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15 Awesome and Inspiring Pre-built Websites for Creatives and Developers

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As a creative, you need a digital space to display your work to potential clients or employers, as well as to the world at large.

And your digital space works both ways. You promote your work, and your website gives its visitors the means to get in touch with you.

Creating your digital space doesn’t have to be complicated. With any of Be Theme’s 600+ pre-built websites, you can have your site up and running without delay. To help you make that happen, we’ve selected 15 pre-built websites that were designed with creatives and developers in mind.

You needn’t worry about making a wrong choice since each of the 15 are fully customizable. Still, you might want to experiment a bit if it will help you find the style  or look that will suit you best.


15 BeTheme pre-built websites you can call your own

All you need to do to get started is buy BeTheme and select the pre-built website you would like to work from. You’ll quickly discover that the hard work has already been done for you.

Just go through these 15 pre-built sites, find one to use to show off your work, customize the details, add your content, and you’re done before you know it!

BeAgency 4

The BeAgency 4 pre-built site would be an excellent choice whether you prefer to work alone or starting a creative agency is in your plans. This pre-built site sets the foundation for building a clean, well laid out website that exudes professionalism.

It even comes with a ready-to-go Portfolio page for you. Just swap in your work to share it with the world.

BeAgency 5

Sleek and modern is nice, but if you’d rather go with a website that features more of a fun and casual vibe, BeAgency 5 is another option to consider. This pre-built website features hand-drawn elements, small animations, and a pre-made case studies page you can use to add context to your portfolio items.


BeArtist 3

The emphasis on the BeArtist 3 pre-built site is presenting content in a cool and collected manner. This style will appeal to designers, artists, and any other creative types looking for a good way to promote their brand.

There’s even a Shop to help you sell your work, or if you prefer, the page can easily be converted into a showcase.

BeBusiness 3 

BeBusiness 3 is a good example of a simple site, a site in which everything is nicely laid out to help visitors make their choices. Everyone from graphics designers to photographers to developers could easily adapt this pre-built site to fit their needs.

BeCompany 6

The BeCompany 6 pre-built website might best be described as “artsy”. A clever use of geometric illustrations and asymmetric layouts makes this a great choice if you want to create a website that stands out from those who would prefer a safer design approach.

This pre-built site also features a case studies page you can use to help showcase your work.


Perhaps you’ve gained enough experience to branch out into consulting, either part-time or as a career. If that’s the case, BeConsultant could provide the perfect foundation to build your website on. If you’re a part-time consultant, you can still use this pre-built site to show off your skills and your work.

BeCopywriter 2

Whether you’re a copywriter, content writer, or any other kind of a creative writer, using a pre-built site like Copywriter 2 makes plain old good sense. If you’re going to be filling your site with content, why not do in a way that catches the eye and fully engages the viewer.

BeCreative 4

While content may be king, BeCreative 4 offers a unique way for creatives to present it. From its portfolio page to its testimonials section and everything in between you’ll find a few surprises along the way, including a unique banner and left-handed navigation.

BeCV 2

A typical approach to presenting a CV or resume isn’t necessarily the best one, and BeCV 2 doesn’t lay claim to be typical.  This pre-built website is a single-page affair that enables you to share your skills, experience, and body of work in a totally engaging style while giving interested clients or employers an easy way to contact you.


Even though BeData wasn’t built with programmers or developers in mind, its techy approach makes it an ideal choice. Give it a try and you’ll quickly discover how easily it can be repurposed to fit your needs.

BeMedia 2

BeMedia 2’s design pushes the edges of innovation with its asymmetric layouts, king-sized images, and an animated background video; each of which can instill a whole lot of energy into your brand or your business’s website.

BePhotography 3

The BePhotography 3 pre-built site isn’t just for photographers. This image-centric website will work for you whether you’re a web designer, illustrator, or any other kind of visual creator.

BePortfolio 2

BePortfolio 2, as its name implies, offers exactly what you could expect it to. It’s solely dedicated to helping you show off your work in the best possible way, along with your experience, rave reviews, impressive list of clients, etc., etc.


A great thing about working with BeTheme is you can make your site as simple or as complex as you wish. This theme gives you all the building blocks and site-building tools you’ll ever need, including a portfolio page that competing website owners would die for.

Webmaster 2

This one is for everyone engaged in development or programming activities. The BeWebmaster 2 pre-built site was designed with all of you in mind. Even clients who normally could not interpret a line of simple code will love the fun way you’ve taken your work and presented it in a way they can relate to.

Build a website you will love, and that others will love as well

One of the great things about using Be Theme is its 600+ and counting pre-built websites you can choose from. They are practical, inspiring, and together with BeTheme’s other array of website building tools and design aids, will save you time and money, and you won’t have to compromise on the performance or the features you need to sell your work or your services.

Which pre-built website will you choose?

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