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Join the Material design trend by using one of these 20 sleek Material design frameworks to build your websites on!

Nowadays, the popularity of Material design has increased significantly, so that it’s becoming a more and more used web design style.  Using a Material design framework has its perks. One of these being the fact that it offers an amazing UI design with user-friendly features. These HTML-based frameworks include everything you need to create hybrid apps and also web applications and websites.

We searched the web and found some of the best Material design frameworks. These are meant to ease the web design process for the web developers.

So, get inspired by these 20 sleek Material design frameworks and use them for building your future web projects.


Framework7 is a neat HTML framework that includes all that you need to create hybrid mobile apps and also web applications with both iOS and Android.

Framework7 Material design frameworks Pin


JFoenix an excellent Java library which integrates Google material design with the help of Java components. You can quickly use in 4 easy steps, have a look at the link and see what these are about.

JFoenix Material Design Framework Pin


You can use this source to quickly and effortlessly import materialize sass and various fonts directly into your application.

Material design frameworks Pin

Material Design Lite

You can instantly add a material design look and feel to your static websites. This is compatible with all major browsers so it will be perfectly displayed regardless of the browser you are using.

Material Design Lite Pin

Ionic Material

Ionic material is an excellent extension library that was specifically created for the Ionic framework. This allows you to have your apps materialized, without having to change the way you develop them.

Ionic Material Pin


This is an amazing resource that will surely come in handy at some point. This is a fully responsive framework that is based on AngularJS and Google material design specs.

LumX Material design frameworks Pin

Material Design for Bootstrap

This is an amazing theme for Bootstrap 3  that allows you to use Google material design in your framework. Learn more about this by following the link.

Material Design for Bootstrap Pin

Material design with Polymer

Polymer offers a neat collection of useful elements which will come in handy to achieve material design app layouts, scrolling effects, transition effects, and more.

Quick tour of Polymer Pin

Material Framework

This is a fully responsive CSS framework that was created by Tim Nguyen. This gives you the opportunity to integrate material design in all your websites and applications.

Material framework Pin

Chrome Angular MD Template

This material design framework can be used as a Chrome extension, a singular website, and Android or iOS application. This generic app framework uses material design elements.

Chrome Angular Marerial Design Pin


Propeller combines both material design and Bootstrap to create outstanding websites and application. These have an eye-catching design and neat functionalities.

Propeller Material Design Pin


This is a framework component that has the following features: many widgets, components, extensions, and more. It will allow you to quickly build prototypes and definitely ease the designing process.

Vue.js Material Design Frameworks Pin


This is a great material design framework that has fully customizable features, animations, a grid system, color and photo library, icons, buttons, and more neat features.

CosmicMind Material Design Pin

Material Design Lite for Dart Developers

This is a neat library which includes many material design components. These items will definitely come in handy in your current or upcoming projects.

Material Design Lite Pin


Materialize includes many material design elements which will speed up the development of websites and apps and save you a lot of time.

Materialize Material Design Frameworks Pin

Material UI

Material UI is a great collection of React components which include Google material design specs. Discover them all and use them in your future designs.

Material-UI Pin

Angular Material

This project uses multiple reusable material design UI components which are based on material design.

AngularJS Material Design Frameworks Pin


Here you’ll find all that you need to successfully use MUI component online, whether in on the web or through email. You can quickly customize the MUI CSS using Sass files.

MUI Material Design Pin

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