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It is crucial to select the most qualified cloud hosting for in order to achieve high-level results like increased traffic, top ranking, increased sales, best website SEO performance in Search Engines, and receiving more positive reviews.

Cloud hosting became a trend a few years back, but it has become the favored option today. A brief comparison of different service providers is given in this post.

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Developers and individuals should match the features and pricing offered by each cloud hosting provider and make the final call based on 3 features and benefits:

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Pricing

What is WordPress? is a website-building platform, officially called a content management system (CMS) that can help you create any website, from a simple blog or forum to a colossal eCommerce website. To get your website up on the internet and seen via your domain name, you will need a WordPress hosting company.

Using WordPress for website creation requires little or no assistance from anyone. It has many resources and tools in terms of pre-built themes and more than 59,000 Plugins.

Furthermore, is entirely free and open-source, which means that anyone can use or modify the WordPress Software for free. Apart from WordPress, many other web application tools such as Prestashop, Weebly, Visual Studio Code, Webflow, Bluefish, and Bootstrap can also be used for website creation.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is a trending technology in which website data is processed, stored, and managed using the nearest multiple cloud network server system. This has many advantages over traditional web hosting, such as:

  • Seed
  • Flexible bandwidth
  • Reliable
  • Easy Updates
  • Efficient and cost-effective
  • Most secure and unlimited scalability
  • Flexible online subscription plans
  • Hassle-free migrations

Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress: Top 3 Picks

Overall Best Service, Pricing & Focused on WordPress

  1. Kinsta
  2. CloudWays
  3. WP Engine

Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress From 8 Top Providers

1. Kinsta – Top Cloud Hosting for WordPress Provider

Kinsta is a reputed cloud web hosting company based in London that has created a very good reputation for offering exclusive cloud WordPress hosting, being very fast and secure, having free and smooth migrations, expert WordPress support, and more.

Price Options:

  • Basic plan starts from US$ 30 Per Month
  • Business Plan price is from US$ 100 Per Month
  • Enterprise Plan begins from US$ 600 Per Month

Why select Kinsta over others to host your WordPress site?

  • Kinsta has more than 8 years of expertise in cloud-based (WordPress only) Hosting.
  • Trusted by GE, Intuit, Unicef, TripAdvisor, Ricoh, Ubisoft, WorkForce, and many others.
  • It makes use of the most advanced software technology like Nginx, WordPress PHP 8.0, LXD Software Containers, MariaDB, and compute-optimized Virtual Machine for lightning-fast loading of sites.
  • They serve thousands of clients from over 128 countries globally.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans if you feel unsatisfied with the service.
  • Provides Instant Hack Fix relief on a priority basis by restoring the website immediately in case of any security attack
  • Proactive uptime monitoring and backups.
  • Developer-friendly services with DevKinsta.
  • Kinsta gives a varied selection choice from any of the twenty-nine data centers on which you want to host your Website.
Kinsta - Top Cloud Hosting for WordPress Provider
Kinsta – WordPress For Cloud Hosting Provider. Image Credit: Kinsta

2. Cloudways – Top Cloud Hosting for WordPress Provider

Cloudways uses the most updated technology such as Apache, Nginx, Varnish, Memcached, Redis, PHP-FPM, MySQL, MariaDB, and SSD storage. Founded in Europe, Cloudways has helped more than 8000+ customers to launch more than 25000+ websites and applications.

Pricing Options:

  • The Basic plan starts from US$ 12/ Month to US$ 96/Month for a premium subscription.
  • The most popular moving plan is the $50/Month.

Why choose Cloudways?

  • Cloudways has been famous for its high-technology self-healing servers.
  • Cloudways hosts websites on multiple servers termed Click&GO cloud to increase performance speed and protect data on the websites.
  • Apart from its network of data servers, it also collaborates to use StackPath CDN data centers for web hosting, which is an extra advantage for its customers.
  • Most companies offer only prepaid billing, but Cloudways also gives an option to go for Post Paid Billing to pay for the services used in the previous month.
  • They provide 24×7×365 excellent customer support and round-the-clock real-time monitoring of all its data centers.
  • Regular security patches update is another good feature of Cloudways.
Cloudways - Top Cloud Hosting for WordPress Provider
Cloudways – Top Cloud Hosting for WordPress Provider. Image Credit: Cloudways

3. WP Engine – Top Cloud Hosting for WordPress Provider

WP Engine is a WordPress hosting provider that offers a wide range of features and services specifically designed to make your WordPress experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. One of the things that set WP Engine apart from other WordPress hosting providers is its commitment to security. They have a team of experts who constantly monitor our servers and networks to ensure that your data is always safe and secure.

