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23 Ultra Modern Web Designs with Sleek Graphics

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In this list, we gathered some new, ultra-modern web designs with sleek graphics, selected especially to inspire you!

If you want to design an awesome website, these modern web designs may give you a huge dose of inspiration to get you started.

These modern web designs have some really interesting and innovative details. Their creative designs make them special and we are sure you’ll bookmark at least a couple of them for future inspiration!

Here they are!

Epicurrence landing page by Dann Petty

Epicurrence Ultra Modern Web Designs

This modern looking design concept is for creative people and for those who love adventures. This example has a really nice design layout. It uses a simple white background on which the photos seem to blend in seamlessly. White content background sections make all texts, icons and images be well visible and discernible. Owing to the fact that content background is divided into separate sections the main page photo is well within view.

Dirtdays full concept by Green Chameleon

Dirtdays Modern Web Designs

If you like one-page layouts this original design will make you say “Wow”.It can be navigated via the top menu or with the help of a mouse. Pages are scrolled when a user puts the mouse pointer to left or right edges of the screen. This concept was put together for a design challenge which was featured in Net Magazine. The theme revolved around a bike hire business and this is the result.

EngineThemes Re-design

EngineThemes Re-design by Hoang Nguyen

This example is really creative and it will definitely impress you. This theme design concept is animated. and it is divided into two, to show the web development and web design (creative) parts of the business. The concept is very clever and will definitely be remembered by the visitors.

Billboard Arg – Web

Billboard Modern Web Designs

This one is colorful and has a modern and functional design. It uses a modular grid layout which has recently come back into web design trends. The grid layout structure of the Home page is great to feature limited time offers, company news, special mobile apps and other important things.

Thule Re-Design Concept

Thule Modern Web Designs

This is a re-design concept and it looks great. It has modern interface design which will definitely inspire you in your next project. It starts with a large horizontal image on which a motto has been placed. Everything is followed by a grid gallery.

Sennheiser Product Page by Budi Tanrim

Sennheiser Product Page Modern Web Designs

This is a really eye-catching example of a modern interface design. This example is perfect for promoting a product and can be used as an inspiration for landing pages. It uses high-quality images, subtly distorted image sections and rounded buttons. It has a sleek design with a very modern look.

MC Sport Website by Krzysztof Turek

MC Sport Website Modern Web Designs

This is a really nice example of a modern and responsive design layout. This one is perfect for an e-commerce website, as it has everythign an e-Commerce user interface needs, such as product pages, user accounts, shopping carts, and more. The design is minimal, mostly black and white, with a bright, yellow accent.

Landing Page – Website

Landing Page - Website

This landing page looks modern and it is a really good starting point for awesome projects. It uses a flat and modern design to present a card protection app. The design presents the information in a very effective way and it is very easy to browse through .

hornig.at by Matthias Mentasti

hornig Web Design

This is a really nice example of a modern website that uses a modular grid layout. It may look a bit too crowded by the many photos used on the layout, but once you analyze it further you see that the images blend perfectly together.

Incase PCP Pages by Jon Vlasach

Incase Web Design

This is yet another cool and elegant way of promoting your product on your website. This example definitely has an eye-catching design. The featured photo is very convincing.

Watches Layout

Watches Layout Web Design

This one uses flat design and it presents products in a really elegant way that will definitely inspire you. It also makes great use of all-caps, bold fonts to attract the reader’s attention to the right information on the page. The fullscreen homepage silder also has some interesting navigation elements and the site uses a hamburger menu icon.

Uniform Wares

Uniform Wares Web Design

This is a personal design concept. It wasn’t used anywhere but it remains a really great example of a modern looking website. We really like the slider which is very clever and has a straightforward CTA on it. You can add to cart the product right from the first page of the site!

Vladimir Babi?

Vladimir Babic Web Design

This example is also nice and it uses a modular grid layout and combines it with huge typography and images. This example can be a great source of inspiration.

Web Design – Herzog

Web Design Dribbble

This example is for an architecture office from Switzerland. This example has a modern and eye-catching design that focuses on presenting their latest projects.

Symphony by NRG Themes

Symphony Web Design

This example uses minimalist design in a very elegant way. It is an e-commerce fashion shop with a grid layout and a clean design. The product pages have all the necessary details, without looking cluttered at all.

C&C Mag

 Web Design C-Mag

This is a very simple and clean design for an online magazine / blog. The menu of this site is pretty unique, so it’s definitely an example for an out of the box navigation system design concept.


Geox - Shoes and Clothes for Women, Men and Kids Web Design


This is a really nice way to design your e-commerce website. It uses medium thumbnail photos to showcase products. This example has a dynamic and animated design layout.

Big Hero 6 by Rolf A. Jensen & Watson

Big Hero 6 Web Design

This is the perfect child theme. It uses the Big Hero Characters, white typography, and light blue background and angled graphics. This is probably the best recipe for a child modern design layout.

Bangarra Dance Theater

Bangarra Dance Web Design

Bangarra is perfect for a theater presentation website. This example is very creative and the large images are dramatic and impressive. We really liked the unique approach for the slider navigation system and the way the menu was created. This design is also responsive and fits nicely on any mobile device.

Ce Soir Restaurant on Behance

 Web Design Restaurant

This is a restaurant’s website design concept. It has an elegant and modern design. It uses textures as backgrounds. The logo is the first thing that you see when you enter the website. As you’ll keep scrolling you will definitely get mindblown by the way this example mixes typography with good-quality photography.

Adore by HEZY

Adore Web Design

This is yet another cool and elegant design concept which will definitely be a great source of inspiration It uses a full-screen picture over which large images and typography are placed.

Beoplay H6 Rapha Edition by Spring/Summer

Beoplay Web Design

This example also uses some background music. That’s a great idea, especially given the product this website is promoting. This site has an eye-catching dark design layout that focuses on large and impressive images of the product. A simple menu bar placed at the top of the site has high opacity level and completes the look of web pages. You will definitely like this idea because dark background contrasts well with content areas and improves texts readability.

Olav Weiken Website

Olav Web Design

Last but not least, this design concept is yet another great example of a modern and good-looking website. This is a fashion shop web design that uses a modular grid layout in a creative way.

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