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Thumbnail galleries are perfect for online portfolios for designers and artists. They showcase all your work in a very graphic and minimalist manner and inspire creativity and originality. Check out these 10 thumbnail galleries and Web Designer Portfolio Websites for your inspiration.

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Mathieu Clauss

Graphiste à Strasbourg

Mathieu is an independent graphic designer and illustrator. His work focuses on finding visual identities that best fit his clients, digital design, and prints. Have a look on his website and discover his portfolio. You’ll find many of his awesome works that prove his vast experience in this line of work. You’ll surely get inspired!



Froot is a simple thumbnail gallery website with a very clean design and structure which promises a daily dose of web vitamins. The layout is grid-based. It uses a minimalist design that has a  horizontal band in its header, followed by their logo and the grid gallery.

Keenan Wells

Keenan Wells

Keenan Wells has an impressive portfolio made of abstract paintings, collages and even digital work.  He’s an artist and a user interface designer and his can definitely inspire someone. Have a look at his thumbnail gallery and his site’s minimalist design.

Found ColourFound Colour Thumbnail Gallery Website

FoundColour.com is the online portfolio of a graphic designer, front-end web developer and designer Patrick Kavanagh. This is a one-page portfolio website with a darkly themed design and an inspiring thumbnail gallery. It has a friendly interface design that uses thumbnails, a bit of typography that comes in many shapes and sizes and cut-out illustrations that prove his love for his line of work. Have a look at his website and portfolio and see if it serves as good inspiration for your next project.



Verticalgraindesign is both an online portfolio and personal website of Jamie Graham and web developer and engineer. It uses an orange background with black typography, animations, and a good looking thumbnail gallery. It uses a unique web design layout and the orange color surely makes the thumbnails and letters stand out. Check it out to see if you think the same!

Toni Digrigio

Tonidigrigio Laboratori Creativi - Web agency Ancona

How about a highly personalized portfolio that comes with a motto: method, person, sign. This motto sure says a lot about this designer’s artistic direction focused on finding the best solutions for his clients. Toni is a very dedicated Italian graphic designer who loves branding and identity design. He has a simple portfolio website with a clean thumbnail gallery on the homepage, which showcases his most recent works.


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Borninthebarn has a themed web design layout that best fits their website’s name. This site has a unique way of presenting content mostly through thumbnails and especially in an interactive way. You can pick and surf through thumbnails or, if you’re interested, you can also apply for the job they’re offering.

Passion About DesignPassion About Design Thumbnail Gallery Website

Just as their name implies, they’re really passionate about what they are doing and they’re really good at doing it! At Pad you will find vintage, classic and contemporary pieces. Their collection is inspired by all corners of the globe. They have a vibrant orange colored website with around shaped thumbnail gallery that gives it a unique touch.

Arnaud Beelen

Arnaud Beelen

How can you not love a good and sensitive minimalist design when you see it? Arnaud Beelen is a graphic designer based in Bruxelles that has an impressive collection of projects he has worked on.  His portfolio website has a thumbnail gallery with seriously good looking representative images of his projects. Have a look on his website and see if it can inspire you in your next project.

Free Faces

Free Faces Home

This website features a great collection of thoroughly selected typefaces presented in a unique manner. The website is simple and clean and it might have given you the impression that it only uses a black and white design layout. You’ll be surprised to find out it is not and that as you’ll hover your mouse on these typefaces, their particular area will change its color. Each letter or number has its own color to emphasize on their uniqueness. You can click on these symbols to find out more about how and when they appeared. You might also wanna have a look at the about section which also proves an affinity for typography thanks to the chosen illustration and the way the content is presented.

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