Pricing Options:

  • Startup Plan: US$ 25
  • Professional Plan: US$ 49
  • Growth Plan: US$ 96
  • Scale Plan: US$ 242

Why prefer WP Engine?

  • WP Engine’s cloud hosting for WordPress is designed specifically for WordPress, so it’s optimized for speed and performance.
  • WP Engine takes security seriously, with features like daily backups, intrusion detection and prevention, and malware scanning.
  • Its team of WordPress experts is available 24/7 to help you with any issues or questions you have.
  • WP Engine’s platform is designed to scale as your website grows. So whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established business, WP Engine can handle your website’s needs.
  • WP Engine offers a variety of plans to fit your budget and needs and if required you can go for their customized plan as well.
  • It offers an array of other business management tools which you can combine with your hosting.
WP Engine - Top Cloud Hosting for WordPress Provider
WP Engine – Top Cloud Hosting for WordPress Provider. Image Credit: WP Engine

4. BlueHost – WordPress & Standard Cloud Hosting

BlueHost is one of the pioneering brands when it comes to web hosting service providers, founded in 2003. Irrespective of the website traffic variation, they are able to provide very good uptime and website loading speed.

They offer very good technical support and expert advice to customers through phone, chat, and email. This helps a lot in terms of troubleshooting when you are working with them. Just like other website hosting providers, they too have started offering local servers focusing on upcoming regions.

Over the years BlueHost has added a lot of services to its offerings and this makes them an ideal choice for website partners as they can cater to all your digital needs like hosting, domain, emails, and a lot more. Given their robust services and price, they are suitable for small and medium-scale businesses.

Pricing Options:

  • Basic Plan: $3.45 per month
  • Choice Plus Plan: $5.45 per month
  • Pro Plan: $13.95 per month

Why consider BlueHost?

  • Along with robust website hosting services, you also get a free domain name, free SSL certificate, easy single-click install feature
  • Its Content Delivery Network helps bring the website closer to where users are
  • Website migration is really smooth thanks to the handholding by their team
  • BlueHost offers many powerful features like Quickstart AI-powered Templates, Drag and Drop builder, mobile responsive themes along with many other automatic site optimization tools.
  • An additional advantage is that you get access to its 100+ free Stock Images collection.
  • It comes with a fancy website statistics dashboard that provides all the needed analytics for your website, thereby guiding you in optimizing the website better.
BlueHost - WordPress & Standard Cloud Hosting
BlueHost – WordPress & Standard Cloud Hosting. Image Credit: BlueHost

5. Hostinger – Fully Managed Standard & WordPress Cloud Hosting

Hostinger is the fastest-growing company in the sector of web hosting and design. The 000Webhost, Hosting24, Niagahoster, Weblink, and Zyro hosting companies are subsidiaries of this Parent company Hostinger. They have branches and data centers in at least six locations globally and grow further rapidly. They have both traditional and WordPress cloud hosting services. Further, they are known for their excellent Server uptime and Customer Service. They believe in shared web hosting, which often reduces customer service costs.

Pricing Options:

These prices are offered at huge discounts for the first-time subscription and Prices per month are a little more when renewed.

  • Cloud-based Hosting for a startup: $ 9.99 per month
  • Professional Cloud Hosting: $ 18.99 per month
  • Enterprise Cloud Hosting: $ 69.99 per month 

Why Opt for Hostinger Hosting?

