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Pinterest is a great platform and can help you easily find all the design inspiration you need. You can follow some great designers or just simply search your desired terms, and you will be flooded with hundreds of awesome designs.

As Pinterest continues to grow, businesses start using it as a way to reach potential customers. To make things easier for you, we searched for the most creative Pinterest design boards we could find. On these Pinterest design boards, you will find design inspiration for websites, graphics, typography, logos, vectors, prints, packaging, ads and more! We also added in there a couple of useful Pinterest tips for creating a successful Pinterest design account.

Get your daily dose of design inspiration and follow these 30 creative Pinterest design boards today!

From Up North

From Up North Pinterest

From Up North posts only good content and you’ll definitely get a good dose of inspiration from this board.

Pinterest Tip #1: Create a business account. When you create a new account make sure you are choosing a business account. This will let people aware that you are a business and not an individual. It will also make it easy for people to search and find you. Plus people can search for similar businesses and makes it so much easier to connect with other creatives.

Robert Mann

Robert Mann Pinterest

Robert Mann’s board focuses on showcasing impressive typography. Each pin has its own unique design and presentation.

Dinosaur Dances

Dinosaur Dances Pinterest

Dinosaur Dances is just as good as the previous example so make sure to save this board as well.

Rin Dawson

Rin Dawson Pinterest

Rin Dawson’s board stikes in creativity. The dominant color of the works is pink.

Itziar San Vicente

Itziar San Vicente Pinterest

And if you still haven’t had enough of typography then you should save this board as well.

Pinterest Tip #2: Fill out your profile. Like any social media outlet, you get out of it what you put into it. Write a creative and straightforward description of who you are and what you do. Include your companies logo and be sure to add your other social media outlets to make it easy for people to connect with you. The most important aspect is making sure you include your website.

Gabrielle Cosco

Gabrielle Cosco Pinterest

Gabrielle Cosco’s board is impressive and it is the perfect source of inspiration in regards to colors.

Dawn Nicole

Dawn Nicole Pinterest

And if you liked the previous example then you will most like like this one just as much.

Ruslan Mashkov

Ruslan Mashkov Pinterest

Fashion and home design is Ruslan Mashkov’s board about. On this board, you’ll find a massive collection of inspiration sources.

Yatir Kaaren

Yatir Kaaren Pinterest

This board is full of creative illustrations which shouldn’t miss from your saved boards’ collection. This one will definitely inspire you in future projects.

Anne Marker

>Anne Marke Pinterest

If you’re a fan of colors then Anne Marker’s board is just what you have been searching for all this time.

Pinterest Tip #3: Follow other creatives. Don’t follow just anyone. You want to follow people whose content is going to be applicable to your industry. The best way to do this is follow people in a similar field as you. This is also a great way to make connections and see what is going on in your industry. As creatives we have the advantage of being in a visual field, therefore, most similar businesses will have a Pinterest account. Pinterest also does a pretty good job of giving you suggestions of who to follow.

Daniel Abrahams

Daniel Abrahams Pinterest

Layout design is Daniel Abrahams’ passion on his Pinterest board you’ll find many sources of inspiration.

Joy Cho

Joy Cho Pinterest

Joy Cho focuses on graphic design and his board is impressive and colorful. Each example is unique in its own way.

Josue Solana

Josue Solana Pinterest

Josue Solana is also into graphic design and his board is full of elegant creations. It would seem like this designer’s favorite color is royal blue.

Paula Cevasco

Paula Cevasco Pinterest

Paula Cevasco’s board is yet another awesome example of graphic design. This board can’t miss from your collection as it promises a daily source of inspiration.

Jim McCauley

Jim McCauley Pinterest

Jim McCauley’s board can also be a great source of inspiration, especially if you’re into bold design concepts. Check out his works and get inspired to make awesome projects in the future.

Pinterest Tip #4: Make boards related to your field. Create boards that showcase your industry. In the design field, this is a wide arena. Be as specific as you can when naming your boards. For example, don’t just name a board “web design” name it “flat web design”. The more specific you can get the better chance you have people following you. Arranging boards by color is another great tool for a designer’s board. Make sure your boards consist visually stunning, funny or interesting imagery. This doesn’t mean you have to just stick to design you can have some fun boards in there too. Just make sure the design related boards are the most prevalent.



