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ErgoChair 2 Review – Is This The Best Work Chair For Designers?

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Long days at the office are necessary as a graphic designer. You need to work with others, spend time doing your drawings, and work to make the perfect piece no matter what the project is about. Normal office chairs are stiff and uncomfortable, causing back and neck pain after just a few hours. If you do need to work later into the night or on the weekends, your body may start to ache just from the thought.

The ErgoChair 2 designed by Autonomous is the perfect solution to all of your aches and pains from a typical office chair. This office chair is fully-customized and ergonomic to provide all the back support you need. In the process, this chair will help to prevent back pain and improve your sitting posture, all while making you as comfortable as possible while at work. You get to make the changes and adjustments to ensure the chair fits your body type.

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You can choose to use this chair on its own with your regular work desk, or combine it with the SmartDesk and get the maximum energy, flexibility, and comfort while you are working all day long. Some of the things to enjoy about this product include:

Easy Mechanisms to Use

This is one of the highest-quality and most versatile systems out there when it comes to your office chair. It has an tilt mechanism designed in Italy with more than one level, allowing you to tailor the amount of resistance and support that you need in this chair to perfection. This ergonomic chair has all the adjustments and comforts you need while designing in your office.


To add more comfort than ever before, more support and softness have been added to the seat. Plus, the new material can keep its form better than ever before overtime. Add in the breathable fabric and you have a chair that is comfy and fresh all the time.

Flexible Lumbar System

Kick your sore back to the curb. This chair will help you to have complete control over the amount of lumbar support you need from this chair. The lumbar system on the chair is adjustable and all you need to do is use the simple handle to unlock the pressure. This provides a healthy and pain-free posture, no matter what your body type is or how long you need to stay in the chair.

The Breathable Support

We liked the mesh backing on this chair. It is a specially designed mesh that helps make the chair breathable and more comfortable. We feel like we are reclining back on a cloud even while working long hours.

A Place to Rest Your Head

After sitting long hours at the desk to get things done, it is common for neck pain to start creeping in. The headrest on the ErgoChair 2 is designed to adjust the height and tilt. Pick the right adjustment to help prevent the strain and pain while being comfortable during working hours.

The ErgoChair 2 Specifications

Everything about this chair is designed to make working more comfortable. Many designers need to spend hours at the office, leaning over and trying to get their projects done. This chair has all the additional support and comfort you need to be comfortable and avoid strain no matter how long you need to spend in the office.

Dimensions 29”L x 29”W x 46” – 50”H
Seat dimensions 20”L x 20”W
Seat height 18” – 20”
Colors Cool Gray, Evergreen, All Black, Red Apple, Black & White, Baby Blue
Weight capacity 350 lbs
Warranty 2 years
Trial 30 days
Adjustability Headrest, armrest, back tilt angle and tension, seat tilt and height.

We loved that this chair was able to provide the support throughout the whole body. Many of the other ergonomic chairs we have used in the past seemed to focus on the back of the neck or just one area of the body. This one is comfortable from top to bottom to make it easier to sit back and relax, even when getting work done. Add in 6 color choices and the breathable and responsive Korean mesh back and you will be able to spend all day, and maybe even some of the night, without feeling all the pain.

Giving It a Try

Not many products will stand behind what they promise and give you something you truly will love. But the ErgoChair 2 is different. It is all about the comfort and the durability of the product and you will see this right away.

Not only is this a high-quality chair that everyone in your office will want, but they also back up their product with lots of other nice features. Not sure if you will love this product? That’s ok, with a 30-day trial you can take it out for a spin and see how amazing it is before committing to the sale permanently. We’ve been using the chair for about a week as of the time of this review, and have zero thoughts of returning it.

Worried about the chair falling apart and not working after a few months? Many products have short-term warranties that seem to run out right when the product stops working. The ErgoChair 2 provides a 2-year warranty. This means that if something goes wrong or breaks, the company promises to fix it, without the roundabout or trying to shift the blame. Add on free shipping and you have a company you can trust with an amazing chair.

The Price

Now it is time to get down to the nitty-gritty. We have talked about all the great features that come with this chair. We talked about how comfortable it is, how easy it is to use, and how you could almost sleep in this chair without the aches and pains. So, how much will the ErgoChair 2 cost to bring into your design office?

This chair offers several ways to pay. They offer a $50 discount to those who will pay all at once, without the payment plan. This brings the cost of the chair to $369. If you want to pay over time, it will cost a total of $419, with the payments being $35 a month.

Looking to save a little bit more? Autonomous.io also offers a way to get $150 off each purchase just by referring your friends. We like this option to make it more affordable for those who want it. Just get someone else to join you with this great chair and save some money in the process.

What We Liked

There is so much to enjoy about this office chair that it is hard to limit it down. We like that the company puts a guarantee behind their product, giving you time to try it out for 30-days to see if you like it. But with all the comfort and the ability to make adjustments based on your body, and the affordable price, we are sure you will fall in love with this chair too.

Final Thoughts

The ErgoChair 2 has everything you want to help bring comfort to a long day of work. Many jobs require you to spend a lot of time at the office, looking at a computer screen and getting work done. But many graphic designers have to take this to the next level, bringing in long nights to the mixture to get caught up.

Regular chairs will make sitting uncomfortable and can bring in neck and back pain. The ErgoChair 2 has extra back support, neck support, and the ability to make adjustments so the seat is as comfortable as possible. No matter how much time you spend at work, and whether you work from home or from an office, this chair will help you feel amazing.

Check out the Ergo Chair 2

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