  • They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee without any hassle in any instance if you are not delighted with the service. 
  • Hostinger gives Domain, subdomain, and SSL certificates free of cost.
  • They provide WordPress Acceleration and Management with all their subscriptions.
  • Hostinger firmly claims a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee for all its websites and data centers.
  • They provide complete Cloudflare protection for all its nameservers.
  • It has decades of experience in the website space and brings along a reliable and friendly customer support team.
Hostinger - Fully Managed Standard & WordPress Cloud Hosting
Hostinger – Fully Managed Standard & WordPress Cloud Hosting. Image Credit: Hostinger

6. HostGator – Multi-Platform Cloud Hosting

HostGator is a Houston-based American Web Company. It serves many types of hosting such as Linux shared hosting, windows shared hosting, Linux/windows reseller hosting, dedicated Linux/windows server hosting, High-speed cloud WordPress hosting, and open-source web hosting. These varied options help them cater to millions of clients across the globe. Moreover, a complete refund is assured if you are not happy with any hosting options and cancel within 45 days.

Pricing Options:

  • Cloud Hatchling – $ 12.95 per month
  • Cloud Baby – $ 13.95 per month
  • Cloud Business – $ 19.95 per month

 Why select HostGator?

  • It offers unlimited bandwidth with its plans.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • The nearest server location is assured of more incredible speeds and reliability.
  • Free Site Migrations
  • CodeGuard data security feature
  • SiteLock helps to secure websites from Viruses, Malware, and Hackers
  • High-powered Secure Socket Layer certificate for encryption of your website data
  • Employs high technology software such as the cPanel, PHP, Apache, Plesk Onyx, ASP.NET 4.5, WHMCS, and PHP 7.1
  • 24×7 highly dedicated customer care
HostGator - Multi-Platform Cloud Hosting
HostGator – Multi-Platform Cloud Hosting. Image Credit: HostGator

7. DreamHost – Website Hosting with Cloud-Based Service

Dreamhost was founded in California, USA in 1996. The company offers four great hosting options: Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and DreamPress. DreamPress is DreamHost’s WordPress hosting service. Further, they give custom web development and SEO marketing options for websites.

Pricing Options:

  • DreamPress Plan: $16.95 per month
  • DreamPress Plus Plan: $24.95 per month
  • DreamPress Pro Plan: $71.95 per month

Why favor DreamHost?

  • Free WHOIS Domain and Registration privacy protection
  • Hassle-free Auto-renewals of all plans
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Along with hosting, you can avail of the many other services it provides
  • Expertise in VPS hosting: It is neither a shared server nor a dedicated server. Virtual Private Server –VPS speed and performance are between Shared and Dedicated hosting.
  • 100 percent no downtime assurance
DreamHost - Website Hosting with Cloud-Based Service
DreamHost – Website Hosting with Cloud-Based Service. Image Credit: DreamHost

8. Elementor – WordPress Cloud Hosting & Page Builder

Although they are widely known for their popular page builder plugin, Elementor also provides a cloud-based hosting service.

They have truly carved out a reputation as one of the best website builders in the market with over 10 million active installations. It has assisted clients in creating more than 5 million websites in over fifty-seven languages and is ranked among the top five Web Development Companies.

Pricing Options:

  • Essential – US$ 49 / Year for one site
  • Expert – US$ 199 / Year for twenty-five sites
  • Studio – US $ 499 / Year for hundred sites
  • Agency – US$ 999 / Year for thousand sites

Why choose Elementor?

  • Responsive designs
  • 90+ Basic and Pro widgets
  • Theme Builder
  • 300+ Basic and Pro Templates
  • The Free Elementor web program is there for beginners.
  • 60+ Pro website kits
  • Premium customer care for Essential and Expert customers and VIP customer support for Studio and Agency clients
  • 20 Expert website kits for a few selected plans.
  • The expert plan is popular among many for its economical price of US$ 199 / Year and as many as 25 websites.
Elementor - WordPress Cloud Hosting & Page Builder
Elementor – WordPress Cloud Hosting & Page Builder. Image Credit: Elementor

Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress From 8 Top Providers – Summary

In this blog, we have discussed some tremendous companies that offer cloud hosting for WordPress and now it’s time to consider which host will best fit your needs. You can be confident that these providers will host your WordPress really well.

Have a preferred cloud hosting provider? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section below!

List Recap:

  1. Kinsta
  2. Cloudways
  3. WP Engine
  4. Bluehost
  5. Hostinger
  6. HostGator
  7. DreamHost
  8. Elementor
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