Photography can be a great source of inspiration for anyone working in the creative industry. You can’t know when you will find an image that will generate your next awesome project.

Pinterest Tip #5: Pin consistently. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest doesn’t really have peak times. This means you don’t have to stick with a schedule when pinning. However, you still want to make sure that you are pinning on a daily basis. Make sure your followers can expect Pins from you. This makes you more enjoyable to follow. Besides pinning regularly you also want to make sure you don’t have empty or half full boards. You want people to know this is an active account and they expect new content if they follow you.

Jane Wang

Jane Wang Pinterest

If you agree and you liked the previous example, here’s another cool board you might like to save.

iPhone Photography

iPhone Photography Pinterest

iPhone photography has become quite popular lately and on this board, you’ll find tons of photos which will get you inspired.

 Pinterest Tip #6: Be descriptive. When pinning images make sure you don’t leave the description blank. Make sure you describe it with as many keywords as possible. When people are searching for similar content this will help your pin be found.


Ccil Pinterest

Ccil’s board is yet another good source of inspiration and that’s exactly what this board is called. This board contains various pictures that could spark and generate your next project.


StudioGabe Pinterest

Abstract art is amazing and on this Pinterest board, you’ll find tons of inspiring creations. Do not wait anymore and save it!

Pinterest Tip #7: Promote. Make sure you have a link to your Pinterest on your website. Reach out to your other social media outlets to gain more followers. Stay away from asking “hey follow us on Pinterest” try “Hey check out this great logo I found on Pinterest.” A great way to promote your Pinterest is to post some of your favorite pins from the week on your Facebook page. Also, make sure to include a Share with Pinterest button on any blog posts you write.

Tom Duke

Tom Duke Pinterest

If website design is the only thing you love then go ahead and check out this board. You’ll want to save it immediately.


Awwwards Pinterest

Awwwards’ board contains various sources of inspiration in regards to web design and it can’t miss from your saved boards’ collection.

Stephanie Shaubroeack

Stephanie Shaubroeack Pinterest

If you’re looking for some UI and UX sources of inspiration then this board is exactly what you have been searching for all this time. In here you will find many creative examples.

 Pinterest Tip #8: Don’t over self-promote. Like most social sites you can use Pinterest to promote projects you and your team are proud of. However over self-promoting can be a very quick way to lose followers and can not showcase your agency in the best light. As a general rule 3-5% of my pins are of our work and the rest are of finds, inspiration and other agencies work.


Miagrphx Pinterest

This one is also cool and would be a great asset in your saved boards. In this board, you will find many creative examples that will inspire you into creating the coolest web design project.

I Am Here

web design Pinterest

I Am Here has a really nice board. This one contains various web design examples. They’re all diverse and it is guaranteed that you will find your inspiration in one of these examples.

Rebecca Finn

Rebecca Finn Pinterest

Editorial design can also inspire you, especially if you are working in the creative industry. Magazine design has become quite popular nowadays.

Pinterest Tip #9: Make your work visually pleasing. As creatives, this is the easy and fun part. When you are pinning your work make sure it’s a visually pleasing as possible. Do not resort to just screenshots or flat files. Set your work up in a creative setting. Showcase your project in use or multiple pages of a site.

Daniel Bear Hunley

Daniel Bear Hunley Pinterest

Daniel Bear Hunley’s board contains various examples of typography which you’ll love at first sight.

Michael Zigenhagen

Michael Zigenhagen Pinterest

This board looks colorful and it will definitely inspire you in your future projects.

William Marx Purper

William Marx Purper Pinterest

Check out William Marx Purper’s awesome Pinterest board. You will want to save it and keep it close thanks to its good content.

Pinterest Tip #10: Use Pinterest to show the overall personality of your agency. It can be difficult to show your agencies personality or aesthetic in 140 characters. This allows your customers or your fans to really get to know the people behind the brand. If you have multiple employees have each one set up a board in addition to your regular boards. Your goal when potential clients or fellow designers come to your Pinterest is that instantly get what you’re about.

Carlos Rodriguez Santaella

Carlos Rodriguez Santaella Pinterest

Last but not least, this is a really nice source of inspiration in regards to print design. You will find many business cards on this board.

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