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20 Inspiring Grid-Based Website Designs

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Grid-based websites are getting more and more popular these days and personally, it’s a web design trend that we love!

The grid-based website design trend has gained serious popularity and works well especially for responsive layouts. This type of website design is also popular among portfolios.

We’ve selected 20 creative grid-based website designs to inspire you in creating awesome designs.

What do you think about the grid websites design trend? Do you like it? Let us know in the comment section below.

Mike McQuade

This is the web portfolio of Chicago based graphic designer and illustrator Mike McQuade. It uses an unusual grid design worth checking out.

Mike McQuade Grid-Based Website Designs


ATLASON Studio is a design firm based in NYC. Since being founded by Hlynur Atlason. Their presentation website uses pastel colors and a beautiful, dynamic grid layout for the portfolio.

Atlason Grid-Based Website Designs


Baubauhaus is a curation website that feeds your daily need of design, illustration, photography, fashion and of all else art-related. They use a grid layout, perfect for curation websites.

Baubauhaus grid website


Yvan Rodic also known as FaceHunter, is a Swiss street style-photographer who travels the world photographing people at cultural events and fashion events. This is his portfolio website.

YVAN RODIC grid website

Hanging up the moon

hanging up the moon was started off as a solo project for Sean Lam and has evolved into a collaborative effort. Their website is monochromatic, uses a grid layout and it’s very interactive.

Hanging up the moon grid website

Thomas Robin

We love this unique grid layout with an interesting, pastel color theme. Check out the effects and subtle transitions as well!

Thomas Robin grid website


This is another interesting grid design. It has some subtle hover effects worth seeing.

f7th grid website

Fakultät Gestaltung

This simple and interesting grid layout is perfect for this kind of presentation website. It uses different sized grid elements, all square.

Fakultät Gestaltung grid website

Posters in Amsterdam

This website is a collection of Posters in Amsterdam by art director Jarr Geerligs. The grid layout is extremely simple.

Posters in Amsterdam grid website

Teruhiro Yanagihara 

Here’s another portfolio design that uses the grid layout, this time in masonry style with card elements for posts.

Teruhiro Yanagihara grid website


Faebric grid website

Faebric is a grid-based website used as an online portfolio. It is colorful and has a unique design.

Malika Favre

Malika Favre website

This is another portfolio which follows the grid-based website design trend. It works particularly well in this case because the graphics are very interesting and high quality.


MAP grid website

MAP is a grid-based blog with large photography and fonts. Typography also plays an important role in this design.

My Poor Brain

My Poor Brain grid website

The layout of MyPOB is simple and uncluttered. Just perfect for a grid-based website design.

National Traveller

National Traveller grid website

This is another great example of an uncluttered grid-based website, ideal for a blog because it is very easy to read.

Nowy Teatr

Nowy Teatr grid website

What makes this website unique is the interesting display of the photos and posts on a moving, full-screen video background.


Check out this cool project that uses the grid web design trend! The fonts blend perfectly with the images and the well-chosen color palette.

IAG grid website

Praxis International Art

Check out this great project on Information Architecture, UI/UX, and web design and get your daily dose of inspiration!

Praxis International- Art grid website


This portfolio blogger template comes in both light and dark color modes. This theme has a responsive sidebar, an user-friendly and eye-catching design.

Pebbles Grid Blogger Templates


This template includes a fully responsive 4 column design, with a big logo on top, a search bar in the hidden menu, flip animations that activate on hover, and other neat features.

Escalate Grid Blogger Templates

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