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10 Creative Black and White Websites

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Monochromatic websites are elegant and beautiful in their simplicity. Even though most of them are quite minimalist, black and white websites are attractive  and are perfect for photographers and artists to showcase their work. Check out this selection of 10 creative black and white web galleries. Which one is your favorite?

Sunil Kansara

Sunil Kansara is an interactive designer, working in NYC. His philosophy to design is based on a strong emphasis on craft, detail and passion. His opinion is that all projects should have a strong concept or aim to solve a problem. His online portfolio website is designed in a minimalist manner. It has a black and white color palette and a grid based structure.

 Sunil Kansara Black and White Website

Nicola Cozzolino

Nicola worked as an Art Director, Project manager of many web projects, Web Designer, Graphic Designer and Flash Animator and now works as freelancer. Graphic design, web design, illustrations, user interface design and user experience are his favorite domains. He has a black and white website with a light grey background. The design emphasizes the typography part. It’s a one page portfolio website design.

Nicola Cozzolino Black and White Website

Toby Powell

Toby is a website designer based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. He specialized in website design, 3D visualization and identity design. He has a very simple website design with a minimalist structure and a subtle grungy feel. The background id made out of a light grey paper texture. The graphic elements are simple and creative.

Toby Powell Black and White Website

Marcin Kaniewski

Marcin Kaniewski is a Polish photographer who enjoys taking only black and white portrait photographs. His website is simple and minimalist and of course, it is black and white. The homepage is a large grid based gallery made out of all his photos.

Marcin Kaniewski Black and White Website

Ashe Avenue

Ashe Avenue specializes in the development of open source and proprietary software and systems architecture for ad agencies and their clients. Their website is black and white and has a simple, user friendly structure. It has a large slider on the main page with a bold text message.

Ashe Avenue Black and White Website

Multitouch Barcelona

Multi-touch Barcelona is an interaction design studio that explores natural communication between people and technology. Their website is simple and black and white. It also features some beautiful photographs on the main page.

Multitouch Barcelona Black and White Websites


This is a foreign music band presentation website. The whole website design is black and white. The homepage features a photo of the band members with their logo in the back.

Routalempi Black and White Websites

Alfredo Angeles

Alfredo Angeles is a Dominican graphic designer and illustrator. He has a minimalist portfolio design with a black and white color palette and interesting 3D elements on the main page.

Alfredo Angeles Black and White Websites


This website was created to showcase the most comprehensive educational DVD about fashion photography ever made, by Melissa Rodwell. The website design is simple and minimalist. It uses a black and white color palette and a full-screen slider with a very simple navigation menu.

Exposed Black and White Website


REHYBRID is a website where a multidisciplinary collection of Tomaz’s work comprising of branding, design and art is showcased. His website is black and white and has a nice, dark, tree bark texture in the background.

Rehybrid Black and White Website

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  1. These black and white web designs showcase strong – often bold design, great use of space in the layout and use of light and dark tones in imagery. I think that if your website design looks good in B&W then your’re web design is halfway there!


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