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3dcart eCommerce Platform – REVIEW

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Today, we will be looking at 3dcart, one of the longest-running eCommerce platforms in the industry. Since its launch in 2000, businesses of all sizes have powered their online stores with this software. It now comes bundled with dozens of essential or otherwise invaluable tools for building and optimizing a shopping site. Let’s look over some of the many features that 3dcart provides and see why it is such a popular and excellent solution.

Flexible Site Editor

Among the most important qualities an eCommerce platform can have is exceptional customization. 3dcart’s templates are not rigid, and their premade layouts are not “take it or leave it.” The site editor, refined over a span of twenty years, offers unprecedented freedom. Almost every single aspect can be toggled, moved, removed, or adjusted to match the vision of the store owner.

Secure Hosting

High-level security is a must for online shopping. Every eCommerce transaction requires the exchange of sensitive data, which hackers are always targeting. To eliminate the threat of identity theft, every 3dcart plan comes with Level 1 PCI Compliant security. The software also provides security seals, which users can add to the site so visitors can know they are protected.

Also included with each plan is top-of-the-line hosting, which goes beyond receiving their own tag-free domain name. The company guarantees 99.94% uptime, daily back-ups, and defenses against DDoS attacks.

Mobile Responsive Themes

Online shoppers are increasingly doing their browsing and buying on mobile devices. However, many online stores do not have a version of the site designed specifically for smartphones. This mistake makes navigation more difficult and inconvenient for people on the go.

In recognition of this trend, all of 3dcart’s 100-plus themes come with responsive design. This feature automatically alters page layouts based on the configuration of the screen. Websites with responsive themes will look and function just as well on vertical-oriented phone screens as they do on more horizontal computer windows.

Real-Time Shipping and Tax Calculations

As people add items to their cart, the cost of shipping and taxes may increase accordingly. Some stores only account for these additional charges at the end of the checkout process. This deceptive practice is ideal for turning potential customers away right at the finish line. Recent eCommerce statistics cite it as the most common reason for cart abandonment.

With real-time shipping and tax calculations, two features available with every 3dcart plan, customers do not need to be surprised. With each change to the cart, the software automatically adjusts the final price. Shoppers can see the total cost of their current order just by clicking on the cart. One convenient measure can decimate the site’s cart abandonment rate.

Analytics Software

Google Analytics is a must-have for eCommerce users interested in building the best possible version of their store. The tool comes built into the 3dcart platform. People can use it to track customer behavior, conduct tests, and see the results of changes to their store. The program also shows rates for conversions, site traffic, cart abandonment, bouncing, product sales, navigation, and more. All this information can give store owners a better idea of how they can optimize their site.

Omnichannel Connections

When an entrepreneur decides to start an eCommerce business, they do not need to stick with just one point of sale (POS). 3dcart’s omnichannel software can connect multiple POS to the same inventory. Store owners have the freedom to set up shop at popular online marketplaces, such as Facebook, Amazon, and eBay. It can even connect to mobile POS and brick-and-mortar locations.

The links between all these channels can save time and effort for store owners. For example, when an item’s stock increases with new supplies or decreases with sales, the actual inventory number automatically changes on every POS.

Payment Processors

Many eCommerce platforms offer a small selection of payment gateways. 3dcart does not limit itself to PayPal, Square, Stripe, and the like. Its list of compatible processors extends to over 100 options, blowing every other platform out of the water. The line-up includes gateways that only work in certain parts of the world.

Store owners can accept many different credit card issuers and international currencies, potentially expanding their audience in the process. They can also look for smaller companies that take small percentages from each transaction than the bigger ones. The enormous selection is just one more way that 3dcart enables businesses to customize their shopping experience.

Automation Rules

3dcart customers can create automation rules — programs that perform specific actions on certain conditions. Of course, software can only do so much without human minds at the helm. With that said, this feature is tailored to accomplishing repetitive tasks that may otherwise consume a great deal of time. Good examples include completed order emails and inventory management. Store owners save time and effort on tedious activities, and they can expend their energy on more creative roles.

24/7 Customer Support Hotline

3dcart gives users multiple sources of customer support, including online forums and an in-depth Knowledgebase. Their live chat and phone line are notable for being available at any time of the day. On top of that, the schedule is not limited to Monday through Friday. Unlike many platforms, 3dcart users can reach an expert on weekends and even holidays. Any time a business owner encounters an error or has a question, someone at 3dcart can listen, guide, and resolve.

Pricing Plans

Among 3dcart’s most admirable qualities is their commitment to helping companies of any size find eCommerce success. The smallest businesses can start at the cheapest payment plan if they want. Even then, they would still have access to many of the most important features that online stores need to survive and thrive. Better still, 3dcart runs frequent campaigns that offer significant discounts to new users for months at a time.

Outside of these campaigns, the costs for the five pricing tiers are as follows:

  • Startup Store: $19/mo for monthly plans, $17.10/mo for yearly plans
  • Basic Store: $29/mo for monthly plans, $26.10/mo for yearly plans
  • Plus Store: $79/mo for monthly plans, $76.10/mo for yearly plans
  • Power Store: $129/mo for monthly plans, $116.10/mo for yearly plans
  • Pro Store: $229/mo for monthly plans, $206.10/mo for yearly plans


Naturally, the number of features and benefits a user receives ramps up with each ascending tier. Regardless, every plan offers unlimited products, categories, bandwidth, and orders. Not one requires transaction fees.

If you are interested in 3dcart’s software, you can test it before making any choices. The company offers a 15-day free trial, which people can use to check out all their features and create their own online store. They do not even ask for your credit card information. At the end of the run, you can decide for yourself if 3dcart is the ideal platform for your eCommerce business.

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