Be’s New Installer and 250+ Awesome Pre-Built Websites


The New Be Pre-Built Installer    

Be’s previous pre-built website installer got the job done. Installing a selected pre-built website was quick and easy. The problem users had was in the actual selection of a website. It was a somewhat tedious, and not particularly user-friendly process.

That’s changed, due to improvements in the installer’s UI and the UX designs.


The former Be pre-built website installer had UX issues.

  • To select a pre-built website entailed manual scrolling, and making repeated trips between the admin area and the presentation page until you found the pre-built website you decided to select.
  • You were not given any idea as to which plugins were needed for a given website to perform as it did in its preview; and there was no indication as to what plugins were already active.
  • Once you selected a pre-built website, your only option was to upload it in its entirety; whether you needed all the pages and content or not.

These problems were addressed by the Muffin Group team.


The selection process is much easier with the new Be pre-built website installer.

These three bothersome problems: the tedious and cumbersome search process, the lack of transparency with respect to plugins status, and the need to upload everything, have now been resolved.

  • The search process has been greatly simplified. In the new installer’s admin area, you’ll find Be’s 250+ prebuilt websites. To select and preview any one of them involves nothing more than clicking on its thumbnail.
  • With the new filtering feature, you can search by category, and choose from among a small selection of pre-built website candidates.
  • You will be informed of which plugins are required for a given pre-built website to perform as indicated in its preview. You will also be informed of which plugins are already installed, and have an option to install those that are missing.

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            You can now see the plugins a pre-built website requires to function properly.

  • When you’ve made your selection, and are ready to install, you can import the entire pre-built website, or only the content or the default pages you intend to use.


               Install what you need from a pre-built website – and nothing else.

This video demonstrates what the new installer will do for you:

A Quick Tour of the Latest Pre-Built Websites

Be Sports Club

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A website like this, is one any health or fitness club, or gym, would simply love to have. This Be Sports pre-built website, with its modern layout and clever fade-in animations, provides a perfect foundation from which you can a website that will satisfy the most demanding of clients.

Be Productions

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Be Productions is a great example of the many cool things that can be done when employing a dark background as a hero image. The brand’s colors and message are presented front and center. This pre-built website would be a great choice for an ad or graphic studio agency.

Be Diet


These yummy-looking images of food are sure to attract customers to a food-related business whose website has been built around this Be Diet pre-built website. This recent release also illustrates the extra effort that Muffin Group design specialists put into their work.

Be Boutique

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If you’ve been unsure of the value background videos can add to your website, Be Boutique should change your mind. This type of imagery is a very effective way to present your message, without relying on showy or gaudy special effects.

Be Stone


Be Stone provides a perfect example of why no client should have to put up with a boring or uninspiring website for their business. This pre-built website shows you what can result when you let your creative spirit roam free, while keeping your client in mind. Cool animations are among the highlights.

Be Guest House


A property being promoted for rent or sale on a realty agent’s website based on Be Guest House, won’t be listed for long. This pre-built website also provides an excellent foundation for a client who has a guest house, condo, or cabin to rent or sell.

Be Wildlife


Its reliance on fixed images gives this pre-built website many possible uses. It’s slider and scrolling parallax effects provide a wealth of design possibilities. Be Wildlife will be a great choice for any photographic studio; especially for a wildlife photographer.

Be Restaurant


This pre-built website offers an excellent example of a design that will convince a visitor that there’s time like the present to make a luncheon or dinner reservation. A slider effect, coupled with the overlaid design element, gives Be Restaurant a dynamic look that you’re not apt to find in other restaurants’ websites.

Be Furniture


A clean, modern look, like Be Furniture is suggestive or a well-organized and efficiently-run business. Large images and an impressive slider effect enhance the message the client wants to send: “This is the place to shop”. Keep this pre-built website in mind the next time you have a client in the furniture sales business.

Be Themes Key Features – Much to Love

Be’s headline attraction may be a feature its users love: its more than 250 customizable pre-built websites.

  • The Muffin Builder and Options Panel is where the action is once you start building a website; and there’s no need for coding.
  • If you want to build a custom page from scratch, Be’s Layout Configurator makes doing so a piece of cake. This feature helps you add variety to your websites.
  • 200+ Shortcodes have so much to offer when you want to add special elements or functionality to a web page; coding is not necessary here either.
  • Advanced Typography Options give you a virtually unlimited choice of font types, styles, and weights. Use Google fonts, or upload your own.
  • An engaging Video Background and a super-cool Parallax Effect are two of the most popular of Be’s many special effects.
  • Lifetime Updates are yours when you purchase a license; including future pre-built website releases – for free.

A Great Combination: A Best-Selling WP Theme and Solid User Support

Once you buy into Be Theme, you’ll find yourself in company with 62,00+ other happy users of the best-selling Themeforest product. You also come to like the great support you’ll receive. The support team is top notch, and you’ll also have access to a nice selection of video tutorials.

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