see to identify them. Another example of a natural pattern is the design on the sand and rock made over time by erosion or wind. The corals and the linings on the rocks are more examples of patterns that nature forms.

Hence, it has been an inspiration for graphic designers to chase and use patterns in their graphic design projects to make it appear unique and distinct. You can use these textured backgrounds in a variety of projects like designing wedding invitations and website designs. Moreover, blog posts, posters, and banner can also appear visually appealing with images that have such textures. The blog here talks about the textures and the websites from where you can download the textured backgrounds for free. Let us take a look:

1. Live Static Flickr:

Live Static flickr

This website, called Live Static Flickr gives you an image that is carefully captured. It is an image of sharp seashells that are visible in the aquatic environment. These shells are sharp and can be injurious. However, the photographer has captured its beauty in his camera. The image is useful for design projects to form creative designs. It has a unique image because the design is very rare, and you can use it to make your project stand out. The image is available in a high-resolution of 1005 x 670 px with a file size of 565 KB and JPEG file format. You don’t need to have a user account with the website.

2. Fancy Crave:

Fancy Crave

Fancy crave is another website for the collection of thousands of images under various category segregation. The picture here is of a brick wall that has paint all over it with different quirky shades. A curve with navy blue paint, horizontal strokes with pink and sky blue while peeling golden yellow gives it a unique look. It is has a resolution of 1000 x 658 px. The file size is 91.5 KB and is available in the JPEG file format. You don’t have to have a registration on their website to download the image.

3. Freepik:


Freepik is another website with a collection of textured backgrounds and other categories of wallpapers and backgrounds. You can browse through their massive selection, and the most fantastic feature of it is, most of them are free for use. Here, we have an image that displays the texture of a fabric. The image is so high definition, and you can spot the threads running through it if you observe it. Moreover, the purplish-pink hue gives it a stunningly fresh appearance. You can use this image as a textured background, wallpaper, banner background, and more. The file is available in the JPEG file format and has a resolution of 7680 x 5120 px. Because of its high resolution, the size of the file is 23.9 MB, which is a little huge. But consider its quality, and you can see that the size justifies its quality.

4. Rawpixel:


Rawpixel offers a graphic designer, a vast playground to choose textured images. It gives you access to a collection of freely available and downloadable photos. You can download any image without any kind of requirement of user registration on the website. The image in consideration is of a light brown paper with stains of coffee made by a wet cup and a few drops of black coffee. At first glance, the paper looks dirty. But look at it through an artistic view, and you can see the beauty of it. The image is available in TIFF and JPEG file formats with three different resolution variety. If you choose web size, the resolution is 1200 x 800 px with 300 dpi. For large size resolution, you get an image with 3500 x 2333 px at 300 dpi. And the original resolution of the image is 5548 x 3698 px with 300 dpi. All the three resolutions are pretty high, and you receive a high-quality picture, which is irrelevant to what resolution you select.

5. Wild Textures:

Wild textures

As the name of the website is “wild textures,” it stores a vast number of images that feature textures and are suitable for background, banner design, and more. The picture here captures a beautifully beautiful feel that features a green metal sheet where the green paint is wearing off. With peeling green paint off the metal sheet, the image can serve as a background on websites or graphic design projects. It offers a different kind of beauty to the image that only an artist can notice. The image is available to download for free at a resolution of 6144 x 4096 px with a file size of 26.14 MB. With JPEG file format, you can work efficiently with the image on various projects. The beautiful part is that you don’t have to create your account on the website to get access to the picture. You can download the required image straightaway from the site. It saves time and is entirely a hassle-free process.

6. Burst Shopify:

Burst Shopify

Burst Shopify can let you download several images without any issues of registering yourself on the website. It houses numerous textured photos, other images, and photographs that are worth your stare. We talk here about one of such stare-worthy image that has roasted coffee beans all over the image. This image is perfect for a graphic design project related to coffee. Even if a website developer who is developing a website on the coffee business can use this image as background or promotional purposes. From this website, according to your requirement, you can download the image in high as well as low resolution. The image is available in JPEG file format with a resolution of 4460 x 2973 px, and the size of the file is 1.81 MB. You don’t have to create a user account on this website to download the images. It is possible to download the images without any type of registration on the site.

