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20 Premium Instapage Templates with Sleek Designs

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Have you heard of Instapage?! Instapage has all the features you need to start increasing your conversions and building a great landing page. It lets you quickly build mobile responsive landing pages with their drag and drop editor. Within minutes, you can build complex layouts with our drag and drop interface without touching the code.

It also offers seamless integration with email marketing, social, and optimization tools. It has many great features and you can create a nice template in minutes. You can build and publish landing pages that work and are efficient. Also, the A/B testing tool lets you track visitor behavior, compare conversion rates, and pick the best-performing landing page.

If you’re looking for premium Instapage templates with a sleek design, you’re in the right place! We gathered 20 premium Instapage templates with beautiful designs and awesome features. All of these great landing page themes can be easily edited and modified according to your needs. Plus, they all come with a professional and dedicated support team for your all questions. They are perfect for any business website and also work perfectly on all mobile, tablet and desktop device.

Feel free to check them out and choose the perfect one for your startup business.

Bloom – Responsive Multipurpose Templates 

Bloom is a responsive multipurpose template. This template has both desktop and mobile versions. It can be used by any business and is responsive with every device.

Mountain – Marketing Instapage Template

Mountain - Marketing Instapage Templates

This Instapage template called Mountain has a minimalist design with huge typography in its header. It also uses a large horizontal image on which you can showcase your product. It was designed for professional marketers, business owners, and affiliates.

Apper – Landing Page

This Landing template is perfect for presenting your product in a modern and functional way. This is well crafted and it is perfect for catching leads and turning them into clients.

MYFLAT – Real Estate Instapage Template

MYFLAT - Real Estate Instapage Template

This template can also be a great choice if you are looking for an Instapage that can promote your product. This example is perfect for a real estate business but can be customised to fit any needs.

Appy – Application Instapage Template

Appy - Application Instapage Templates

This Instapage template has a modern and functional design which will present your product in a professional way. This template uses many ways to present content such as user reviews section, pricing tables, promo videos and much more.

Evolve – Instapage Landing Page

Check out the Evolve Instapage landing page. It has a friendly interface design that can definitely grab your visitors’ attention. This is definitely an example worth following in future projects. This landing page template has multiple colors, headers, and layout variations.

MyVilla- Real Estate Instapage Template

MyVilla - Real Estate Instapage Template

This is yet another cool example of a real estate Instapage template that will present your products in an elegant way. Here’s MyVilla, a template that can save you a great deal of time and which will bring results in no-time!

PRO – Instapage Book Landing Page

PRO Book is a landing page for those of you who are going to sell a book or ebook anytime soon. Keep in mind that this example is not an HTML Template nor a WordPress Theme but a template that has been created for Instapage.

Fox Landing Page 

Fox is yet another cool landing page built with Instapage. It can come in really handy if you are trying to promote your product or business. It has modern, clean, and professional design that makes it fit for any kind of landing page.

Ultimatum Instapage Template

Ultimatum Instapage

Ultimatum is an Instapage template that will definitely bring you the desired results. It uses a large image as the first thing the visitors see and a really nice and modern design layout. This is yet another example worth following.

Landrick – React Landing Page Template 

This Instapage mobile app landing page has a minimalist yet really friendly interface design which will definitely grab your visitors’ attention. Analyze this amazing example and see if this is what you had in mind for your product’s Instapage.

Fitness – GYM Unbounce Template

Fitness - GYM Instapage

This Instapage template is perfect for promoting a gym business. It has an eye-catching design and might be just the template you have been searching for.

MYCourse – Pagewiz eCourse Landing pages Pack

“MYCourse” is an Instapage eCourse pack which includes +5 landing pages layouts with lots of features, clean & modern design, 5 Instapage files and other great and useful features! It comes with straightforward and easy to use controls for easy customization.

MyClinic – Medical Instapage Template

MyClinic - Medical Instapage Template

“MyClinic” is a medical landing page template for Instapage. It comes packed with: desktop & mobile versions, drag & drop builder, video section, parallax effect, 2 colours, clean design, smooth scroll, placeholders for images, and more!

Bonna – Mobile App Landing Template

If you liked the previous examples then you will definitely love this one. Bonna is a mobile app landing page template which has a modern and functional design.

Array Minimal Landing Template 

Array has a friendly interface design and a minimalist yet creative way to present a product. This template is definitely an example worth following and can save you a great deal of time.

Agency Creative Landing Page

Agency Instapage Landing Page is a creative landing page for startups, studios and agencies that comes along with many great features. Use those amazing features to set up your startup/business landing page in minutes!

Volax – Instapage Mobile App Landing Page

Volax - Instapage Mobile App Landing Page

Volax is a landing page which helps you promote mobile applications. With its built-in Instapage Mobile App landing page,  this template will help you attract more leads for your business.

Vero – Marketing Instapage Template

Vero - Marketing Instapage

The Vero Instapage template has an elegant and minimalist design which will definitely grab people’s attention. It was specially designed for the marketing industry.

Legal – Law Firm Landing Page Instapage Template

Legal - Law Instapage

Last but not least, Legal is a law Instapage template that can come in really handy for future projects! It is definitely worth closely analyzing this well-designed template.

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