7. Pexels:


Pexels is another website that deals with free resources to images, backgrounds, and images that feature textures. It offers you to explore their vast library of images and other graphic design resources. The photos are of various categories and designs, which can be of excellent use for a graphic designer in his projects. Even website designers can pick up an image or two to use them. The picture here is of colorful feathers that the photographer has captured. With brightly colored bird feathers, you can use this image in designing banners that are eye-catching and beautiful. To download this image, you don’t need a user account with the website. Without an account, you can download the image.

There are different resolutions available for the image. You can select the image resolution according to the requirement. But the most important feature of the website is, you can specify the required resolution in terms of height and width. Once you specify this, you can download the image in your specified resolution. Otherwise, the image is available in original, large, medium, and small resolutions. The original and large resolutions are 3024 x 4023 px and 1920 x 2560 px respectively. While 1280 x 1706 px and 640 x 853 px are for medium and small resolution images respectively.

8. Unsplash:


Unsplash stores over a thousand images on the website that you can use for purposes like designing a website, banner, or graphic design projects. The pictures on the website are as quirky as the name of the website. To download the image, you have to select the image and click on it. The page that appears lets you download the image without the need to create a user account with the website. An image that has a combination of various colors is always a sight to behold. The picture we have here is an image of different squares that appear three-dimensional when you glance at it. It consists of squares of different colors that look very attractive and visually appealing. This image was captured through Olympus Imaging Corp model E-M10 with a focal length of 17 mm. The shutter speed is 1/250s, with an aperture of f/7.1 and 250 ISO. It has a resolution of 4488 x 3366 px and a file size of 2.18 MB. The image is available in the JPEG file format.

9. Pepsized:


Pepsized is a website that houses a package of 100 blurry textures that you can use in various graphic design projects. For using an abstract art for your project, this package seems perfect. It is a kind of packaging where you want to display things with a silent background like these images have. All the photos here are of 2592 x 1936 px, which is a high resolution. Once you click download, you can download all the 100 images in a zip folder from which you can pick one or more out of the collection. All the files are available in the JPEG file format. The image we have considered here for representation is one of the 100 blurred images with bluish-green hue as the background. Yet, at the center of the image is the yellow color that uplifts the blue element of the picture. The colors seem to blend nicely with each other, which adds to the beauty of it. You don’t have to register on this website to download the image.

10. Free Stock Textures:

Free stock textures

The website, Free Stock Textures, gives you access to a collection of images that feature only textures. You can browse through their pictures and select one that fits best to your requirements. All the photos are available for download for free, and you don’t require a user account with their website. The image that we have considered is a black and white picture of a messy surface with grunge. At first glance, it looks dirty. But an artist finds beauty and art in the image. It is perfect for use on a website that deals with ancient subjects or products. The picture gives a hint of old times to whatever project it is used. With the image’s JPEG file format, the resolution of the image is 4985 x 2905 px. The size of the image is 4.46 MB, considering the massive resolution.

11. Creative Tacos:

Creative Tacos

Creative Tacos is a website that has packs of various images with different styles. You can download loads of pictures from their website for free without any user registration. This package consists of 20 images with stripes in it that can make up for a beautiful background. All the photos are available in the JPEG file format, with a 5120 x 2880 px resolution. The size of the package is 190 MB, which justifies the resolution of all the 20 images. Moreover, you can use these images in blog posts, greeting card design, invitation design, poster making, and DIY projects.


This blog gives you various websites from where you can download images that feature beautiful and stunning textures. These textures can be used for multiple things. They look gorgeous even in print designs and banners for promotional events and marketing campaigns. Every graphic designer requires to have access to a large variety of resources. When it comes to selecting images for background, they can be very selective of what they are looking for. They pay close attention to whether the image that they have shortlisted is suitable for their project and goes with the theme of the project on hand. Hence, they can use this blog to browse the websites to acquire the resources they require. This blog is helpful, especially to people who belong to the designing field and frequently need to use the images for designing purposes.

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